Fran-Guru Exchange: Motivating Entrepreneurs to level up their businesses

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Fran-Guru Exchange is an online platform focused on motivating entrepreneurs to level up their businesses. The program’s core competency is the husband and wife team of Lyndah and Butz Bartolome – whose reservoir of experiences for the last 30 years have been helpful in assisting clients to grow and expand their businesses.

The motivating strategy will be the business life experiences of entrepreneurs as they travel the route to scaling up their business concepts.

The Think Business Growth Series will not only talk about their successes but more importantly challenges and difficulties they faced.

As experts in franchising, the hosts will have a Franchise Playbook Series. The goal of the series is to inform viewers on the basics of franchising and the phases to become a franchisee and franchisor.

There will also be a portion called Franchise Spotlight where franchisors present their franchise offering with a franchisee talking about their experience in the franchise system.

For more information, subscribe and follow them at their YouTube Channel: Business Franchise Guru, and visit their FB Page: @ButzBartolome.

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