Stylish Getaway Haven in the South

Abagatan ti Manila offers classy room accommodation and extensive facilities for the guests.

The weekend is lurking. Planning for a weekend escape nearby? Visit and enjoy another getaway with your loved ones at Abagatan ti Manila (Ilocano for South of Manila) nestled in Kaytitinga Road, Alfonso, Cavite. It has a laid-back feel and cozy ambiance that offers classy room accommodation and extensive facilities.

The premier hotel and events place has an extended pre-holidays flash sale – all regular rooms and suites are 40% off, stay period is until December 15 only. For more information, e-mail, or call 09178554446.

Definitely, a refreshing and tranquil weekend stay awaits you in this serene and stylish sanctuary in the South.

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Photos: Abagatan ti Manila

Tagaytay: Your Go-To-Destination

With its proximity to the metro, Tagaytay is a go-to-destination for most tourists and local visitors due to its refreshing mountain air and breathtaking view of Taal Lake.

Recently, Tagaytay has been praised for being “a good model of tourism” amid the COVID-19 pandemic for opening tourist attractions and establishments to visitors without travel passes from areas under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) or no quarantine status, provided they follow minimum health standards, such as the wearing of face masks and following physical distancing protocols.
Some of the activities you can do here:
  • See the beauty of Taal Lake and volcano,
  • Have fun at Picnic Grove and Sky Ranch,
  • Feast on culinary classics in Balay Dako, which serves Filipino food with the Antonio’s Group’s dedication to quality and attention to detail.
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How To Look Like a Beauty Queen

If there is anything we could call a “secret formula” for beauty and fitness, a positive outlook in life and a generous dose of self-esteem are surely among its main components. Dayanara Torres, former Miss Universe 1993 attests to this.

For over two decades after winning the Miss Universe pageant in 1993, Dayanara Torres remains a stunning beauty – inside and out. Now an actress, recording star, model, book author, mom, and a skin cancer survivor, the former Miss Universe is a Barbie Doll-look-alike with her fit figure and beautiful face.

“There’s really no secret formula in staying fit,” she said. “What I do is just I eat in moderation. That’s probably the reason why I look this way. And I love it.”

Dayanara said she doesn’t follow any special diet. “If ever I feel fat I just eat carbohydrates like potato and bread. Aside from her shapely body, her other best assets are her tantalizing eyes and a positive outlook in life.

One beauty secret she has learned over the years was “never to sleep with makeup on. “What can be found in her makeup bag (the one she carries most of the time) are lipstick, mascara, and concealer. “Usually when I go out I don’t want to put on heavy makeup,” she shared. “I just like to have a refreshing look. These three things in my purse make my appearance almost complete.”

Her beauty regimen consists of taking care of her whole body from top to bottom. “With my hair, it depends if I want to have it straight. If I want to have it curly, I put curlers on. I make sure that my hair doesn’t have too much damage. Then I put cream on my face and feet.”

Courtesy: @dayanarapr IG account

Dayanara seems to have different ways of seeing life. As a former beauty queen, she wants to be a role model for young people. “My life is a good example to all the young people in Puerto Rico, especially for people who don’t have the resources and money,” she related. “In life, nothing is impossible. Definitely, I’m somebody who works hard to achieve my goals in life. And in everything that I do, it should be 100 percent perfect. I’m a working person and I like to help other people as much as I can.”

She said that the Philippines was like her second home. She was grateful for the opportunities given to her way back after winning the Miss Universe beauty pageant. “The Miss Universe pageant has opened so many doors for me,” she said. “It gave me a chance to have a career in show business, and appear in shows like ASAP and Eezy Dancing. Because of these opportunities, I have discovered my talent in dancing as well as singing. I don’t know when I’m going to get tired. As of now, I’m enjoying every minute of my career,” she concluded.

During her time in the country, Dayanara appeared in the movies Basta’t Kasama Kita opposite former boyfriend and leading man Aga Muhlach, Type Kita . . . Walang Kokontra opposite Cesar Montano, Hataw Na opposite Gary Valenciano, among others.

Dayanara’s last visit to the Philippines was in 2017 as a judge for Miss Universe 2016.

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Featured photo courtesy of @dayanarapr IG account


Joey Ayala: A Class All His Own

“Evolution is a way to live. We should always challenge ourselves,” the multi-faceted artist shared.

Joey Ayala, to many, is associated with neo-ethnic, indigenous music. Joey, however, thinks he’s between an entertainer and a cultural artist. “I’m in between. I became an entertainer because of my association with culture and arts,” he shared.

Joey, to the unfamiliar, is in fact a multi-faceted artist. He is a poet, a story-teller, a guitarist, a performer, a multi-instrumentalist, a composer, a lyricist, and arranger. And that’s a lot of talent rolled into one.

“As an artist, my contribution here is the way I approach what I do. I’m trying to balance the form and content to make it of higher service to the people. My humble contribution to the evolution,” Joey said.

Joey’s talent was first recorded in his first two albums Panganay Ng Umaga (1982) and Magkabilaan (1986) which became underground classics while his 1992 release Mga Awit Ng Tanod Lupa helped decimate the borders between entertainment and education. And the rest is history

  • Beginnings

While earning his degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the Ateneo de Davao University, Joey Ayala kept a continuing romance with his guitar, an instrument he learned to play from various means.

Writing was also a major part of his academic life. Yet through his schooldays, Joey didn’t go quite directly into a musical or writing career, but instead, he ventured into advertising, editing, financial consultancy, broadcasting, and theatre.

“I didn’t have a career direction. I was not even aware that I have a career,” he said. “I wasn’t really thinking of money. I resigned from my office work when I met people who are full-time artists from Canada. I was able to perform for a Folk Festival in Canada while I was working in the office.”

  • Local music industry

Joey shared that the state of the local music industry is pretty healthy now.

“The output of a local artist is now being recognized by the record company. I don’t know if that’s a good thing for the artist. But it must be a good thing for the record company,” he explained. “I say it must not be good for the artist because an artist without the record company can still make money from his music, without necessarily being distributed by a major record company. That’s how I survived as a musician for a while. Before I signed with anyone, I was already selling.”

Joey’s ultimate goal is “just to be better than I am now,” he concluded.

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Photo courtesy: Joey Ayala FB page

Virtual Reunion During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Encountering our former classmates and recalling old memories may help us gain better insight, stronger ties, and respect for one another.

There seems to be no better time to stay connected when physical interaction is next to impossible.

From the top, left: Maricar Schlossberger, Janeth Arce-de Guia, Jude Paul Reyes Uy, Michelle Lopez, and Cathy Robles-Buyayo.

Last April 30, 2020, could have been the 30th or Pearl Anniversary of our high school batch in Manila. However, it was canceled due to coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than focusing on how difficult the situation has become, we use this time to reconnect with our high school classmates particularly in our section (MMMHS Batch 1990, IV-1) whom we have not seen and communicated in years.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have our former classmates reside in one area. With miles away from each other, responsibilities at home and work, and other factors separating us, it’s often difficult to gather together as a group.

So what should one do?

Firstly, a Facebook group was created by one of our classmates. It is where we can come to talk about our experiences (be it family matter, work, health, parenting, and high school memories) for other members to read, and comment on. By connecting virtually, members can still interact with one another and share stories from the convenience of their home or office.

Everyone is happy to know that the most active members in our FB group are doing well in their respective careers and family life. We have dedicated and hardworking front liners, Jude Paul Reyes Uy, a nurse in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, Ireland; Janeth Arce-de Guia, California-based nurse; and Maricar  Schlossberger, Indiana-based nurse;

Meanwhile, Michelle Lopez works in a finance company in Hong Kong;  Rowena Acohon-Elias, works as an engineer in Colorado; Cathy Robles-Buyayo, works in Marriott Hotel in Vancouver Canada;  husband and wife, Glenn and Shirley Viduya and family are based in Kansas; Cris Celis-Dargani and family are based in California;  Mari-Karr Cruto-Policar and family are based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Julian Cabrera and family are based in Maryland;

Former classmates who are based in Manila have been lucky also with their chosen fields of expertise: Joy Sigua is connected in a pharmaceutical company; Mariebelle Palma works as an audit specialist in a government firm; Ronald “Tenten” Rodriguez engages in talent management and salon business; Jeffrey Badion works in a retail company; Edwin Escanillas is a licensed financial advisor; John Enconado is now a successful ophthalmologist; Aldwin Bonavente specializes in electrical and auxiliary works, and Regina Hernandez works for a BPO industry.

There are some full-fledged educators in our batch, like Dr. Eriberto Astorga; as well as Rodolfo Bombon, who is into teaching; Josie Carangan Martinez works in the government under education sector, and Ferdinand Ocampo is a public school teacher in Manila. They are just some of the former classmates this writer has able to touch-based on FB. I hope to hear from others next time.

Virtual reunions can be eye-opening. Because, generally, we develop wisdom and maturity as we age. “Encountering our former classmates and recalling old memories, good and bad may help us gain better insight into who we are now and how we got here,” according to Psychology Today. It may not only reveal information about us and how we have changed, but also similar information about our friends. Discussing and knowing this can lead to greater intimacy and respect for one another.

Indeed, this virtual reunion has lessened the burden of being in a trying situation like the COVID-19 pandemic. As a motivational speaker and author Rober Glazer said, “Many of us are coping with this crisis by looking for silver linings that can help us endure this challenge and improve our lives when it has passed. Everyone we know is suddenly available, often for the first and perhaps the only time in our lives. This has led to an extraordinary amount of online reunions where groups of people haven’t connected in years can catch-up without a specific agenda.”

It’s a wonderful feeling to go down memory lane and to reminisce about classmates and friends who have known us for a long time and have mutual experiences in the past. In fact, renewing old friendships and reliving fun and feelings we had in high school are two of the most common reasons people agree to be part of a virtual reunion, especially in this day and age of the digital world and social media.

By: Ruby Asoy-Lebajo


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Giselle Sanchez: A well-endowed versatile artist

Her confidence and intelligence made her an achiever in her studies, and in her chosen career.

Actress-comedienne, singer, and columnist Giselle Sanchez is a well-endowed artist. She’s a pitbull of fun and talent. She’s a bundle of joy with an over-supply of good sense of humor. But she could be deadly serious, too, as far as work is concerned. When she gets into something, she sinks her teeth into it.

She’s a jack of all trades excelling in acting, hosting, singing, writing, and stand-up comedy. “I cannot be typecasted in just one field because women these days should be multi-talented. To be able to survive in this era you have to be versatile,” related Giselle from a previous exclusive interview.


Giselle said she was lucky because when the opportunity came in, she was in the right place at the right time. In fact, what people didn’t know was that she was prepared to be there.

“My career started because I was in a group called SAMASKOM at UP (Samahan ng Mag-aaral sa Komunikasyon). And we wanted to come up with a comedy show,” she recalled.

“Since we didn’t have money we joined (then) Ready Get Set Go. E, ako gusto ko talagang magpapansin para ma-discover. I put makeup,” she laughed. “My first manager, Del Pascual saw me there and asked me if I wanted to join the movies. I said ‘yes.’ Actually, I was just waiting for his offer.

Then Tessie Tomas saw her at UP when they staged the said play. “At that time, I didn’t have a phone because we live in Rosario, Pasig. Basically, Del was the middle man. Then Johnny Manahan saw me and offered me a couple of guesting in all the sitcoms on Channel 2. After that they made me a regular cast in Ang TV, I was a teacher there. From Ang TV, I was guested for Mongolian Barbecue. Then, Wilma Galvante saw me and put me in SST as a regular host. After that Lorraine Schuck got me for It’s A Date. After so many years, ABS-CBN got me back. And the rest is history.”

“Without this confidence, I wouldn’t be where I am now. And my mom Gilda and dad Ike gave me that confidence,” she said, the pride in her voice unmistakable. Courtesy: Giselle Sanchez FB page


Maria Giselle Sanchez in real life was born under the sign of Taurus. She describes herself as “makulit, matigas ang ulo, matapang, loyal, loving, sensuous, and when I go to sleep ang daming tumatakbo sa isip ko.”

How she got her name was a funny anecdote. “No, it wasn’t taken from the ballet. No, my mom was not into the impressionism era. She was a fan of Lorna Tolentino and her name was Giselle. Then ginawa niyang Lorna because magbo-bold na siya,” she recalled.

She said her childhood was a happy one. “When I was three years old, I would lock myself inside the room and start acting and my mom would freak out feeling niya nasisiraan nang ulo ang anak niya,” she adds. “When I was 14, there was one director who dropped by our video shop then I approached him, ‘direk puwede ba akong mag-artista. Oo, ikaw ang ipapakain sa buwaya.’ Kaya ngayon gusto kong makita ang director na ‘yon. I’m sure laos na siya,” she laughed.

In person, Giselle has a whistle bait figure and flawless complexion that can match any beauty queens around. That ugly duckling girl grew up to be a jolly kid. Although she was not that pretty she had so much confidence to feel that she is beautiful. And this confidence made her an achiever in her studies, and in her chosen career.

“Without this confidence, I wouldn’t be where I am now. And my mom Gilda and dad Ike gave me that confidence,” she said, the pride in her voice unmistakable. “And you should give value to your family. I wouldn’t probably be here if I didn’t value my family.”

Giselle with her loving family. Courtesy: Giselle Sanchez FB page

Giselle’s versatility coupled with her intelligence has earned her a mark both in the entertainment and media industry. She graduated magna cum laude major in Mass Communications at the University of the Philippines. She is a mother of two, a happy wife, and a successful businesswoman.

She said the advantage of comedians is they stay long in the business. “As for stand-up comedy, your key is your mind,” she concluded.


Photos courtesy @gisellesanchez FB page

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Nikulas Lebajo Interprets “Carnival” For His 20th One-Man Show

Master minimalist and award-winning artist Nikulas Lebajo has depicted the subject matter in the context of visual interpretation for his 20th one-man exhibition aptly titled “Carnival,” showcasing more than ten pieces of conscientiously, and well-thought-of oil on canvas paintings.

“Circus” 36″x 48″, Oil on Canvas, 2019

As life-imitates-art, the appeal of this theme to the artist is deeper as he looks back on his more than 30-year journey as an artist and what he has accomplished thus far in his painting career. He found it an excellent means by which to capture society’s idiosyncrasies. He presented his figures in such a way to express their inner meanings rather than their outer, anatomical forms. In this way, he was able to convey the nuances of his creations.

In one of his works titled “Circus,” characterizes the strong persona of the brawny man with the circus characters in the background doing their tricks and the almost silhouette images of his trademark jars in succession. He organized the images depicted and began to build volume of earth colors across the surface of the canvas. The effect was imagery that no longer ebbed but instead, vulnerable to enter the viewer’s space and construal. Almost crowded to the point of teeming, the figures in Nikula’s works astonish with their appearance.

“Bearded Lady”, 4×4, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Carnival as a social institution, “is a culture defined by folk-humor, a temporary space where everything is permissible, except, arguably, violence.” It is a time of glut, occupying the space between art and life. It is a transitional space, continually changing.

“Circus Still Life”, 36″x 48″, Oil on Canvas, 2019

It wasn’t only Nikulas who got charmed by the carnival or has tackled the same theme. If we consider the development of modern art, it quickly becomes apparent those artists like Seurat, Renoir, and Degas to Picasso and Matisse, among others, all felt obliged to depict the circus. Nikulas has portrayed it in the present time by decomposing and deconstructing the figures using technology and skillful rendering.

And while the carnival is by definition a temporary space, subject to ebb and flow of life, the spirit behind it is never-ending, persisting in the creative minds of artists. As long as there are artists who remain captivated by the theme, it will live on. When we celebrate our gentler natures along with transcendent aspects of our humanity, we celebrate the fullness of being. It means living without trepidation and disgrace, it means being an all-embracing and upright human being.

At the opening reception of “Carnival”: Jonathan Sy, owner of Gallery BIG; Dominic John Galeon, Manila Bulletin sub-editor for Arts & Culture; and guest
Special guests, Ms. Aditi Ahuja, Mrs. Universe-Generosity, philanthropist and artist (center); with her husband Proteek Ahuja; and Ms. Jeanette Kamphuis, Ms. Noble Queen, musician, and artist.


Nikulas recent works will be on exhibit until April 15, 2020, at The Saturday Group Gallery, 4/F East Wing, Shangri-la Mall, Mandaluyong City. It is presented by the Gallery BIG.

Nikulas started his painting career as the Grand Prize winner of the Shell National Painting competition in 1989. He had successive one-man shows at the then prestigious The Luz Gallery, a consistent prize winner in the past Shell, Metrobank, and Philippine Art Awards competitions, and has had exhibitions at noted galleries here and abroad. He took up Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines.

“Carnival” is sponsored by ABS-CBN’s Metro Channel and Metro.Style. Media partners include asianTraveler magazine, Alike Media, Inc.,, Experience Travel and Living Magazine.

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Photos courtesy of Gallery BIG


Three Nearby and Relaxing Weekend Getaways

Do you want to travel during the weekend? Here are three nearby places you can go to if you need a quick break from the hectic city life.

The weekend is the best time to spend some quality time with your family and friends by going out with them. Indulge yourself and unwind.

Experience true comfort at these relaxing weekend getaways that will make you feel excited and stress-free.

Valentino Resort and Spa is a picturesque resort and spa located in Lipa Batangas and complete with a breathtakingly panoramic view of Mt. Makulot. Feel the love all around you when you stay here.

For more information, check its website:

Shercon Resort and Ecology Park is situated in Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas. It has a variety of pools with its own character and beauty, and excellent facilities for every occasion – making your stay a memorable experience. It is also dubbed as the green forest resort bounded by lush, verdant greenery in its surroundings.

For more information, check its website:

Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center. As the name infers, Bakasyunan is a reliable “vacation place.” Situated in a 15-hectare forest property located in Tanay Rizal, the resort is a perfect sanctuary for everyone! Its back-to-nature ambiance and captivating panoramic vista have a calming effect on the soul. It has a cool and windy climate. You can do a lot of activities here such as swimming, camping, a zipline ride, rappelling, pool floating, mud sliding, ATV ride, wall climbing, teambuilding, horseback riding, carabao riding, golf, and a lot more.

For more information, check its website:

Breathe. Feel refreshed. Savor the moment. A relaxing weekend awaits us 🙂

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Courtesy: valentinoresortandspa IG page, reyndearest IG account, and bakasyunan IG page



Jun and Abbygale De Leon’s Love Story

Jun and Abbygale have found each other and both feel right for each other. They have proven time and again that love knows no age. When you find true love, you will not care about the age difference anymore, all you will care about is spending life longer with each other. Nothing matters. It’s love.

Says he:  “It never occurred to me that I would offer marriage to anybody, after 20 years of working with beautiful women . . . Then I met Abby.”

Says she:  “Our love grows every day.”

Celebrity photographer Jun De Leon and former Bb. Pilipinas-Universe-turned-entrepreneur Abbygale Arenas have their own unique love story to tell.

Abby and Jun returned to the place where they fell in love two years before – Dubai. They sealed their relationship with marriage vows on August 29, 1998. It was a very quiet and intimate ceremony in an old church. They took off again for a grand honeymoon tour of U.S. cities — New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. It wasn’t really a “secret” wedding. The sweethearts had told their families of their plan. Still, Abbygale described it as the happiest day of her life. She choked on her lines. “Tears kept flowing from my eyes and it was only Jun whom I could see,” she recalled. Jun was equally emotional. It was a second try at marriage for Jun. This time, he explained, he wanted to keep the ceremonies simple then give his new wife a really grand honeymoon.

Jun and Abbygale as newlyweds. Image: personal file

First meeting

Abbygale first met Jun when she was only 18. Then, a young model that just got back from New York. She reported for a pictorial at then Jun’s studio at Traders Hotel (now Hotel Jen). Their second meeting was in Dubai in 1996 for the Mayflower Boutique pictorial project. Abbygale was the model and Jun was the photographer. “After we returned from Dubai, almost every night he would always visit my place in Mandaluyong,” said Abbygale.


The courting stage was short revealed, Abbygale. “Dubai pa lang magka-holding hands na kami,” she giggled. When they returned to Manila, they were in a dating stage already. After two months, Jun told her that he wanted to go to Pampanga to meet her family.  “When he went there, he was with his children. Sabin ng mama ko, ‘sino kaya sa mga ito ang boyfriend ng anak ko.’”

On her relationship with Jun, Abbygale said that her mom was more open-minded than her dad, who was apprehensive at first of the situation. “But he changed when he saw that we were heading for marriage,” said Abbygale.

Abbygale has learned a mouthful of wisdom from Jun, “perhaps because of his experiences. He is my best supporter.” Image:

The right time

Jun said, Abbygale, came at the right time in his life. “For me, marriage is not needing, but two people wanting to share. I used to live alone. Then suddenly, I felt I have something to share. That’s when I met Abby.”

The age gap was not at all a problem for them. “With us, it was never a problem,” said Jun. “Marriage should give you wings, not a chain. One nice thing about us, we both want to be together after a day’s work. Knowing where I am at this point in my life, I will not waste my time. I’ll give as much as I can.”

Thinking of the age gap, Abbygale said that “it adds ups to the good relationship we have at the moment. I treasure every moment we’re together.”

What Jun has learned from Abbygale is that “I could love again.” “That I can have a family of my own, that I can share my life with somebody else, that I can occupy my space with somebody, which before I couldn’t because I considered my room as my private domain – only my children could get inside. She opened the door. You know it’s difficult to recover again after a failed marriage.”

Abbygale, on her part, learned a mouthful of wisdom from Jun, “perhaps because of his experiences. He is my best supporter. What’s important in a relationship is to have love, trust, and respect. Show your partner that you love him. Don’t be influenced by others when it comes to your decision.”

Married bliss

Abbygale said she’s grateful to be part of Jun’s home. “This is not a regular marriage. Like, I don’t have to cook for two. He already has a home, isinali nya ako.” She had no problems with Jun’s children as well. “We get along well. I’m a friend to them. They call me Abby and I never consider myself their stepmom.” (Jun has seven children, namely: Christine, Timmy, Oliver, Patricia, Katrina, Nico, and Isabela).

Picture perfect: Jun and Abbygale with their children Irijah and Eli. Courtesy of Jun De Leon.

Jun returned the appreciation: “I thought I had everything until I met her. I had a family, a stable career, the professional respect I worked for. It never occurred to me that I would offer marriage to anybody, after 20 years of working with beautiful women.”

He added, “I see her inner beauty in so many ways – a good daughter, a sister, and a good friend. She has accepted me for what I am. It was like a big reward, a big bonus for me.”

Jun and Abbygale both feel that they deserve each other. Their union has been blessed with two beautiful children – Irijah, 18, who is taking up Filmmaking in Columbia Chicago; and Eli, 4. They are keeping the love alive after 23 years of married bliss.

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(Based on the article published by the same author at the now-defunct Mirror Weekly magazine)

Kobe Bryant: Death of an Icon

“Don’t look at what I did, but how I did it. That’s ‘mamba mentality,’” said Kobe from his past interview. He added: “When you find that thing you love, then life makes sense. For me, it’s basketball.”

The sports world mourns the untimely death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, in Calabasas, California. He was 41. What’s more heartbreaking is the fact that his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, also died in the accident and other seven passengers. No one survived the crash. The news came as a shock to everyone.

The 18-time National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star had five championships during his illustrious 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. He enjoyed one of the greatest careers in NBA history and became the face of the Lakers. He was the league MVP in 2008 and a two-time NBA scoring champion and earned 15 All-NBA selections.

According to reports, the helicopter, owned by Kobe, took off at 9:06 a.m. local time from Santa Ana/John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. It crashed at 9:47 a.m. in Calabasas. Foggy weather conditions in the area at the time are believed to have caused the crash.

Father and daughter were on their way to his Mamba Sports Academy for a basketball game when their helicopter crashed. Gianna was supposed to participate in the game, with her father serving as her coach.

Upon learning of the tragic accident, fans of Kobe rushed to the site of the crash to give tribute to the well-loved NBA legend.

The outpouring of sympathy was also felt during the 62nd Annual Grammy Award held at the Staples Center on the same day of the accident. A special tribute was held at the arena in memory of Kobe.

The Grammys opening was dedicated to Kobe, with American singer-songwriter Lizzo remarking “Tonight is for you, Kobe” as she sang the ballad “Cuz I Love You” and “Truth Hurts.” Alicia Keys and Boyz II Men also dedicated their a capella performance of “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.”

Indeed, it’s so hard to say goodbye to a man who became a role model and inspiration to a lot of youngsters and basketball players around the world.

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