A successful inaugural race weekend for the 2022 SEAOIL Radical Challenge

Radical Cars Philippines, in partnership with SEAOIL Philippines Inc., kick-started the 2022 SEAOIL Radical Challenge last August 27, 2022. It takes its spot in Philippine motorsport history as the first and only local race series featuring an all-Radical grid, making it the fastest race series in the country. The championship is powered by SEAOIL Extreme 97 Octane as its official fuel. Motul Philippines, a co-presenter of the race series, provides the whole grid with its 300V Performance Oil.

The driver line-up features many familiar faces such as young talent Iñigo Anton, seasoned racers Stefan Ramirez, Jason Choachuy, Gibson Yu, JV Colayco, rookie racer Brian Poe, and Mark Bumgarner; a seasoned racer in his youth, now making his much-awaited return to motorsport. These drivers represent the well-known and respected teams participating in the series: Motul PartsPro (Iñigo), Illa Racing PartsPro (Brian), EnSport (Stefan), OTR Motorsport (Mark), and TrackHos (Jason, Gibson, and JV).

The race weekend started early last August 27 with a driver briefing. Race Director Marlon Stokinger welcomed the drivers and team heads at the Motul paddock and briefed everyone on the rules and regulations of the championship, followed by a full day of 5 practice sessions for drivers and teams to prepare for Sunday’s races. At the lunch break, the organizers initiated a practice start session for drivers to get used to the rolling start procedure at the beginning of the race. Qualifying took place as the last session for the day. It was a race against the weather as a light rain began to dampen the track at the start. Despite the sudden change in conditions, Iñigo Anton put out a dominant performance to secure pole position, followed closely by Mark Bumgarner in P2 and Stefan Ramirez in P3.

Sunday’s races saw another dominant performance by Iñigo, the young driver winning all three races in his Motul SR1, securing the top spot in the driver standings. Not far behind were Stefan and Mark in a heated battle for P2 in the standings with Stefan getting the upper hand in Race 1 and 2. Mark remained consistent throughout all three races by securing three consecutive podium finishes in P3 with his SEAOIL livery SR1. Jason Choachuy surprised everyone during Race 3 by starting in P4 and finishing in P2 in the only SR3 on the grid, securing big points for his team. Brian Poe started at the back of the grid after not being able to participate in qualifying but was very much still in the fight after close battles with JV Colayco in Race 1 and Gibson Yu in Race 2.

There was a decent number of spectators in attendance during race day; a good sign for any motorsport event, especially for a championship’s maiden race weekend. Among the crowd supporting the race was SEAOIL Vice President for Corporate and Consumer Marketing Jayvee Dela Fuente and official dealer for Motul Philippines, Charlie Ong.

It was a fantastic first race weekend for the SEAOIL Radical Challenge and one for the history books. Two more weekends remain on the schedule from the 23rd to the 25th of September at the Batangas Racing Circuit.


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Porsche Design celebrates 50th anniversary honoring heritage at Okada Manila

“Besides the fact that I was pleasantly surprised with how jam-packed Okada was to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary, what made it special was the communal experience – the guests had a clear understanding of what the brand was all about,” Managing Director of Porsche Design Manila, Washington and Adrenaline Group of Companies, Hans Yao, shared.

Okada Manila was brimming with energy, passion, and enthusiasm as Porsche Design celebrated heritage and the birth of modernity. Founded by Ferdinand Alexander (F.A.) Porsche back in 1972, always emphasized that “good design must be honest. If you analyze the function of the object, the form becomes obvious.” The company arms and treats each item they make with the same engineering they apply to Porsche cars. In short, the general experience of riding a Porsche car is replicated throughout all their products with the philosophy focused on form and function.

The 50th-anniversary campaign is called “It’s About Time,” inspired by Porsche Design’s first products launched in 1972. “The Porsche Design’s chronograph watches are inspired by Porsche cars’ dashboard. These watches are going to be re-launched this year to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary,” Mr. Yao shared with excitement.

The Okada Manila Porsche Design 50Y exhibit displayed the following cars: a 1956 356 Speedster, a 2016 991 GT3RS, a 2020 911 Speedster, a 2013 Carrera S, a 718 Cayman GT4, and a 1963 993 C2 Coupe with a mural artwork rendered by Filipino visual artist/sculptor Ramon Orlina.

Hosted by television personality and Porsche Design ambassador Migs Bustos, he kick-started the program with an introduction to Porsche Design’s history. Mr. Roland Helier, Chief Design Officer of Porsche Lifestyle Group, sent a personalized message from Studio F.A. Porsche in Zell-Am-See, Austria, to talk about how the brand evolved throughout the five decades. The event also welcomed Mr. Yao, Managing Director of Porsche Design, and Director for Porsche Design in  Asia-Pacific, Nina Razali, who flew in for this occasion.

(Left to right) Porsche Design Asia Pacific Director, Nina Razali and Filipino Visual Artist Sculptor Ramon Orlina with Porsche Design owner Hans Yao.

The celebration marked the continuation of the brand’s legacy: passion, design, and icons — all of which the roster of young ambassadors embodied.

The introduction of Porsche Design’s young ambassadors began with Olympian Pole Vaulter, E.J. Obiena, who immersed the guests into Porsche Design’s history through a pre-recorded video inside the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. The other ambassadors include racing enthusiasts Brian Poe-Llamanzares, Second Skin Industries owner Archie Chiang, Import Hookup owner Keith Bryan Haw, and CSB Blazers Coach and CNN Philippines Sports Analyst Charles Tiu.

“The entire event didn’t simply celebrate the brand’s heritage but also communicated a communal experience of freshness. All our ambassadors are passionate about what they do. They embody what Porsche Design is all about – engineered passion,” Yao shared. High energy radiated all over Okada Manila, a success from the Porsche Design Manila team’s four months of hard work, collaboration, and ingenuity to make their 50th anniversary memorable.

“The brand will continue to endure and progress, given its rich heritage and continued focus on product design,” Yao assured.

Porsche Design Manila has four boutiques throughout the metro, located at Resorts World Newport Mall, Shangri-La Mall, Rockwell Power Plant, and Okada Manila.

For more information, visit their website at www.porsche-design.com.ph, follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @PorscheDesign.Manila or email them at pd.manila@adrenalinegroup.ph or call 09175287317 for your queries.

Featured photo: The Gentlemen Ambassadors of Porsche Design (left to right): Archie Chiang, Keith Bryan Haw, Charles Tiu, Hans Yao (Porsche Design Manila Managing Director) Brian Poe-Lamanzares, and Migs Bustos.

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FDA-cleared air purifying technology to eliminate >99.9% of airborne COVID-19 in vehicles and confined spaces

Aurabeat announces new partnerships with Scania, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Jaguar, incorporating its patented AG+™ Antiviral Air Filtration Technology for the driving environment.

Hong Kong – As the world-first, FDA-cleared air purifier provider, eliminating >99.9% airborne COVID-19, Aurabeat is now introducing its patented AG+™ Antiviral Air Filtration Technology to new confined spaces by unveiling partnerships with Scania, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Jaguar. Having been confirmed that COVID-19 is an airborne disease, Aurabeat, in collaboration with private and public organizations worldwide, will begin preventing aerosol transmission of the virus and other bacteria in additional enclosed environments, including vehicles.

Dr. Roger Szeto, Founder and Chief Scientist of Aurabeat said: “In the context of COVID-19, short-range airborne transmission can occur under certain circumstances and settings, particularly crowded and inadequately ventilated spaces. While the markets are exploring ways to improve air circulation of indoor premises, our R&D experts have achieved a breakthrough solution to apply our patented AG+™ Antiviral Air Filtration Technology to eliminate COVID-19 in vehicles, ambulances, elevators, cruise, minibuses, taxis, buses, and other smaller confined areas.”

A driving space free from COVID-19  

Aurabeat has partnered closely with renowned global car manufacturers in the Hong Kong market including Scania, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Jaguar, to create safe, worry-free driving environments for drivers. Introduced in May this year, Scania, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Jaguar now offer AG+™ Antiviral Air Filtration Technology-enabled cabin filters in their select vehicles, effectively trapping and eliminating particles as small as 0.1 micrometers. Relying on the patented AG+™ Antiviral Air Filtration Technology, Aurabeat gives drivers and passengers complete peace of mind by providing thorough protection from Covid-19.

“We hope to ease the concerns for thousands of goods vehicle drivers in Hong Kong. Under our partnership with Aurabeat, we are able to create a safer and cleaner environment daily, for drivers and their passengers,” said Martin Law, Quality and Safety Manager of Scania and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

The front line defense for all kinds of indoor environments

After launching the world’s first FDA-cleared air purifier in 2019, Aurabeat remains an essential community actor in combating COVID-19. With a 10-fold increase in sales since the introduction of its technology solutions, revenue numbers in the coming year are projected to grow even further. Being not only the first line of defense for mission-critical government and public facilities but the brand has also been deemed as a trusted partner for the installation of anti-COVID-19 air filters for businesses and consumers across over 800 cities.

Notable local partners include the Hong Kong Fire Services Department, St. John Ambulance, Engineering and Mechanical Services Department, Legislative Council of Hong Kong, over half of Hong Kong’s public hospitals, Hysan Development, New World Development, Sun Hung Kai Properties, Miramar Group, JW Marriott, Discovery Bay Golf Club, Discovery Bay Recreation Club, Lantau Yacht Club, Fancl, Pure Fitness, GO24 Fitness, Outback, Jollibee, Häagen-Dazs, National Parliament of Papua New Guinea, National Police Office in the Philippines, SM Appliances in the Philippines, Changi Airport in Singapore, Rakuten in Japan.

Aurabeat continues to explore opportunities to work with brands and organizations to create safer and cleaner indoor environments, be it hospitals, homes, offices, shopping malls, hotels, schools, as well as transport, cruises, ambulances, and elevators. Learn more at Aurabeat’s website.

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