Jeanette Kamphuis: In Her Element

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Swedish artist Jeanette Kamphuis, a name synonymous with the seamless fusion of art, nature, and elemental forms, invites you to embark on an enchanting journey through her world at the Imahica Art Gallery. With a collection of over 20 artworks and the unveiling of her book “JEANETTE KAMPHUIS: Inspirations and Impressions,” this one-woman art show and book launch promises an immersive experience that delves deep into the artist’s passion for nature and the elements that shape our world.

“In Her Element” succinctly encapsulates Jeanette Kamphuis’s connection with her art and her lifelong fascination with the elemental pillars of human existence. Her works, spanning multiple artistic disciplines, are a testament to her unyielding devotion to this theme, mirroring the value of our planet’s parallel reality. The Earth beckons her, urging her to connect with and express her extraordinary perspective on our collective home.

Jeanette Kamphuis shares, “For as long as I can remember, I always felt that I was ‘ONE’ or connected with the earth.” Her innate creativity flows effortlessly through various channels – be drawing, painting, singing, or crafting. It is a connection so profound that when she paints, she feels a rush of pure, intense energy, and every word conjures a vivid image. Her world is a canvas filled with vibrant colors, harmonizing with her music, art, and the beauty of nature.

“JEANETTE KAMPHUIS: IN HER ELEMENT” is an exploration of this unique connection, a tribute to the earth and its fundamental forms. The heart of her aesthetic is balance, offering a respite from chaos and a harmonious balance that brings serenity, purpose, and contemporary cohesion to the forefront.

She reflects, “I always strive for balance and purpose because they impart stability and security… remember, the elements were here before us, they will remain after us. We must embrace them and use them wisely. Only human sensitivity can transform the immutable into the unforgettable.”

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