Nikulas Lebajo Interprets “Carnival” For His 20th One-Man Show

Master minimalist and award-winning artist Nikulas Lebajo has depicted the subject matter in the context of visual interpretation for his 20th one-man exhibition aptly titled “Carnival,” showcasing more than ten pieces of conscientiously, and well-thought-of oil on canvas paintings.

“Circus” 36″x 48″, Oil on Canvas, 2019

As life-imitates-art, the appeal of this theme to the artist is deeper as he looks back on his more than 30-year journey as an artist and what he has accomplished thus far in his painting career. He found it an excellent means by which to capture society’s idiosyncrasies. He presented his figures in such a way to express their inner meanings rather than their outer, anatomical forms. In this way, he was able to convey the nuances of his creations.

In one of his works titled “Circus,” characterizes the strong persona of the brawny man with the circus characters in the background doing their tricks and the almost silhouette images of his trademark jars in succession. He organized the images depicted and began to build volume of earth colors across the surface of the canvas. The effect was imagery that no longer ebbed but instead, vulnerable to enter the viewer’s space and construal. Almost crowded to the point of teeming, the figures in Nikula’s works astonish with their appearance.

“Bearded Lady”, 4×4, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Carnival as a social institution, “is a culture defined by folk-humor, a temporary space where everything is permissible, except, arguably, violence.” It is a time of glut, occupying the space between art and life. It is a transitional space, continually changing.

“Circus Still Life”, 36″x 48″, Oil on Canvas, 2019

It wasn’t only Nikulas who got charmed by the carnival or has tackled the same theme. If we consider the development of modern art, it quickly becomes apparent those artists like Seurat, Renoir, and Degas to Picasso and Matisse, among others, all felt obliged to depict the circus. Nikulas has portrayed it in the present time by decomposing and deconstructing the figures using technology and skillful rendering.

And while the carnival is by definition a temporary space, subject to ebb and flow of life, the spirit behind it is never-ending, persisting in the creative minds of artists. As long as there are artists who remain captivated by the theme, it will live on. When we celebrate our gentler natures along with transcendent aspects of our humanity, we celebrate the fullness of being. It means living without trepidation and disgrace, it means being an all-embracing and upright human being.

At the opening reception of “Carnival”: Jonathan Sy, owner of Gallery BIG; Dominic John Galeon, Manila Bulletin sub-editor for Arts & Culture; and guest
Special guests, Ms. Aditi Ahuja, Mrs. Universe-Generosity, philanthropist and artist (center); with her husband Proteek Ahuja; and Ms. Jeanette Kamphuis, Ms. Noble Queen, musician, and artist.


Nikulas recent works will be on exhibit until April 15, 2020, at The Saturday Group Gallery, 4/F East Wing, Shangri-la Mall, Mandaluyong City. It is presented by the Gallery BIG.

Nikulas started his painting career as the Grand Prize winner of the Shell National Painting competition in 1989. He had successive one-man shows at the then prestigious The Luz Gallery, a consistent prize winner in the past Shell, Metrobank, and Philippine Art Awards competitions, and has had exhibitions at noted galleries here and abroad. He took up Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines.

“Carnival” is sponsored by ABS-CBN’s Metro Channel and Metro.Style. Media partners include asianTraveler magazine, Alike Media, Inc.,, Experience Travel and Living Magazine.

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Photos courtesy of Gallery BIG


Three Nearby and Relaxing Weekend Getaways

Do you want to travel during the weekend? Here are three nearby places you can go to if you need a quick break from the hectic city life.

The weekend is the best time to spend some quality time with your family and friends by going out with them. Indulge yourself and unwind.

Experience true comfort at these relaxing weekend getaways that will make you feel excited and stress-free.

Valentino Resort and Spa is a picturesque resort and spa located in Lipa Batangas and complete with a breathtakingly panoramic view of Mt. Makulot. Feel the love all around you when you stay here.

For more information, check its website:

Shercon Resort and Ecology Park is situated in Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas. It has a variety of pools with its own character and beauty, and excellent facilities for every occasion – making your stay a memorable experience. It is also dubbed as the green forest resort bounded by lush, verdant greenery in its surroundings.

For more information, check its website:

Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center. As the name infers, Bakasyunan is a reliable “vacation place.” Situated in a 15-hectare forest property located in Tanay Rizal, the resort is a perfect sanctuary for everyone! Its back-to-nature ambiance and captivating panoramic vista have a calming effect on the soul. It has a cool and windy climate. You can do a lot of activities here such as swimming, camping, a zipline ride, rappelling, pool floating, mud sliding, ATV ride, wall climbing, teambuilding, horseback riding, carabao riding, golf, and a lot more.

For more information, check its website:

Breathe. Feel refreshed. Savor the moment. A relaxing weekend awaits us 🙂

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Into Thin Hair

At least 85 percent of men are suffering from some form of baldness. It is also interesting to note that a great number of women are also agonizing from hair loss.

Straightening is the most dangerous thing that you can do to your hair. But as long as it’s done carefully by a professional, it’s perfectly fine.

Do you have a hair problem? Are you suffering from hair loss or baldness? Well, don’t despair. This article is dedicated to you. Precious Moments talks to a trichologist (someone who studies hair) to address this concern.

At least 85 percent of men are suffering from some form of baldness. It is also interesting to note that a great number of women are also agonizing from hair loss.

Baldness can be attributed to genetic predisposition, according to a hair specialist. Maybe you inherited the genes from your parents or grandparents. The baldness trait (aside from other families “heirlooms”) can go back as far as six generations. Indeed, we see a lot of families where baldness is easily traceable.

However, another culprit, maybe the lack of testosterone, which is the male hormone that promotes hair in the chest and in the face. Testosterone on its own will not cause baldness, otherwise, all males would be bald, explained the hair specialist from a leading hair care center.


Men and women lose their hair every day. It’s perfectly normal to shed hair because you replace it.

If you’re losing 20 to 30 strands of hair a day that’s quite normal. You must be concerned if you’re losing hair very dramatically or in a great amount.

Baldness can be attributed to genetic predisposition. Courtesy: Pexels

This shedding of hair is often attributed to an imbalance in the body. And the funny thing is that the loss does not happen immediately. It usually happens three months after the event. For example, if you have gone through a particularly upsetting and shocking car accident, there’s a possibility that you would lose an abnormal amount of hair after about three months.

The hair growth cycle lasts from two to six years. Then it goes to its natural resting phase for three months. The hair comes out, then a new strand will take place from the same root.

Bald lady

For women, the common cause of hair loss is stress, like that experienced when moving from one job to another.

More women now are actually suffering from hair loss partly because they experience more stress. A considerably larger number of women are now in the workforce – occupying higher positions – which are normally male-dominated stations. They are now in charge of companies and corporations. They have to be more aggressive. Now, the aggressive hormone is testosterone – which gives rise to “masculinization.” Yet, they are still expected to look after the household, so their stress is doubled.

If someone is anorexic, she may also suffer severe hair loss since the body divests itself of an inessential nutrient drain to look after its major organs.

Another cause of hair loss is taking birth control pills. However, this is not to generalize. The effects are unpredictable, because birth control pills may create a hormonal imbalance. The effect may be stressed that this is not the rule.

Of special mention when speaking of baldness should be women in their post-menopausal years. After menopause, women may find their hair thinning. As with men, women are also concerned about this unwelcome development by using such products as eyelashes and cosmetics.

Friendly diet

It’s important to have a good diet because you must realize that although the strands above your scalp are dead, the follicles below are alive. As with your body, good nutrition is a must. So you need a healthy diet to have healthy hair.

You need to shampoo regularly. Wash your hair every day. Not just with water, but with shampoo. The hair specialist observed that some men have a habit of washing their hair with water only, which makes it dirtier than before because of the oil in it. With regards to conditioner usage, it depends if your hair is dry or tangly.

Preventive care

To take care of your hair, avoid things like over perming, and heavy coloring. Straightening is the most dangerous thing that you can do to your hair. But as long as it’s done carefully by a professional, it’s perfectly fine.

Courtesy: Pexels

It is recommended to have a check-up and seek professional help if there’s any dandruff, or if your hair is greasy, or oily, or losing hair.

The first impression is very much important to everyone. And for young people who are concerned about their thin hair, they will get more self-confidence if they feel they look good – and often they look good if their hair is shipshape.

Your hair is very precious and it needs to be treated with extra care. Use preventive care while you still have it because it’s a wonderful asset to have lovely and beautiful hair.

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Ormond Hotels Debuts its first boutique property, The Chow Kit, in Kuala Lumpur for 2020

Guests will experience a fusion of local Malaysian culture and modern design without compromising on service, amenities or location. Every experience with Ormond Hotels is delivered with purpose and simple elegance, thoughtfully designed to leave a lasting impression. 

Opening in the heart of old Kuala Lumpur, The Chow Kit – an Ormond Hotel, will boast 113 rooms and suites in the eponymous Chow Kit neighborhood. Known for its bustling market and local businesses, Chow Kit will now be home to the first property from Ormond Hotels.

The Chow Kit will be Kuala Lumpur’s first design-led, experience-driven hotel inspired by an area of the city that is famously rich in character and history. The Chow Kit will pay homage to its neighborhood, offering guests a magnetic and alluring hub that reflects its location by marrying tradition with modernity, blending cosmopolitan finishes with cozy comfort, making it feel more like a home than a hotel. The hotel is a travelers’ sanctuary for exploration and inspiration, bringing new energy to old Kuala Lumpur. Located just five minutes from Chow Kit’s famous market, The Chow Kit is in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s most authentic neighborhood, untouched by skyscrapers and corporate suits.

Guest rooms will offer a reflection of the layered history and culture of Kuala Lumpur with thoughtful design touches that make guests feel at home.


Both the architecture and interiors of The Chow Kit have been developed by Brooklyn-based design practice, Studio Tack, who was inspired by the late-night revelry that lurked in the shadows of Chow Kit’s alleys and bars in the 1970s and 1980s. The Chow Kit is Studio Tacks’s first project in Asia.

Whilst The Chow Kit will feature carefully selected, modern amenities any 21st-century guest would expect of a boutique hotel, the building honors and reinterprets the past, with local materials showcased throughout. This is also apparent through the hotel’s Art Programme, where carefully curated artworks will feature throughout the public areas and guestrooms; individually selected from private collections and commissioned from local artists in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Guests will experience a fusion of local Malaysian culture and modern design without compromising on service, amenities or location. Guest rooms will offer a reflection of the layered history and culture of Kuala Lumpur with thoughtful design touches that make guests feel at home. Each room will exude mystery and elegance whilst remaining light and peaceful. All guestrooms will feature plush beds, an open wardrobe and desk space, a smart TV, bespoke toiletries and a self-pickup room service concept.


The public spaces at The Chow Kit will effortlessly blend the energetic, gritty atmosphere of its location with the serenity expected from an upscale, boutique hotel. The romantic lobby invites guests to linger from day to night and will feature rich fabrics and textiles that would have been traded in old Chow Kit. Packed with deep, tufted banquets, lounge chairs, and layered rugs, the lobby will be reminiscent of a casual social parlor where secrets are divulged and stories exchanged. The lobby will be a place where locals and guests collide, creating an energy that is intimate, relaxed and infectious.

The Chow Kit Kitchen will be the heart and soul of the hotel. It will be a place of social and physical nourishment, where people come together and collectively participate in the most basic human function – to eat. Inspired by the local Malaysian kopitiams, traditional cafés, the restaurant will be a democratic space welcoming people from various walks of life. Nestled within the ground floor, it will be centrally located so that its energy and liveliness pulsate throughout the lobby.

Open all-day, guests will be able to enjoy an à la carte breakfast, including both continental and Malaysian inspired dishes, a quick business catch-up over an express lunch menu or family-style sharing plates, based on reimagined Malaysian favorites for dinner. Hero dishes include the Tomato Laksa Soup, Rendang Beef Burger and The Chow Kit Fish & Chips, with tandoori marinated fish. The bar will offer signature cocktails from 11 am to midnight and the venue will host regular restaurant pop-ups, featuring guest chefs and mixologists from around the world, throughout the year.

The ground floor will also be home to The Library, a beautifully wallpapered space designed for complete privacy. It will be perfect for private dining parties, of up to ten people, or small meetings. It will feature furniture that is as beautiful as it is functional with a large wood and marble table adding character and warmth.

An intimate mezzanine space will be located above the hustle and bustle of the ground floor providing an escape from the action below. A glazed wall overlooking the lobby will provide an important sense of light and calm, encouraging guests to lose themselves in a moment of solitude. The mezzanine space will also be easily converted into additional meeting and event rooms.

The Chow Kit’s rooftop has a dedicated yoga pavilion which will host a series of weekly yoga and meditation sessions.

Guests of The Chow Kit will also be able to access a curated list of things to see, eat and do in the neighborhood, which can be used to build their own tours. In addition, the hotel will also offer themed walking food and culture tours of the eclectic Chow Kit, giving guests a quietly authentic experience of this unique neighborhood.

Gareth Lim, CEO of Ormond Group, says of the opening of The Chow Kit, “The Chow Kit is the perfect introduction to our new brand, Ormond Hotels. The property embodies a romantic vision of simplified luxury for the 21st-century traveler. The Chow Kit will showcase great design and service whilst demonstrating a strong connection to an often overlooked part of old Kuala Lumpur, and we’re confident it will be an interesting addition to the city’s hospitality scene.”

Ormond Hotels is a collection of thoughtfully designed hotels, inspired by local stories and honest materials. Their meaningful design creates spaces that function in timeless style – spaces that welcome everyone, whether they are guests, locals or nomads. A warm bed, a cold drink, a reservation at the best new local restaurant – Ormond Hotels is about service that matters. Every experience with Ormond Hotels is delivered with purpose and simple elegance, thoughtfully designed to leave a lasting impression.

Address: The Chow Kit, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Chow Kit 50250, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Jun and Abbygale De Leon’s Love Story

Jun and Abbygale have found each other and both feel right for each other. They have proven time and again that love knows no age. When you find true love, you will not care about the age difference anymore, all you will care about is spending life longer with each other. Nothing matters. It’s love.

Says he:  “It never occurred to me that I would offer marriage to anybody, after 20 years of working with beautiful women . . . Then I met Abby.”

Says she:  “Our love grows every day.”

Celebrity photographer Jun De Leon and former Bb. Pilipinas-Universe-turned-entrepreneur Abbygale Arenas have their own unique love story to tell.

Abby and Jun returned to the place where they fell in love two years before – Dubai. They sealed their relationship with marriage vows on August 29, 1998. It was a very quiet and intimate ceremony in an old church. They took off again for a grand honeymoon tour of U.S. cities — New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. It wasn’t really a “secret” wedding. The sweethearts had told their families of their plan. Still, Abbygale described it as the happiest day of her life. She choked on her lines. “Tears kept flowing from my eyes and it was only Jun whom I could see,” she recalled. Jun was equally emotional. It was a second try at marriage for Jun. This time, he explained, he wanted to keep the ceremonies simple then give his new wife a really grand honeymoon.

Jun and Abbygale as newlyweds. Image: personal file

First meeting

Abbygale first met Jun when she was only 18. Then, a young model that just got back from New York. She reported for a pictorial at then Jun’s studio at Traders Hotel (now Hotel Jen). Their second meeting was in Dubai in 1996 for the Mayflower Boutique pictorial project. Abbygale was the model and Jun was the photographer. “After we returned from Dubai, almost every night he would always visit my place in Mandaluyong,” said Abbygale.


The courting stage was short revealed, Abbygale. “Dubai pa lang magka-holding hands na kami,” she giggled. When they returned to Manila, they were in a dating stage already. After two months, Jun told her that he wanted to go to Pampanga to meet her family.  “When he went there, he was with his children. Sabin ng mama ko, ‘sino kaya sa mga ito ang boyfriend ng anak ko.’”

On her relationship with Jun, Abbygale said that her mom was more open-minded than her dad, who was apprehensive at first of the situation. “But he changed when he saw that we were heading for marriage,” said Abbygale.

Abbygale has learned a mouthful of wisdom from Jun, “perhaps because of his experiences. He is my best supporter.” Image:

The right time

Jun said, Abbygale, came at the right time in his life. “For me, marriage is not needing, but two people wanting to share. I used to live alone. Then suddenly, I felt I have something to share. That’s when I met Abby.”

The age gap was not at all a problem for them. “With us, it was never a problem,” said Jun. “Marriage should give you wings, not a chain. One nice thing about us, we both want to be together after a day’s work. Knowing where I am at this point in my life, I will not waste my time. I’ll give as much as I can.”

Thinking of the age gap, Abbygale said that “it adds ups to the good relationship we have at the moment. I treasure every moment we’re together.”

What Jun has learned from Abbygale is that “I could love again.” “That I can have a family of my own, that I can share my life with somebody else, that I can occupy my space with somebody, which before I couldn’t because I considered my room as my private domain – only my children could get inside. She opened the door. You know it’s difficult to recover again after a failed marriage.”

Abbygale, on her part, learned a mouthful of wisdom from Jun, “perhaps because of his experiences. He is my best supporter. What’s important in a relationship is to have love, trust, and respect. Show your partner that you love him. Don’t be influenced by others when it comes to your decision.”

Married bliss

Abbygale said she’s grateful to be part of Jun’s home. “This is not a regular marriage. Like, I don’t have to cook for two. He already has a home, isinali nya ako.” She had no problems with Jun’s children as well. “We get along well. I’m a friend to them. They call me Abby and I never consider myself their stepmom.” (Jun has seven children, namely: Christine, Timmy, Oliver, Patricia, Katrina, Nico, and Isabela).

Picture perfect: Jun and Abbygale with their children Irijah and Eli. Courtesy of Jun De Leon.

Jun returned the appreciation: “I thought I had everything until I met her. I had a family, a stable career, the professional respect I worked for. It never occurred to me that I would offer marriage to anybody, after 20 years of working with beautiful women.”

He added, “I see her inner beauty in so many ways – a good daughter, a sister, and a good friend. She has accepted me for what I am. It was like a big reward, a big bonus for me.”

Jun and Abbygale both feel that they deserve each other. Their union has been blessed with two beautiful children – Irijah, 18, who is taking up Filmmaking in Columbia Chicago; and Eli, 4. They are keeping the love alive after 23 years of married bliss.

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(Based on the article published by the same author at the now-defunct Mirror Weekly magazine)

Kobe Bryant: Death of an Icon

“Don’t look at what I did, but how I did it. That’s ‘mamba mentality,’” said Kobe from his past interview. He added: “When you find that thing you love, then life makes sense. For me, it’s basketball.”

The sports world mourns the untimely death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, in Calabasas, California. He was 41. What’s more heartbreaking is the fact that his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, also died in the accident and other seven passengers. No one survived the crash. The news came as a shock to everyone.

The 18-time National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star had five championships during his illustrious 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. He enjoyed one of the greatest careers in NBA history and became the face of the Lakers. He was the league MVP in 2008 and a two-time NBA scoring champion and earned 15 All-NBA selections.

According to reports, the helicopter, owned by Kobe, took off at 9:06 a.m. local time from Santa Ana/John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. It crashed at 9:47 a.m. in Calabasas. Foggy weather conditions in the area at the time are believed to have caused the crash.

Father and daughter were on their way to his Mamba Sports Academy for a basketball game when their helicopter crashed. Gianna was supposed to participate in the game, with her father serving as her coach.

Upon learning of the tragic accident, fans of Kobe rushed to the site of the crash to give tribute to the well-loved NBA legend.

The outpouring of sympathy was also felt during the 62nd Annual Grammy Award held at the Staples Center on the same day of the accident. A special tribute was held at the arena in memory of Kobe.

The Grammys opening was dedicated to Kobe, with American singer-songwriter Lizzo remarking “Tonight is for you, Kobe” as she sang the ballad “Cuz I Love You” and “Truth Hurts.” Alicia Keys and Boyz II Men also dedicated their a capella performance of “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.”

Indeed, it’s so hard to say goodbye to a man who became a role model and inspiration to a lot of youngsters and basketball players around the world.

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Celebrating Family Occasions at Dona Jovita Garden Resort

Looking for a resort just near the Metro to celebrate special occasions with your loved ones? (Click the featured image to watch the video).

This weekend, relax and unwind and have fun with your family at Dona Jovita Garden Resort. Just an hour away from Manila in Calamba, Laguna, a different vacation awaits here – Nature’s hot spring at the foot of Mt. Makiling.

Recently, we celebrated here the birthdays of our dear parents. We had a picnic and enjoyed our stay. A dip in the pool was truly invigorating!

For more information, check their website:

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Art Farm: Home for Holidays

Anyone that’s ever lived or has spent days and months on a farm knows what a valuable experience it can be. Not only that, but it also provides a sense of freshness, relaxation, and oneness with nature that is hard to come by in other areas.

My family loves to always come home to ArtFarm located in Alfonso Cavite. The sprawling nature haven serves as our sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

My father-in-law, Master Surrealist Raul Lebajo together with Mama Elena and brother-in-law, Gio Lebajo, would stay here more often to cultivate and nurture the rich soil, plant fruit-bearing trees, and other flower plants.

Now, we are experiencing the joy of harvesting some of the fruits and vegetables, such as mangga (mango), saba banana, santol (cotton fruit), papaya, sayote (chayote/mirliton squash), langka (jackfruit), sili (chili), and a lot more.

Presently, under construction is the ArtFarm gallery building just adjacent to the main house estimated to finish by February 2020. Definitely, there is magic in farm living!

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Philanthropist Aditi Ahuja is hosting this year’s Gusi Peace Prize International Awards

It’s going to be a milestone event to host since it’s aligned with Aditi’s mission and vision – spreading peace and happiness through art, culture, and education.

Fulfilling a profound mission-vision in life can be done through simple acts of kindness. As Aditi Ahuja, Manila-based artist and philanthropist believes and narrates in the words of the well-known Indian Missionary and Saint, Mother Teresa, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

Aditi is honored to be the Lady of the Ceremony for the Gusi Peace Prize International this year.

Aditi wants to make a difference in her own positive way. She is honored to be the Lady of the Ceremony for the Gusi Peace Prize International this year and representing her native country, India, on an international platform.

“The Gusi Peace Prize is one of the most prestigious awards of the world being hosted in the Philippines. It’s an honor to be offered the opportunity to host this event that will be aired on TV in 42 countries,” Aditi shares, with pride in her voice.

It’s easy for her to accept the hosting post since she believes in its concept and objectives.  “I’m a philanthropist and work diligently for human welfare. As an active part of the Indian Diaspora, I have hosted many cultural and social events in Manila.”

Mrs. Universe Joy and Generosity, Aditi Ahuja, closes the wonderful year of 2018-2019 by representing her nation, India, as a host for this year’s Gusi Peace Prize International.


Aditi is the founder of Sprout, a comprehensive art curriculum for all age groups. Its vision is to “Sprout out the creativity that resides within through nourishing the inherent talent.” In addition, she has established Origin by Aditi, an event consultancy group. She’s a team player who inspires enthusiasm and ensures professional satisfaction.

For her, the event is a great way to connect with people at large and create human bonds. Hosting and addressing gives her a platform to achieve her mission in life, which is promoting peace and happiness. She describes her hosting style as “simple, yet cheerful and vibrant.” She’s preparing for it by aligning herself with the purpose of the event and just go with the flow.

Aditi describes her hosting style as “simple, yet cheerful and vibrant.”

It’s going to be a milestone event to host since it’s within ranged as Aditi’s vision — spreading peace and happiness through art, culture, and education. “It’s in the same spirit as my mentor, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, who is also a past laureate of Gusi Peace Prize International,” she quips. “We believe in the same philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism that encourages each one to ‘Believe in your own inherent potential.’”

The Gusi Peace Prize Laureates for 2019 are from Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Guatemala, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, and The United States of America. The Gusi Peace Prize is an award for great achievers in the world. It is spearheaded by the Honorable Barry S. Gusi, the Chairman of the Board of the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation.

The event is being carefully prepared with conscious effort in each and every detail to honor the respectable laureates and facilitate a smooth flowing awarding ceremony on November 27, 2019, at the Philippine International Convention Center, Roxas Blvd., Manila.

“Please join us to witness this prestigious evening of pride and honor for 18 chosen laureates from different countries for their contribution to creating peace and harmony through various social and professional initiatives,” Aditi concludes.

To know more about Aditi Ahuja, please like and follow her FB pages:




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