THE WOMAN SPEAKS: Women empowerment across different fields

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Women deserve a spot in any industry, and these women just proved that they can also lead and commandeer these fields. Given the right platform, they can make notable contributions and also gain their successes.


Women have paved their way towards success in their own ways, and with their wit and intelligence, they continue to improve lives and shatter glass ceilings. Industries have prospered and careers have blossomed through their contributions to society. These women are living proof that women can succeed in every industry, and in their unique ways, they can truly make a change.

Woman in Art

For ManilART Director Maria Teresa “Tess” Rayos del Sol, women empowerment relies on being given the right venue to express their creativity. She values art and its massive influence on people’s insights and emotions. “In my sphere of influence, as a Director of ManilART, I try to focus more on giving venues to new artists and artists in the provinces to jumpstart their (art) through collaboration shows with LGUs,” she shares.

In a country with so much untapped art potential everywhere, Tess seeks to unearth hidden gems by giving underrated artists a chance to shine. “Opening up shows outside of Manila (satellite shows) helps the art scene immensely and the LGUs tourism as well,” Tess elaborates. Her efforts harness people’s love for art in various parts of the country and also provide opportunities for art enthusiasts everywhere.

Tess Rayos del Sol (Facebook)

Aside from putting up shows, Tess also empowers women, especially those in the younger generation, by teaching them the fundamentals of art. Tess wants the youth, especially girls, to find their voice through art’s numerous mediums. “Pre-pandemic, I engage the public school youth to understand art and culture,” she narrates. To ignite nationalism in the youth, Tess organizes facilitated educational art tours. She believes that this way, more people will be interested in art and its relevance to its country’s history.

Since her husband is an artist, Tess is connected to art on a deeper level, and it greatly empowers her as a woman. The support she gets from her husband and her friends in the same circle empowers her to do more things in this field. “Meeting and having spiritual artist friends who also shared my visions (empowered) me to do (more) and explore avenues to help people,” Tess shares. This support system has given her additional insights and empowered her to change the course of art and culture.

Women in Media

 Alike Media is composed of 93 percent women, and it provides a great avenue for women to step up and unleash their potential. Its owners, Chari Trinidad-Mendoza and Rosemary Anne “Rose” Tolentino see to it that this social news publication nurtures young women and empowers them to use their voices for the people.

“Our companies are women-led. So the culture is very matriarchal,” Chari says. This is a refreshing take on the traditional workplace, which is commonly male-dominated. Chari ensures that women deserve a space in Alike Media and that it is also a place for career growth. “We are strict on deliverables yet no less nurturing and supportive to our team members,” she elaborates.

Chari Trinidad-Mendoza (Facebook)

Since the media industry thrives on chasing sources and beating deadlines, Chari wants to make sure that her employees deliver quality outputs, but also gives them the advice and encouragement they need to do better.

Meanwhile, Rose believes that women have different capabilities and that society should not hinder them from sharing them with the world. Women can shine everywhere, even in the workplace. “It’s the 21st century, it’s time to upgrade people’s notion of women’s capabilities in the workforce,” Rose states. By embracing modernity and keeping up with the times, Alike Media does not only improve, but it also prospers through the nurturing care of its higher-ups.

Rose Tolentino (Facebook)

Women deserve a spot in any industry, and these women just proved that they can also lead and commandeer these fields. Armed with their innate confidence and power, they rose to their ranks and served as a beacon for all women everywhere. It just goes to show that women, when given the right platform, can make notable contributions and also gain their successes. By doing so, they empower women across different fields and also encourage people to cement their places across various industries.

By Princess Friel Lontoc

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