Way Up by International Artist of the Year Xander Pratt highlights Basilan tourism

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WAY UP by Xander Pratt is Tier One’s cover song for the first-ever Web 3.0 podcast Two2Three.  Filmed in the city of Isabela, Basilan, the self-produced music video is the first of a triad from the Deep South of the Philippines, along with a total of 17 videos under the album FIREFLIES: Follow the Magic. The other original songs entitled Don’t Hold Back and Oxyfire are also available on Spotify and Youtube, as a tribute to the rising tourism and creative industries in what was an oft-forgotten, post-conflict island.

International artist, performer, designer, and creative director Xander Pratt, who was named Artist of the Year by the International Youth Center, has chosen the Philippines as the central hub of his Asia Tour. A series of Afro-Asia exhibits, shows, and pop-ups have been organized by AsiaTV studios, with Earthsavers UNESCO artist for peace. Aside from the Philippines, his tour will also visit Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and Hong Kong, among others.

Having traveled the world to deliver a message of art as a vessel of personal and collective freedom, Pratt, who is based in the Kingdom of Morocco, is also a life coach for young people and the young at heart.  A recent member of the International Theatre Institute, he spent the first part of this year writing about the only Black-produced Hollywood superhero, compliments of Mayor Djalia Hataman of Isabela, Basilan. Africa, like Asia and the rest of the Global South, is the oldest inhabited continent on Earth and home to the youngest populations, making a noteworthy case for Asia-Africa connectivity. Truly, the heart of diplomacy and business lies in art as a universal language.

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