Sining to the Moon (and back)

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An artist-run community art fair helmed by Artist-Potter Lanelle Abueva’s Crescent Moon Cafe.


As part of National Heritage Month, Crescent Moon Cafe, together with the City Government of Antipolo, local creatives, and artist collectives, invites everyone to the Sining to the Moon art fair held at Crescent Moon Cafe, Antipolo, on May 20 and 27, 2023, from 9 AM to 5 PM each day. Showcasing select artists, makers, and craft workers, Sining to the Moon aims to re-introduce Antipolo as a locale full of creative hubs, such as sculptor Lanelle Abueva-Fernando’s Crescent Moon Cafe and Pottery Studio.

Timed with the declaration of Antipolo Cathedral (designed by 20th century Filipino artist and architect Jose Lorenzo de Ocampo) as an International Shrine, Sining to the Moon aims to re-introduce Antipolo City as a creative city consisting of various destinations and collectives, initially ignited by Pinto Art Museum and ARTipolo Group Inc. in continuing the spirit of art appreciation becoming art practice.  Emerging Antipolo artists will display their small works side-by-side with established artists.

CMC Sining Meeting

Featuring artists such as Lanelle Abueva-Fernando, Carl Regalado, Maxi Tungol, Amihan Abueva, the Mahilum Brothers, Pedrong Masipag, Daniel Dumaguit, Racquel Akisha (Habi ni Ake), the plant art of Wendy Regalado, and Jovel Lorenzo (Box Camera PH), Sining to the Moon also features collectives such Inlayo Art Gallery, ARTipolo, the decades-old Thursday Group, Creative Apes & Twisted Hearts. It also features works by beneficiary communities such as Tahanan Santa Lucia for Girls and Sulyap sa Nakalipas comprised of inmates. Vibal Books will also be showcasing its titles of art, heritage, and history books.

Different artists working with different mediums, such as clay art, sketching, ice carving, and more will also hold workshops open to all who are curious. Lanelle Abueva will deliver an address on the first day as the Antipolo City Band serenades visitors with Kundiman classics and folk dance by the HIYAS Dance Troop of the University of Rizal System Antipolo.

Antipolo also welcomes visiting artists from other locales, such as Jovel Lorenzo, known for reigniting interest in antique photography through his Box Camera PH project, designing a camera based on the specs of late 1800s cameras and shooting contemporary subjects in a heritage style. He has since attracted a steady, notably young, following buoyed by a nostalgia for an era that was never theirs.

Antipolo Thursday group

At the center of Sining to the Moon are works from local art collectives such as ARTipolo and The Antipolo Thursday Group, which anchor the spirit of collaboration, community, and folk art.  The Antipolo Thursday Group is a casual collective that has been meeting every Thursday for decades. Never intended to be a formal group, its participants – its friends – simply gathered for the love of art and art-making.

This environment inspired many members to take on a more committed art practice, as the group continued, welcoming younger artists over the years. Veterans generously shared knowledge, techniques, and networks to help acquaint their juniors with the art world. And now, even their children are actively creating their own artistic expressions.

Joven Lorenzon

Sining to the Moon won’t be the last, as the City Government of Antipolo and AnCCATPO (Antipolo City Culture Arts and Tourism Promotions Office) continues similar initiatives. Last February Arts Month saw Sining Taktak, held at the rehabilitated Hinulugang Taktak National Park. The overall goal is to re-introduce Antipolo as a lively creative community of artists, all while furthering the social status of artists and creating a local directory of creatives of all levels.

For reservation contact Crescent Moon Café @ 01.82345724 or  Magel Cadapan at 0917 792 9020 for more info.


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