Experts show an effective inhibitory action on the Delta Variant of SARS-COV-2 of Lianhua Qingwen

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Metro Manila is experiencing another “serious surge” in COVID- 19 cases according to the OCTA Research Group and has advised the government to impose a two-week lockdown to head off a deadly surge caused by the more transmissible Delta variant.

We are now on our 3rd round of ECQ since the pandemic. New infections in Metro Manila could reach as high as 13,000 a day by the end of August. This is not the time to let our guards down. As a matter of fact, there is a need to urgently respond to the situation with great caution to effectively manage and control the spread of the virus.

Last July 13, 2021, The Department of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Service Institute in partnership with Philippine Archipelago international Trading Corporation hosted a webinar featuring prominent figures in Traditional Chinese Medicine which was instrumental in the pandemic management in China. The very timely webinar, entitled “Learning from the China Experience – Control and Surge Prevention,” highlighted both countries’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the current surge, we could make very good use of the learnings we garnered from the prominent speakers who attended our webinar. The two most important learnings gathered from all panelists include “Early Intervention” and “Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine with Comprehensive Rehabilitation Treatment.”

The earlier we detect and treat, the better for us. Cooperation is vital to the efficacy of all preventive and control efforts. The implementation of a top-down, side-to-side, and bottom-up approach basically ensures that the paramount objective of having proper communication and information dissemination to the entire community involving all sectors of society is met.

There are many treatments that we can do that were not given much stress throughout the pandemic. Physiological, emotional, and psychological rehabilitation treatments also play a big part in battling this virus. There are three Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) to treat Covid-19 in China and we are very lucky to have one of these three TCMs registered and widely distributed in the Philippines — Lianhua Qingwen Capsule.

Its anti-viral functions are effective against not just the Delta, but also the Alpha and Beta variants as well. Despite its safety, Lianhua Qingwen’s current classification is Prescription Drug (Rx)—requiring a doctor’s prescription.

Academician Zhang Boli gave emphasis to the importance of medication in the cure, control, and prevention of COVID-19. “Quarantine without medicine is only half the success,” said the Academician.

It was recently reported in the news that “The latest research findings from the team of Professor Yang Zifeng from the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease in Guangzhou, China, have shown that Chinese medicine Lianhua Qingwen has an effective inhibitory action on the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2.”( In fact, its anti-viral functions are effective against not just the Delta, but also the Alpha and Beta variants as well.

Of course, getting vaccinated is imperative and recommended for protection against the virus. However, it will take more time before we reach herd immunity. Vaccine supplies need to catch up with the demand.

Meanwhile, we still need to follow the preventive measure of social distancing, wearing face masks and shields, washing hands frequently, using sanitizer alcohol, and keeping healthy by exercising, getting sunshine, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep. But should we catch the COVID-19 virus despite observing safety protocols, after all the Delta variant is said to be airborne, we must go for early treatment.

As Dr. Zhang Boli said, quarantine + medication is key. Do not wait until your symptoms become worse before taking Lianhua Qingwen, take it at the onset of symptoms and recover quickly. Remember the importance of the Philippine government’s PDITR +V strategy which is Prevent, Detect, Isolate, Treat, Reintegrate and Vaccinate, which is sure to cut off the transmission chain according to Contact Tracing Czar, Baguio Mayor Benjie Magalong. And of course, with the cooperation of all the Filipinos, we can do our share to help control and manage the surge of COVID-19.

As we go through another hard lockdown because of the Delta Variant, we hope that all this information will come to good use in our own lives, companies, and organization, and on a macro scale for local and national governments. This is a war between an elusive virus and man.  And if we all work together we will succeed and win this war against COVID-19.

Despite its safety, Lianhua Qingwen’s current classification is Prescription Drug (Rx)—requiring a doctor’s prescription. Prescription-holding consumers may purchase in all Mercury Drug Stores, Southstar Drug, Watsons, Rose Pharmacy, and TGP nationwide and other pharmacies at a suggested retail price of P288.00/box (24 capsules/box).

For more information on Lianhua Qingwen, visit or call tel. no. (02) 8361-7491 to 98 loc. 844.

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