HKTB and Acclaimed Asian Directors Jointly Present Micro-films Showcasing Hong Kong’s Tourism Appeals

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Broadcasting Hong Kong’s charm as a travel destination with captivating films and TV entertainment programs has long been one of the promotional strategies of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB).

Teaming up with CJ ENM, a top-tier entertainment company in Asia, HKTB presents the micro-film series Hong Kong in the Lens by Asian Directors with acclaimed directors from  Thailand, the Philippines, and South Korea, who have created three micro-films showcasing Hong Kong’s vibrant bar scene, authentic local lifestyle, and arts and cultural attractions to inspire visitors from around the world to come and experience Hong Kong’s new offerings.

The micro-film series has become an official selection in the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2023. After two screenings in Hong Kong today, the micro-films will be premiered in Seoul, Bangkok, and Manila, and will be broadcast on TV and online streaming platforms throughout Asia.

The participating directors include Thai director of Bad Genius Nattawut Poonpiriya, Filipino director of Hello, Love, Goodbye Cathy Garcia-Sampana and South Korean director of The Outlaws Kang Yunsung. The production teams visited various locations across Hong Kong at different periods to capture the city’s unique cityscape in their micro-films, presenting the city’s touristic charm in their own styles.

Group photo of Mr. Kang Yunsung, Director of micro-film Hong Kong, Within Me (third from left), Mrs. Cathy Garcia-Sampana, Director of micro-film Toss Coin (third from right), Ms. Vivian Sum, Commissioner for Tourism (second from left), Mr. Dane Cheng, Executive Director of Hong Kong Tourism Board (second from right), Ms. Becky Ip, Deputy Executive Director of Hong Kong Tourism Board (leftmost) and Mr. Michael Jung, Managing Director of CJ ENM Hong Kong (rightmost).


Dane Cheng, HKTB Executive Director, said, “The power of movies extends far beyond mere entertainment, as they can impress viewers with the allure of a destination and entice travellers to explore in person the places they have seen on screen. Through the lens of the acclaimed directors and popular actors in the three key source markets in Asia for Hong Kong, this microfilm series presents Hong Kong’s diverse tourism appeals and broaden the exposure of Hong Kong. On top of the screening, we will roll out promotions centred around the featured filming locations to inspire visitors to come and explore Hong Kong in person.”

Follow the movies and immerse yourselves in Hong Kong’s charm!

  • Exploring Hong Kong at night  follow Thai sisters for bar hopping in Hong Kong –Zi Mui (Thailand)


In hopes to wake their father up, the sisters, Abb and May, set off on a journey in search of their father’s past love. With such a drastic difference in personality, the sisters each take matters into their own hands to find her. Will they succeed?

Famous Thai director Nattawut Poonpiriya, who is known for his high-grossing box office hit Bad Genius, and actresses Cris and Ploi Horwang, who are real-life sisters, presented a story of a search for a lost connection.

 Mostly set at night, the movie shows the two protagonists roaming around Hong Kong, including Ping Pong Gintoneria in Western District, and bars and clubs in Central, including Foxglove, Dragonfly, Tai Kwun, as well as Duddell Street and Pottinger Street, to display of the city’s glamourous night scene.

 The director deliberately reduced close-up shots to capture a wider background, maximising the span of Hong Kong’s night scenes, “Hong Kong itself is already very cinematic, thanks to its distinctive city lights, details and textures.”

  • Richnessin art & culture —walk in Filipino screen couple’s footsteps across cultural hotspots 

Toss Coin (The Philippines)


All it takes is one coin flip and one lie, and it leads Riah down a memory lane of her ex-boyfriend. She revisits all their special places, hoping to bump into him again and to rekindle their love. But will this lead her back to him or the beginning of a new journey?

After her award-winning blockbuster Hello, Love, Goodbye, Filipino director Cathy Garcia-Sampana returned to Hong Kong for another rom-com set in Hong Kong, starring Alexa Ilacad, whose Instagram account is followed by 3.8 million fans, and new-generation actor KD Estrada.

 The film voyages through many local cultural points of interest including M+ in West Kowloon Cultural District, murals in Sai Kung, Hong Kong Museum of Art, PMQ in Central, exhibiting the city’s unique cultural aura.

 Toss Coin is Garcia-Sampana’s first micro-film. The director commented, “While I personally like the city’s human touch and culture, this time, I had the opportunity to show the other side of Hong Kong, highlighting the beautiful architecture of the buildings and the intersection between artistic galleries and vibrant murals.”

  • Local delicacies  savor Hong Kong-style restaurant with k-pop icons

Hong Kong, Within Me (South Korea)


Hye-rim finds herself trapped in a never- ending dream – meeting an old friend, discovering new places and creating fond memories, and the day repeats. But how can she return to reality? Or does she actually want to stay here forever?

Korean director of The Outlaws Kang Yunsung challenges himself with romantic fantasy for the first time, with casts Woo Hye-rim from Wonder Girls and Hwang Chan-sung from 2PM.

 Besides capturing the spectacular Victoria Harbour from tourists’ favourites such as 1881, Ocean Terminal Deck, the Chinese junk Aqua Luna, the film also features Tai On Coffee & Tea Shop, revamped Hong Kong-style cha chaan teng for a taste of Hong Kong. The male protagonist even learns to make a local fried noodles in the authentic way and showcases his Hong Kong-style cooking skills in the movie!

 Kang said, “The dishes in Hong Kong’s cha chaan teng are very unique and totally different from what we can find in a Korean café. I hope viewers from my country can learn more about Hong Kong’s local culinary culture through the film.”

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