Tales of Illumina is now in the Philippines

Tales of Illumina has officially arrived in the Philippines and has opened its doors to the public recently. Mystified to give kids, tweens, teenagers, and even adults a whole new encounter, this enchanting world offers both opulent and dazzling magical-themed experiences where everyone would go crazy about it. Tales of Illumina is a 45,000 square feet themed park that offers original stories inspired in our very own chambers of Philippine mythology.

Prepare to be amazed at over 36 world-class installations that will make you feel that you have visited another dimension. You will get to meet a lot of creatures as you go for an adventure in exploring the magical and whimsical world of Tales of Illumina. Then, get ready to be mesmerized as you get to engage in our multi-sensory interactive spots inside this enchanting world.

Imagine the unimaginable—come across a talking tree, soar with an enchanted bird, and even narrate your own legendary love story. Be among the giant flowers, and unleash your creativity in music and art with our whimsical paths. The Tales of Illumina is a wall-to-wall illuminated attraction that will keep you guessing what’s next to come.

Not only will your social accounts be fed with good and amazing photos and stories, but so will your eyes and heart! Enjoy every minute of your journey as you pass through different realms that hold different parts of your fantasy. Anyone who seeks adventure and can’t wait to feast their eyes for something different – prepare to be mesmerized and captivated— the Tales of Illumina will surely keep your phones and cameras busy!

Get ready to discover a new and exciting world in Tales of Illumina!

I See Magic – As you enter, a light will be there to start your life.

Netherland – A peaceful meadow guarded by a century-old hulking tree named Dalakit whose messages are metaphorical. He will talk to you like what he did with Hiraya and, he will awaken your mind for his clues.

Naked Forest – A naked forest, mesmerizingly beautiful, that swayed Hiraya to walk more towards the inner core of the village. It enthralled her to keep on walking and discovering a play of life that she couldn’t understand.

Foresta – A forest of life in which the path you are taking speaks about the beauty of nature. It will make you feel like you are in a garden of a different world.

The Gaunt – Bump into earth creatures that only our third eye can see and walk through the town of mysticism and magic without a fret.

Cavern of the Untold – A cave of stories that will surely make your secrets and untold stories safe.

Land of Zephyr – Allow your boredom to wander around as your eyes twinkle because this land will stupefy your feelings.

Land of Zephyr

Chamber of Dreams – Dreams, and imagination might be far from reality. But in this chamber, we are one step away from making it happen!

Kaleidoscope – One’s persona will always reflect on the surface and once it kaleidoscopically blends into the mirrors, watch how people can view you from their perspective.

Mystic Bird – A bird so enigmatically gigantic that one cannot help but be awed, make sure you don’t stare for so long! When this mystical bird sings it will put you in a deep sleep and only time can tell when you will go back to life.

Cloud Dancers – Puffs of white magic in acres of blue, you will surely get the hang of sky canvas that creates different hues.

Moon Magic – Let the spells of the land bedazzle you with the playful colorful lights of Moon Magic.

La Luna – We all wished to sit down on a moon and be as dramatic as we can be. Well, be in high and sit like you own the rest of the world in our La Luna!

Colors of Emoticons – Get your emotions ready since it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you are comfortable sharing it! Allow this one corner to overflow with Colors of Emoticons.

Glow It – Don’t be too dark, allow everything to glow on your way using your magic hands.

Jellyfish Alley – The real world is in a much darker and deeper place than this and allowing yourself to move with the rhythm of jellyfish makes it feel as if it is nothing.

Foliage – As the season changes, leaves also change their colors. Witness how the foliage transform in colors as the seasons differs.

Well of Eternal Wishes – Hope never dies in this place as you are given a chance of eternal wishing in this whimsical well.

Path of Honnalee – In this path, you’ll be able to understand: dominance, ambition, authority, dignity, and capacity. These traits will help you live your own rules,  be unafraid of challenges,  and always be willing to take risks.

Icy Forest – As you move on to this area, you will be welcomed with a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll never know what awaits you.

Magic Lamps – These magical lamps will light up your path to your imaginative world.

Pluie de Fleur – It’s raining blooms! This garden of fresh and fantabulous flowers had been planted and taken care of by the magical spirits of Illumina.

Enchanting Fortress – This fortress is built to make sure you will not suffice to the world of influence. Your thoughts and imaginations will always be safe with us.

Hiraya – Hiraya holds the heart of the Tales. Her blow illuminates every dark dungeon in this magical wonderland. Her gentle smile beacons to all the kingdom. Climb her hand and let her enchanting story captivate your heart.


Fantasia – Dragons? Haven’t you seen any dragons? Well in Fantasia, they are just roaming around.

Pendulous Pods – A place in this enchanting world that will surely make us realize that there are creatures that are truly bigger than us.

Whimsical Path – Appreciate each art performed to the tune of nature’s music. This whimsical will not just allow you to dance, jump, leap, and move, but will take you to your next magical journey.

Whimsical Path

Albania – Two love stories that happened on a battlefield where trust is important and character is built. Experience these scenes and be swayed with the characters.

Ignite the Colors – Unleash your creativity by making patterns, remember a small spark can ignite colors.

Rocking Bows – There’s always a child in us that will be awakened as you play in this vibrant colorful room of bows.

House of Dreamers – Let your dreams flow. Big, or small we have all sizes and colors to catch your dreams.

Veil of Glory – Magnificence is what the veil of glory offers. As you walk through this space, a burst of colors splendidly awaits you.

Queen’s Hall – Feel like a true queen as you pass these glamorous halls.

Spectrum – There is an undeniable effect of enchantment that can create a powerful lesson for you! This mysticism will leave you breathless and excited as you go on more adventures.

Pearls of Joy – Remember you are like a pearl. It occurs spontaneously in the wild but is extremely rare.

Magic Goo – Craft your special spell using our magical spices in this enchanting potion room.

For Booking and Inquiries: Contact 0945-188-8833 or email them at magic@talesofillumina.global

Be connected and updated, follow them at: www.facebook.com/talesofillumina www.instagram.com/talesofillumina www.youtube.com/talesofillumina www.twitter.com/talesofillumina

For more information, visit www. talesofillumina.global

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Festive Holiday Offerings for Everyone

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and to make the spirit of the season even brighter, we made a round up of festive offerings from some of the best hotels in the metro to fill your hearts with the warmth and joy the season brings. These will guide you to the many ways you can celebrate the holidays at home, with friends, and office get-togethers even in the time of the pandemic.


Dine under the stars at Al Fresco by Palm Grove

Century Park Hotel, one of the finest hotels in Manila, has been duly awarded the Certificate of Accommodation to Operate as Staycation (CAOS) by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Bureau of Quarantine. With this recent development, the hotel has prepared a host of exciting F & B offers that walk-in and staycation guests can appreciate.

A unique Unlimited Samgyeopsal experience awaits you at Al Fresco by Palm Grove for only P669 net!  Grill those meats, drink & dine under the stars and just relish the relaxing poolside ambience.

Al Fresco by Palm Grove is open Fridays and Saturdays from 5:00PM to 11:00PM. Under the guidelines for staycation hotels, you must be fully-vaccinated (at least 2 weeks after your second dose) or have taken your RT-PCR test 48 hours prior to your visit.  This applies to minors as well.

Slots are limited so be sure to make your reservation at 8528-8888 local 2500 or 0956-5232880. Please be on time as reservations are subject to a 15-minute holding period. Dine-in time per table is two hours maximum.  For other terms and conditions, please visit www.centurypark.com


A Festive Journey at Holiday Inn and Suites Makati

Holiday Inn and Suites Makati delight in giving you an exciting Holiday season that is bursting with enticing Christmas goodies and offer you a wonderful and relaxing stay with hearty Christmas dishes prepared for you.

The Christmas Platters which serve ten (10) persons is a perfect meal as people gather in this most festive time of the year. If you want to indulge in a complete meal for a group, the Christmas Bento is a good choice prepared in delightful bento boxes for a quick and easy meal that will surely satisfy cravings anytime of the day.

The holiday Shopcation is a perfect time to delight yourself with the holiday spree as you stay and shop in Makati’s premiere shopping malls. The Holiday Season package is for as low as Php 4,800 nett per night plus a chance to win an overnight stay in other IHG properties. Book now! For reservations, call + 632 79090888 or email hism.reservations@ihg.com.

Throw a perfect festive event that will bring holiday cheer to your attendees. An all-inclusive package awaits you as you celebrate any special events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or baptismal. Contact our events team at +63 917 5337340 or email hism.events@ihg.com.

For Christmas orders and inquiries, please call Flavors at +63 2 75068132 or Viber +63 917 5968897.


Take home holiday happiness from Richmonde Hotel Ortigas

To celebrate this joyous season, Richmonde Hotel Ortigas is offering an assortment of delectable creations lovingly prepared by the hotel’s kitchen team headed by Executive Chef Tristan Galang.

These Yuletide sweets, treats, and savory meals are great for gifting and even better for indulging at home during your holiday lunches and dinners with family and friends. For your Christmas and New Year’s feasts, serve up a platter of Salmon en Croute good for 3 to 4 persons and priced at PhP 2,680. It comes with potatoes au gratin and warm broccoli salad and is packed in a self-heating Hotbox so you can warm it up with ease before serving.

RHO_Holly Jolly Bundle

For your traditional Christmas ham, Richmonde offers its perfectly cured Canadian Bacon with sidings of oatmeal loaf and herbed butter. Buy it vacuum packed with all its flavors and seasonings sealed in, for only PhP 1,830, good for 5 persons.

Planning a plated dinner affair at home? Impress your guests with Richmonde’s special Bento Hotbox specials for individual meals that are filling, tasty, and hassle-free with zero preparation needed. Choose between the Low and Slow Brisket (PhP 1,150) and Pistachio-crusted Salmon and “Buro” Risotto (PhP 1,250) for your meat- and seafood-loving party guests.

Make the holidays brighter and yummier as you savor and share Richmonde’s tasty and decadent baked goodies like Red Velvet Brownies, Rum Cake made with Zabana Rum, Sans Rival Cake, Cruffin, Cream Cheese & Chives Bun, and Floss Roll.

Also available are Richmonde’s signature year-round hits: the Richmonde Ensaymada which comes in four variants—plain, ube, and the limited edition holiday flavors of salted egg, and quezo de bola—and two sizes—the oversized regular and minis which come in boxes of 4 and 9 pieces; the Richmonde Chocolate Cake; Banana Walnut Bread; Cranberry Babka; and Salted Swirl.

RHO_Bento Box

Those extra dear to you will surely love the specially curated Christmas Crates of Happiness that consist of an assortment of Richmonde’s freshly baked breads and homemade spreads packed in a wooden crate. With two sizes to choose from, you can have an impressive and scrumptious gift set that easily fits your budget.

Santa’s Box of Cheer (PhP 1,980) is big and brimming with six types of breads—Richmonde ensaymada, pretzel loaf, cranberry babka, salted swirl bread, pistachio cream cheese bread, and cruffin—plus 30g jars of mango & orange jam, bacon jam, and herbed butter. The Holly Jolly Bundle (PhP 1,380) contains pretzel bread, a baguette, and two mini ensaymadas, with the same three jars of jam and butter.

For hassle-free purchases, all holiday goodies are available for pickup and delivery until January 9, 2022, with advance orders and prepayment. Lead times vary per item and bulk orders may be arranged.

For inquiries and orders, call (632) 8638-7777 or 0917 534 4352 or email sales@richmondeortigas.com.


Bring home holiday cheer from Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

 As we usher in the holidays, expect glad tidings with fun feasts and delightful bites from the kitchen of Eastwood Café+Bar headed by Executive Chef Victor Barangan.

Tried and tested and simply yummy, Richmonde’s signature pastries are all-time bestsellers for a reason. Soft, oversized, and ultra cheesy, the hotel’s classic plain ensaymada (PhP 185) will go perfectly with a hot chocolate drink or a steaming cup of brewed coffee on a cool Christmas morning. Of you want more to share, mini ensaymadas in boxes of 6 pcs (PhP 255) and 12 pcs (PhP 455) are also available.

For the perfect dessert, the moist and fudgy Richmonde Chocolate Cake has just the right amount of sweetness, with a texture that stays smooth and velvety even after refrigeration. It comes in two sizes—4” at PhP 215 and 8” at PhP 755.

The moist and fluffy banana bread of Eastwood Richmonde has always been a favorite go-to snack. This Christmas it has two new yummy flavors—the rich Choco Walnut Banana Bread (PhP 295) and the healthy Blueberry Banana Chia Bread (PhP 495).

Craving for something K-inspired, perhaps? The Savory Cream Cheese Garlic Bread (PhP 265) is Richmonde’s answer to the popular bread bun recipe of Korea and is great for sharing. Need a boost of Christmas energy to get you through the holiday hustle and bustle? Get Santa’s Little Helpers (PhP 535/box), a set of assorted cookies to give you a boxful of delightful sugar rush.

The set includes four pieces each of the chocolatey Double Trouble Cookies, the chewy Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies, the Charcoreo cookie sandwich, and two pieces of Homemade “Twix” Bars. Because it tastes as good as it looks, make the Hazelnut Cookie Butter Christmas Cake (PhP 1,325) the centerpiece of your holiday feasts. This moist chocolate cake with hazelnut ganache frosting and delicate chocolate toppings may be too pretty to eat, but it will definitely be worth it.

ERH_Holiday Goodies Collection

If you wish you share the joy of sweet and savory bites this season, simply order Eastwood Richmonde’s Holiday Hamper of Goodies (PhP 1,600) which contains an awesome array of curated freshly baked treats, paired with coffee and cocoa, and packed conveniently in a chic black box.

What’s Christmas without ham? Preparation is easy with Eastwood Café+Bar’s holiday hams so don’t forget to add it to your order list. Choose between the 1.6kg Muscovado Cured Ham (PhP 1,450) that’s bursting with salty-sweet flavors, and the 1.3kg Chicken Ham (PhP 1,100) for the calorie-conscious.

ERH_Chicken Ham

All Holiday Goodies of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel are available for pickup and delivery within Metro Manila until January 10, 2022. A minimum lead time of 48 hours is required. For orders and inquiries, call +632 8570 7777 or +63 917 821 0333.

Happy Holidays!

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A charming and idyllic getaway in the South

Casa San Pablo gives you a laid-back and hometown feel far from the harried and stressful city life. It makes you appreciate nature, art, and simple things like reading a book.


Living in a place where one feels relaxed and safe is one of the best feelings ever. Since the time we moved to the South, it posed a great advantage to our health. Rural areas are usually far from the smog and pollution of urban areas, offering clean, fresh air and plenty of open green spaces. Being in the fresh air outdoors is not only of advantage for physical health but also mental health. Moreover, living in Sta. Rosa Laguna offers a quick getaway or weekend staycation to nearby and interesting destinations.

It was one long weekend when we were looking for a place to go to – not too far but will be enjoyable and relaxing for me and my family. It was unanimous for us to go somewhere nearby.

Top of my mind was Casa San Pablo based on the articles and reviews I’ve read about the place. The quaint and cozy place is located in San Pablo City Laguna, just an hour’s drive from where we reside. It’s a bed and breakfast offering rooms in a rustic style with an outdoor pool and restaurant owned by a couple, Boots and An Alcantara.

Casa San Pablo was tucked inside a big compound surrounded by nature, a couple of villas, an artsy and a homey environment. It gives you a laid-back and hometown feel far from the harried and stressful city life.

Since we were just walk-in guests, we first inquired from the receptionist for room availability. Then they ushered us to some rooms available for that day. It was a delight to see that each room has been adorned with different art pieces and mementos of the owners; with each story to tell.

Family ties: The three of us

We also toured around the place and stayed in the dining area for our snacks. We love the food served home-cooked style.

Our weekend staycation gave us an opportunity to bond as a family – free from any distractions – only pure peace and be in touch with nature.

At Casa  San Pablo, it makes you appreciate nature, art, and simple things like reading a book. It is a charming place in an idyllic setting.

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It’s Always Christmas at The Gingerbread House!

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” – Lisa Weed

This Holiday Season is a great time to go to the Gingerbread House located at Barangay Palumlum in Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines (a few kilometers away from Tagaytay). Since its opening two years ago, GBH has become an all-year-round family destination. It’s a perfect tourist spot for kids and kids-at-heart. With a very affordable entrance fee of Ph150.00 pesos per head, it’s definitely an awesome treat for the entire family!

The Gingerbread House will give you that fairytale book setting. The jungle-like drive to Gingerbread House provides an actual feel of a Hansel and Gretel journey.  In the story, two children, Hansel and Gretel get lost in the woods. They come upon a house made of gingerbread covered in frosting and candy. Unfortunately, it’s the house of the wicked witch. She befriends the kids, fattens them up, and tries to eat them.

As for us, how did we end up at The Gingerbread House? It was Christmas Day when we all decided to visit the place and to experience its snowfall. It was our family bonding moments, apart from being near Lebajo ArtFarm, where we spent our Christmas vacation.

What to see?

Upon paying the entrance fees, guests will be greeted by a dream board and Well of Dreams, where visitors (especially kids) can write down their goals and then make a wish.

The main attraction is the snow-like theme of Gingerbread house giving you a white Christmas feels! It has a kiddie theme background and colorful Christmas decorations that are good for photo-ops.

Inside the house is a snack place on the first floor. It serves mini cakes, brownies, muffins, chocolates, and a corner filled with confection. An actual Gingerbread House can be ordered and even rice meals. One of the attractive spots inside the resto is the reception area where you can find the giant Teddy Bear lying on the sofa. It looks so cute and huggable!

The play area for the kids is located on the second floor with a veranda overlooking the greenery surrounding the area.

There are other attractions to explore like the Gingerbread field, Christmas Kubo, Mini-Forest Trail that is similar to the path ventured by Hansel and Gretel going to the Gingerbread house, the colorful Candy Village, dining al fresco areas, quaint cottage-style rooms, swing area, inflatable Christmas corner, and other instagrammable spots.

The Christmas Kubo, offering Filipino delicacies like bibingka, etc.

There’s also a museum, where you’ll see a wonderful miniature of Christmas and Candy Village. And feel at home in their family living room area. It makes a good backdrop for your family photo souvenir.

One happy family – with Nikulas and Beatrice

There’s also a souvenir shop for your last-minute shopping before leaving the place. Just like in my previous travels, I always bring home some ref magnets as mementos of my sojourn.

The Gingerbread House was definitely worth creating fun and special moments with every member of the family.

For more information, check their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/thegingerbreadhouseph/

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Christmas Begins at Savoy Hotel Manila

Savoy Hotel Manila is bringing cheers and joy to its valued clients this holiday season through a myriad of room, food, and celebration offerings. Recently hailed as Asia’s Leading Airport Hotel at the World Travel Awards 2021, the hotel is enthusiastic to celebrate Christmas with more guests and make this time of the year extra special.

‘We are fortunate that the country is experiencing a more relaxed level of quarantine protocols at this time. We anticipate seeing more of our valued clients as they revisit the Savoy Hotel Manila for their much-awaited staycations, events, or simply to dine out. We assure our guests that we are ready to welcome them back whilst ensuring their safety and wellbeing. We wish everyone a fantastic and wonderful Christmas,” says Savoy Hotel Manila General Manager, Avinash Menon.

Curated menu for the holidays

Food will always be a vital part of Christmas and Savoy Hotel Manila has planned a noteworthy holiday spread for dine-in, take-out, or even delivery. The Hotel’s all-day dining restaurant, Savoy Café, headed by Executive Chef Kris Espinosa with his skilled team of chefs, is the source of everything delicious. The restaurant has a carefully curated menu of dishes from various cuisines that is perfect for any celebration. One can start with the best-seller Shrimp and Crab Roll for an appetizer, followed by main courses such as the Osso Bucco, Ribeye Chimichurri, or the Aligue Pasta.

Savoy Christmas Trays.

To cap off the meal, don’t leave Savoy Café without trying the hotel’s version of Cheesecake in Tin Can or Yema Cake. Savoy Café’s dishes may also be enjoyed in homes, through takeout and delivery via Food Panda and Pick-a-Roo. If virtual gatherings are still a preferred way of celebrating or holding meetings, Savoy Café offers set menus inclusive of delivery to participants for a stress-free event. Another choice would be the hearty Savoy Christmas Trays which are platters of sumptuous dishes delivered in a hot box. Try the Kare Kare, Beef Bourgignon, and Butter Chicken.

For an alternative dining option that allows more privacy and personalized service, Savoy Hotel Manila has opened the Hotspot. The cozy restaurant nook can accommodate groups of 20 persons or less. Guests can feast on a 5-course meal and experience a leveled-up service through a personal dining butler.

Meanwhile, for those looking for unique gifts, the Savoy Christmas Hamper is now ready for pre-order. This basket of goodies contains freshly baked Fruit Cake, Stolen Bread, Christmas Scone, Pralines, Merry Berry Cookies, and Granola Clusters with Candy Canes, Soju, and Red Wine Vinegar. Our very own Sparky the Plushie is also part of the hamper to complete that Christmas feels. A large hamper is priced at Php 2,680 nett, while a medium hamper is at Php 1,980 nett, and are available at Savoy Café for advance order. Luscious whole cakes are also on offer with three special creations taking center stage: Savoy Mango Delight, Rhum Cake, and the Buche De Noel.

Home for the Holidays Room Package

Finally, it’s never a Christmas break without a stay in your favorite hotel. Known for its warm service, proximity to the airport, and location in Newport City, Savoy Hotel Manila is offering the Home for the Holidays Room Package at Php 6,000 nett, inclusive of an overnight stay in an Essential 1 guestroom, choice of Chef’s Special lunch or dinner, a bag of Savoy Take Home Treats (assorted pastries), and use of leisure amenities such as swimming pool, gym, and spa. This offer is valid for stays from December 1, 2021, to January 31, 2022.

Savoy Hotel Manila Guestroom.

Savoy Hotel Manila is a Certified Multiple Use Hotel with a Safety Seal from the Department of Tourism and Bureau of Quarantine. It accepts guests for quarantine and essential stays and starting December 1, 2021, will accept non-quarantine guests. The Hotel’s operations and offerings are subject to government protocols and mandates.

To know more about Savoy Hotel Manila and its Christmas offers, please visit www.savoyhotelmanila.com , call 5317 2869, or email info@savoymanila.com

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Staycay together this November!

Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria is now accepting guests staying for leisure, following the government guidelines for staycation hotels.

They are welcoming guests with an exclusive promotion this month of November, inviting families to come together for Thanksgiving.

Promotion includes a stay in a Deluxe Room starting at Php 4,500 net with the following inclusions:

– Choice of 9 AM early check-in or 3 PM late check-out (subject to availability)

– Two (2) welcome drink vouchers at The Courtyard (open every Thursday-Saturday)

-Optional Add on: Breakfast and Club Lounge Access

*Hotel Terms and Conditions apply.

*Subject to existing government guidelines on leisure stays

The booking and stay period is until November 30, 2021. For inquiries and reservations, you may call 02 8790 3100 or email cpgm.reservations@ihg.com

  Featured photo:  Newly-Renovated Club Rooms at the 18th and 19th Floors

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A memorable heritage tour

What is unique about the resort is that you get to experience and stay at the traditional houses that serve as hotel accommodation for guests and tourists who are seeking meaningful staycation.  

Taking part in a heritage tour one fine weekend gave me a glimpse of the past — reliving the age-old yet distinctive Filipino heritage while offering discerning visitors a unique experience.

The moment you enter the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan you are transported back to the 18th-century Philippines in the blink of an eye. The Filipino-Spanish influences are very evident in the architectural pieces from different parts of the country transferred and reconstructed in the resort to create a heritage community for everyone to experience and take inspiration from.

What is unique about the resort is that you get to experience and stay at the traditional houses that serve as hotel accommodation for guests and tourists who are seeking meaningful staycation.

Our group had the opportunity to stay in Casa San Miguel, the old home of an ilustrado family during the Spanish era. It is huge with its two big rooms and a very spacious sala where you can play games or relax during siesta with your loved ones.

There are so many things you can do at the resort from going on a heritage walk. You can ride a kalesa, or tramvia to admire up close the impressive noble-class mansions, wooden stilt houses, the main building made of stone which stands proudly in a village of cobblestone streets.

You can also promenade along La Playa beach, enjoy the Batis, its version of a swimming pool located next to Casa Cagayan, walk down Tulay ni Lola Basyang, and dine at Hotel de Oriente where we were served a sumptuous breakfast and dinner. The Hotel de Oriente, which originally stood in Binondo, Manila, is believed to be the first hotel built in the country.

Those who want a quiet moment alone, can pray and give thanks at Santuario de San Jose, located near Plaza Mayor de Tobias and Casa Biñan.

There’s so much more to discover at this rare heritage resort in Bataan. A second visit is a must to see how this fascinating place will develop in the future.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a New San Jose Builders project. It is managed by Asian Grand Legacy Hotels Corp. For more information, visit http://www.lascasasfilipinas.com/, https://www.facebook.com/LasCasasBataan

(Text and photos by Ruby Asoy-Lebajo)

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(Based on the article published in Experience Travel and Living magazine by the same author)

City of Dreams Manila Reaches 99% Colleague Vaccination Rate

The Safety Seal-certified City of Dreams Manila establishes colleague immunity with 99 percent of its staff fully immunized. The announcement comes timely as the luxury integrated resort gears to welcome more guests and reopen more facilities with the easing of Metro Manila to Alert Level 2.

“We are grateful to our colleagues who have taken the step towards protecting themselves, their families and colleagues, our guests, and the community in general,” says Property President Geoff Andres. Fully vaccinated staff are those who have completed the required vaccine dosage. The resort, which has ordered enough vaccines to vaccinate its staff, is currently inoculating their staff’s dependents. Their children under 18 years old follow suit.

Various initiatives were granted by the resort to encourage the vaccination uptake, including two-day paid leaves on the day of the vaccination and after, to provide rest should the staff experience any post-vax side effects, and continuously re-enforcing the message that the vaccination is a collective effort and a compassionate step towards stemming the spread of COVID-19. Webinars conducted by medical authorities gave staff a better understanding of the benefits of being vaccinated. The resort also allowed time for vaccine confidence to grow, as those who initially hesitated eventually agreed, upon seeing their colleagues get vaccinated, and also provided shuttle service from the resort to the vaccination sites for its team members, and allowed them to get vaccinated during work hours.

Pregnant staff are offered hotel limousine service from their home within a reasonable radius to the vaccination center and back. The resort’s in-house Occupational Health and Safety unit keeps track of the staff’s vaccination status and helps the staff make appointments through available channels. Colleagues who have been off-site were urged early on to get vaccinated in their respective communities where available.

City of Dreams Manila implements a “Play it Safe” campaign, which mandates all colleagues to follow stringent health and safety guidelines throughout the property, including their work areas and in community spaces such as the employees’ dining area.

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Grand Hyatt Singapore Celebrates 50th Anniversary and Embarks on Renovation Project

In celebration of 50 years of creating grand moments in Singapore, and looking towards a bold future of more grand moments to be, Grand Hyatt Singapore will be embarking on a hotel renovation project that will be rolled out progressively in phases over an approximately two-year period, with infrastructural and design upgrades.

Remodeling of the hotel’s guestrooms, select restaurants, Damai Spa & Fitness Centre, and wellness areas are included as part of this project.

Commencing in October 2021, Phase 1 of the hotel’s upgrading project will kick off at The Terrace Wing (a complete separate wing from the main hotel) as well as the facilities and outlets that it houses such as Damai Spa and Fitness Centre and the swimming pool. The Terrace Wing will be re-launched as The Wellness Wing of Grand Hyatt Singapore with brand-new spaces designed by renowned designers NAO Taniyama Associates and Strickland, in addition to urban landscaping designed by Grant Associates.

Sketch of The Terrace Wing’s cascading garden and waterfall feature.

  Experiences with wellness at the core

 Wellness has always been a core foundation of travel, and wellness in this current climate takes on a different meaning, as consumers look to achieve fulfillment both mentally and physically. With its renovation project, Grand Hyatt Singapore will create physical spaces and experiences – for travelers and visitors alike – who are looking for a purpose-driven time of unwinding and relaxing. Some of these key touchpoints include a jaw-dropping, five-story cascading garden and waterfall feature, lounging day-beds designed into the guestrooms, plus additional outdoor options such as event venues to add diversity to the hotel’s current offerings of 16 event venues, and an outdoor fitness area extension to the new Damai Spa & Fitness Centre.

This phased renovation project is primed for an approximate period of 2 years, and The Terrace Wing will be re-launched as the Wellness Wing of Grand Hyatt Singapore in Q1 2023.

About Grand Hyatt Singapore

Grand Hyatt Singapore is a luxury hotel located on Scotts Road near the start of Orchard Road, the city’s commercial and entertainment district. It features warm timber-interior guestrooms and suites; four unique dining concepts and a bar; and dynamic residential-style event space spanning three extensive floors.

For more information, call +65 6732 1234 or visit singapore.grand.hyatt.com.

Featured photo: Rendering of The Terrace Wing waterfall feature

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Landco Led the Mangrove Restoration in Laiya, Batangas

In line with its commitment to environmental and community sustainability, upscale real estate developer Landco Pacific Corporation together with Aplaya Laiya Corporation initiated the mangrove reforestation at an estuary in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas through a recent series of planting of about 3,000 saplings.

The project was held in collaboration with Laiya’s local community, barangay, and municipal officials, representatives from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and volunteers from Landco executives and staff.

The mangrove tree planting is part of the coastal conservation of Landco to benefit the communities near and around its premium leisure developments in Laiya – Playa Laiya, the master-planned exclusive seaside residential community, and Club Laiya, Landco’s latest Leisure Tourism Estates.

“Wherever Landco develops premium Leisure Tourism Estates (LTE’s), our impact on the environment is an important concern.  Our company helps ensure the restoration and conservation of the environment within the vicinity of our developments to deliver our commitment to building sustainable communities, undertake our socio-economic responsibility, and leave a lasting legacy for future generations,” stated Erickson Y. Manzano, President, and CEO, Landco Pacific Corporation.

“Our primary goal is to make Batangas a leading sustainable tourist destination,” he emphasized.

“At Landco, our team strives to create a healthy environment for our residents, guests, investors, and the community at large. Our company’s role is to be a catalyst for environmental, social, and economic development within and surrounding our properties. The welfare of the local community is one of our top priorities and we do our best to engage them positively and productively through employment and their active participation in environmental conservation,” Manzano added.

Landco’s mangrove tree planting in Batangas was participated by Laiya’s local community, barangay, and municipal officials, representatives from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and volunteers from Landco executives and staff.

The launch of the mangrove tree planting was led by Manzano, along with Aplaya Laiya Corp Vice President Neil Bryant Siy; Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) – Region IV Officer In-Charge Allan Estillore; Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) Head Noel Pasco; Laiya Aplaya Kagawad Ranel Domingo representing Barangay Chairman Wivin Llana.  Present during the activity were volunteers from Landco, Aplaya Laiya Corporation, and the local community.

Within the framework of its long-term sustainability program, Landco’s latest Leisure Tourism Estates — CaSoBe and Club Laiya are both LEED-registered. Its affiliate Millennial Resorts Corporation is Edge-registered. Overall, its developments implement practical strategies and solutions focused on sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, waste segregation, marketing campaign on sustainability and ethical consumption, and local communities’ livelihood program on recycling materials, and opportunities for socio-economic growth.

Landco’s sustainability initiatives including its mangrove tree planting are in line with Metro Pacific Investment Corporation’s commitment to helping achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable; and strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

For more information about Landco visit https://www.landco.ph/ or FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/LandcoPacificCorporation.

Featured photo: Spearheading the mangrove reforestation in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas is shown on the photo (From left): Neil Bryant Siy, Vice President, Aplaya Laiya Corp.; Ranel Domingo, Kagawad Laiya, Aplaya, Batangas; Noel Pasco, Head of MENRO (Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office); Allan Estillore, Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) – Region IV; and Erickson Manzano, President, and CEO, Landco Pacific Corp.

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