Rainy Day Comfort Food

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Cooking is one of the rainy day activities that we can do as a form of bonding at home. The joy of sharing good food with our loved ones is truly incomparable.

These two dishes – Champorado and Arroz Caldo —  are what we always crave during the rainy season – our comfort food, so to speak. The cuddle weather makes us wanting for dishes that are hot, delicious, and with a thick creamy soup. Just imagine enjoying a warm bowl of these flavorful dishes.

We used Adlai rice for the arroz caldo and champorado recipes. Adlai rice is the healthier choice — gluten-free, high in dietary fiber, and rich in protein and calcium. It also contains minerals such as iron and has a low glycemic index that means that it has low sugar levels and is good for those who are diabetic.

Filipinos love rice; it’s a staple in every family’s menu. But with Oh Crop! Adlai rice no need to feel guilty every time you have that extra serving of Arroz Caldo and champorado. It will keep you full longer and will make you feel less hungry after hours compared to regular glutinous rice.

According to Tribune World of Flavors columnist Dolly Dy-Zulueta, she was surprised at how economical Oh Crop! Adlai rice when she cooked Arroz Caldo recently. “I was surprised at how matipid Adlai is. You need only a little because it keeps absorbing the liquid that you cook it in so that it doubles in amount. “

It’s important to be health-conscious now that we are in a pandemic. Health is wealth and as long as you take care of yourself by staying fit and eating right, you’ll be able to save yourself from hospital and medicine bills later on. More than ever, we have to make sure that we, and our families, are making efforts to stay healthy. This isn’t the time to let up on our commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Delicious champorado. Photo courtesy of Oh Crop
  • Adlai Champorado (By Chef Wado)


5 cups water

5 tablets of Tablea

¾ cup Condensed milk

¼ cup Muscovado sugar

2 tbsp Desiccated coconut

1 cup Washed Oh Crop! Adlai


Boil water

Add Tablea

Stir until the Tablea dissolve

Add washed Adlai rice

Add Muscovado sugar

Pour the condensed milk

Add desiccated coconut

Wait until it boils


Topping time: Top it with sliced bananas

Add condensed milk


Mouthwatering Arroz Caldo. Photo courtesy of Dolly Dy-Zulueta
  • Adlai Arroz Caldo

1 white onion, chopped

2 tbsp ginger, julienned

2 cloves garlic, minced Cook in 2 tbsp olive oil

Add 150g chicken breast

Add 2 cups washed Adlai

Cook until fragrant

Add 4 cups water 2 chicken cubes

Let it boil for 10 mins or until Adlai is al dente

Season with fish sauce and pepper

Garnish with boiled egg, crunchy garlic, and spring onion

Serve and enjoy!

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