Shopee rider accidentally interrupting a wedding shoot shared good vibes online

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Ever excited when you hear “Shopee delivery po?” Thrilled to receive and unbox the items you ordered online? Been in a panic when no one’s home but your delivery arrived? These are some of our shared experiences when it comes to online shopping. But wait – others experienced more out-of-the-blue scenarios in the most unforeseen time of their lives!

That is what happened in this funny video shared by freelance wedding photographer and videographer Papsy Lei. In the middle of a heartfelt parent’s blessing, a Shopee delivery rider, oblivious to such a solemn moment, innocently interrupts with the hope of getting his customer’s item delivered. In the short clip, everyone was humored when the groom was caught off-guard and burst into laughter after he heard the never-ending call: “Sir, Shopee po.” Is there any better way to make a wedding more memorable than receiving such a mind-blowing call?

The video spreads laughs and good vibes online as netizens know that the rider is unaware of the event and is just doing his job. Some users were left cracking jokes about the groom’s father pulling back his tears due to the pleasant surprise. Another user commented that she had a similar experience during labor and delivery, “Teka lang kuya, iire muna ako! (Kindly wait brother, I’ll just push this baby out!)” Meanwhile, other users even instructed the delivery rider to go directly to the reception and participate in the banquet.

This unexpected encounter proves that Shopee and its riders are dedicated to fulfilling their duties and delivering customers’ needs. So, make sure to request backup or spill the tea to your courier if you have orders out for delivery but have a life-changing event you cannot miss!

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