Spain Tourism Board Appoints Marta Fernandez Martin as Spain Tourism Counsellor

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Marta Fernandez Martin was appointed Spain Tourism Counsellor for South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand last September 2023. She was originally from Zaragoza, Spain. Having graduated from the University of Zaragoza with a Degree in Legal Studies, she completed her international training in Brussels, where she worked for an NGO dedicated to the protection of Human Rights.

In 2008, she joined the Spanish Administration as a career civil servant, where she has held various positions of responsibility in the Ministries of Economy, Finance and Tourism. In particular, she has been senior advisor to the Secretary of State for Public Administrations and for the Undersecretary of Economy, as well as Head of Cabinet of the Undersecretary of Industry, Trade and Tourism and Director of Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Tourism.

The new Tourism Counsellor is very much aware of the importance of ensuring economic, social, and environmental sustainability in the tourism sector. For this reason, during her years in this position, she is committed to the firm objective of promoting responsible tourism that guarantees the sustainability of destinations and the well-being of the local population, promoting knowledge of inland Spain. In particular, Marta wants to reinforce the historical ties, the knowledge of Spain’s rich gastronomy, its cultural heritage, and the incredible natural and scenic resources that Spain offers to outbound travelers from the Philippines.

Similarly, the Spanish Counsellor of Tourism is in favor of promoting active and accessible tourism for all, taking advantage of Spain’s favorable weather conditions that allow the practice of various sports every day of the year.

Here are interesting facts about Spain:

International tourist arrivals to Spain in 2023 exceeded forecasts 

Tourist arrivals and spending at the destination are at record highs, an extraordinary starting point to continue working and improving the quality of its tourism industry in 2024. By the end of 2023, Spain registered a total of 85 million visitors; surpassing the pre -pandemic benchmark in 2019.

The 8th Centenary of Toledo  Cathedral

 This year, the Toledo Cathedral begins the commemorations of its 800th anniversary, which will last until 2026. One of the activities that is worth mentioning is the ”Lúmina Catedral de Toledo“ nighttime cultural visit that combines art, light, and sound. For more information, visit:

Spain on top of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023

According to the Restaurant Magazine, one of the world’s most influential cuisine & beverage magazines, Spain continues to stand as a global gastronomic beacon, with three of its restaurants securing top positions in the 2023 ranking. Leading the charge is Spain’s Disfrutar, second spot on the list; Diverxo and Asador Etxebarri, ranking third and fourth, respectively. The culinary landscape of Spain boasts further gems such as Quique DacostaElkano, and Mugaritz, contributing to the nation’s dazzling culinary scene. For more information, visit:

Oviedo: 2024 Spanish Gastronomic Capital

 This year, the north of Spain becomes a gastronomic hub, specifically the region of Asturias and its capital, Oviedo. Visitors have one whole year to discover why this city is so popular amongst Spaniards with dishes that include fabada, cachopo, its 100 varieties of cheese, its fish and shellfish from the Cantabrian Sea, or its famous cider, to name just of few of its delicacies.

UNESCO World Heritage Monument’s Anniversaries

 Five of the most unique World Heritage Monuments in Spain are approaching their 40th anniversary, having been designated in 1984 by UNESCO. These include La Alhambra in Granada, Burgos Cathedral, Monastery and the Escorial in Madrid, The Historic Centre of Córdoba, and the Works of Antoni Gaudí.

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