DATAI, Most Innovative AI Award, arrives in Asia, from Morocco, Dubai

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Most Innovative Woman of the Year by Gawad Pilipino Awards, Amira Mawloud, from the nobility of Marrakesh, Morocco, joins forces with Dubai-based businessman Aasish Pai to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the heart of marketing. Their new software system is a welcome development in the art, hospitality and technology sectors. The tech duo was hosted by AsiaTV studios for a series of business and philanthropy meetings, in collaboration with Philippine Blockchain Council.

Amira’s contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence did not go unnoticed as a young woman in the highly competitive tech world. With her post-graduate academic background and international work experiences in marketing, she learned to program by herself, in order to create a new product that services specific clientele’s needs.

She was recently honored as the Most Outstanding Woman in AI by Gawad Pilipino, a recognition that attests to her achievements as a strong co-founder of DATAI, alongside Aasish Pai’s decades of experience in the tech hub of Dubai. Pai is a distinguished entrepreneur and serves as the Director of Pai Group of Companies based in Dubai. With an illustrious career, he has assumed key roles as the Director of New Generation Imaging, Altech International FZCO, and PrintX. He has also contributed to the growth of various enterprises under his guidance. Both of them share a commitment to corporate social responsibility through pledging support for the Asia Africa Art Academy.

From servicing the marketing needs of hotels, and other like-minded companies, to the global education of artists, DATAI stands at the forefront of innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology to redefine marketing dynamics. The company’s focus on harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence sets the stage for groundbreaking solutions that transcend traditional marketing. At the heart of DATAI’s philosophy is a relentless pursuit of results. By analyzing data, adapting content, and enhancing customer experiences, DATAI maximizes conversions, creating robust and lasting connections between brands and audiences. DATAI doesn’t merely provide services; it forges enduring partnerships.

In a dynamic series of engagements and strategic encounters, the DATAI team, managed by Regine Guevara, embarked on a  partnerships and media tour around the country from January 15 to 21. Potential partners have included top players in the hospitality as well as Philippine Blockchain Council members Chezka Gonzales and Bryan Poe Llamanzares. The art foundation also featured the works of Gallery 38 artists from Marrakesh, among others, which explored tech-powered art residencies with the likes of Benilde School of Arts, Bonifacio Arts Center, Ikebana Manila, and Leon Gallery.

This year, the Philippines celebrates the golden anniversary of diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morocco, an exhibition is underway to promote environmental sustainability.

Amira Mawloud and Aasish Pai’s journey is a testament to their multifaceted talents, from excelling in the corporate world to making meaningful contributions in technology and philanthropy. As a trailblazers in their field, Amira and Aasish continue to inspire others through their  commitment to global citizenship.

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