Some common dating monsters to help you date fearlessly this Halloween

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As we approach Halloween, it’s important to be aware of these common dating monsters – be it a Ghost that suddenly disappears without a trace, a Zombie that comes back from the dead and back into your life, an Energy Vampire who drains your emotions, or a Green-Eyed monster who displays unhealthy jealousy. Fear not, because Bumble, the women-first dating app, is here to help you navigate around these dating monsters and enrich your dating life.

Bumble’s research on these dating monsters* sheds light on the Filipino dating experience and sentiments around dating scaries, allowing those looking for love to navigate the world of romance fearlessly.

Ghosts: Masters of the Disappearing Act

Ghosts have perfected the dreaded act of disappearing without a trace in someone’s life, leaving the other person utterly confused, bewildered, and hurt. According to the popular dating app, half (51%) of the Filipinos surveyed have experienced ghosting someone, and 49% of them indicated that they had the haunting experience of being ghosted.

Zombies: The Return of the Past

Zombies are people you thought have long been gone who suddenly reappear in your life, often causing confusion and mixed emotions. Bumble’s survey revealed that 1 in 5 Filipino singles surveyed have zombied someone before, with 19% stating that they did it because they had a change of heart.

Energy Vampires: The Emotional Drainers

Energy Vampires are potential romantic interests or partners who drain your emotional energy by constantly needing your attention and care, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. Bumble’s research indicates that 45% of Filipinos surveyed said that they have met an energy vampire in their lives while 21% of them have been energy vampires themselves. After dating an energy vampire, respondents are now prioritising qualities such as open communication (69%), kindness and empathy (60%), and accountability (55%), which are qualities crucial for maintaining a healthy and nurturing relationship.

Green-Eyed Monsters: The Overly Jealous

Green-Eyed Monsters are partners who are always jealous or envious of the other partner, often due to perceived threats or insecurities. The research found that in the experience of the people we surveyed, common triggers for jealousy include partners flirting with others (55%), maintaining contact with previous lovers (43%), and not receiving enough attention (40%).

Tips on How to Escape These Halloween Monsters

  1. Take Your Time:Don’t rush into relationships. Take your time with figuring out what you want and get to know someone first before fully committing to them.
  2. Communication is Key: Avoid dating monsters by establishing clear and consistent communication.
  3. Set Healthy Boundaries:To fend off these dating monsters, establish firm but healthy boundaries. If someone you’ve previously dated reappears and you’re not interested, kindly but firmly express your feelings and set boundaries to prevent them from returning.
  4. Use Interest Badges and Profile Prompts:On Bumble, you can leverage Interest Badges to find like-minded individuals and use Profile Prompts to showcase your personality. This helps attract compatible matches and repel dating monsters who don’t align with your interests and values.
  5. Trust Your Instincts:Listen to your gut feelings. If something doesn’t feel right in a dating situation, trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to exit the situation. Your instincts can be a powerful tool in avoiding dating monsters and finding genuine connections.

 Lucille McCart, APAC Communications Director, said: “This spooky season, we want our community to enjoy the ultimate treat, which is fear-free dating. At Bumble, we believe that authentic connections are rooted in kindness and respect, and we want to create a space where everyone can be their true selves.”

*Figures from Bumble’s survey on Halloween Monsters, unless otherwise stated, are from Milieu Insight Pte Ltd commissioned by Bumble. The total sample size was 1,000 single Filipinos aged 18-42. Fieldwork was undertaken between 15 – 21 September 2023 across the Philippines. The survey was carried out online.

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