Globe Group celebrates Women’s Month with spotlight on new generation of female leaders

As the Philippines observes National Women’s Month, the Globe Group celebrates the remarkable rise of female leaders within its ranks, emphasizing a commitment to gender equality and leadership diversity.

The Globe Group continues to be recognized as a hub of excellence for women, with female employees making up 44% of its workforce and holding 53% of executive positions within the organization.

This achievement is particularly significant given the 2022 Global Gender Gap report, which recognized the country as the leader in female representation in the boardroom in the Asia-Pacific region with a 41% rate.

The Globe Group’s initiatives go beyond numbers, concentrating on fostering and motivating women leaders to not only succeed in their respective areas but also set the stage for the future generation.

“The success of Globe lies in the diversity and dynamism of our leaders. Our female leaders, in particular, embody the values and vision that drive us forward,” said Ernest Cu, Globe Group President and CEO.

This Women’s Month, the Globe Group highlights the ascent of three female leaders who combine their professional pursuits with personal advocacies, driving forward innovations in technology. Their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for excellence exemplify the dynamic and inclusive culture at their respective companies.

Susana Beatriz “Beia” Latay, the newly appointed CEO of KonsultaMD, brings her vision of accessible telehealth services into reality, stressing the importance of informed healthcare decisions. With an illustrious career that includes leading investments in Ayala Healthcare Holdings Inc., she aims to position KonsultaMD as a key player in the healthcare sector.

“Our goal is to serve as a dependable ally throughout our users’ healthcare experiences, particularly in moments when the complexity of navigating the healthcare system seems daunting,” said Latay.

On the other hand, Joan Peñaflorida began her journey at Yondu as a consultant and has been at its helm since 2014. Under her guidance, Yondu has flourished into a premier IT solutions provider, equipping businesses with cutting-edge technological solutions.

“At Yondu, we believe in harnessing the power of technology not just to drive business forward, but to create an environment where talent thrives and hard work is recognized. I am proud to lead a team that is as dedicated to innovation as it is to nurturing a supportive and engaging workplace,” she said.

In 2019, Peñaflorida was honored with the Asia CEO Awards’ Circle of Excellence for her impactful leadership and innovation. In the same year, she was also nominated as EY Entrepreneur of the Year, which is a testament to her forward-thinking approach and leadership.

Meanwhile, Irish Salandanan-Almeida, Globe’s Chief Privacy Officer, leads the company’s efforts in data privacy. Her leadership in promoting privacy awareness reflects a dedication to enabling individuals with the knowledge to protect themselves online, where threats and risks thrive.

“In a world where many of our daily transactions and interactions are online, safeguarding privacy becomes not just a responsibility but a mission. At Globe, we are committed to setting the gold standard for data protection and empowering our customers and employees with the knowledge and tools to secure their information. This commitment is deeply personal to me, especially as a mother striving to create a safer digital future for all our children,” she shared.

For more information about Globe Group and its Women’s Month initiatives, please visit

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It’s Women’s Month at Century Park Hotel

We always hear of women empowerment but what exactly does this oft-used phrase entail?  Women empowerment is believing that women can be catalysts of change, it is recognizing their strengths and qualities. Women need to be supported not just inside their homes but also in their chosen professions and advocacies.

Century Park Hotel (CPH) is known for supporting women, where else can you find a company that champions women in supervisory and management roles?  Even among the back of the house and frontliners, you will see women ensuring that the hotel’s daily operations are running smoothly like a well-oiled machine.

This March, in celebration of International Women’s month, CPH wants to emphasize that endeavor through their “Women’s Day Special!”

Every Monday of March, women of all ages can avail of a 25% discount at Café In The Park (starting price at P1,800net/head) and Century Tsukiji (from 1,499/pax) buffet for lunch or dinner.

Café in the Park offers an international cuisine that varies from day to day, this is one exciting gustatory adventure that should not be missed by the ladies.  Café In The Park’s buffets are available from 11:00AM to 2:30PM (lunch) and 6:00PM to 10:00PM (dinner).

If you are in the mood for Japanese cuisine, head off to Century Tsukiji and experience for yourself what everyone has been talking about regarding the hotel’s Japanese food outlet. Sumptuous beef slices, juicy sashimi, yummy sukiyaki, succulent tempura and other delicacies are waiting for all the women in the family as well as in the workplace. Century Tsukiji’s buffets can be availed from 11:00AM to 2:00PM (lunch) and 5:00PM to 9:30PM (dinner).

For those ladies seeking to have a chill out session, the Atrium Lounge offers a 25% off on its ala carte menu from  9:00AM to 12:00MN.  The lounge is famous for its cozy vibe, sultry music and delectable snacks.

“Women have always played an important part in Century Park Hotel’s history.  Time and again, when the hotel has faced challenges such as the pandemic, the women employees have been pivotal in turning things around, whether in making major decisions or implementing milestone projects.  As we observe and celebrate International Women’s Month, this “Women’s Day Special!” is our tribute to all the women who make our lives complete and special,” said Ana Dimagiba, Century Park Hotel’s OIC for Hotel Operations.

To know more about the hotel’s “Women’s Day Special!” offers, visit or check out their social media accounts at IG: @centuryparkhotelmanila or FB: Century Park Hotel Manila.  You may also call +632 85288888 or +63 917 528 58888.

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The Woman Speaks: How these Filipinas thrive in their respective careers

As we approach the end of March, women’s month may come to an end but the fight for women’s rights and women empowerment continues. These notable women have been successful and prominent in their respective fields, making a name for themselves in their chosen careers. Here are their thoughts on how women’s empowerment has changed their lives and how it revolutionized their careers.

Sustaining a culinary endeavor through strength and consistency

Evelyn Wise has been busy in the kitchen, not just by cooking sumptuous dishes but by also proving that women can also thrive in various careers. For her, women’s empowerment relies heavily on strength and consistency.

At the age of 69, Evelyn splendidly manages Tia Belle’s as its owner and chef, ensuring that women can also build, sustain, and innovate businesses in any industry. She relies on her inner strength to get things done and on her consistency to keep her business afloat. “Never go back, keep going despite the ups and downs,” she advises young women. 

Evelyn Wise (Facebook)

As she works in a hectic environment, Evelyn also views that women’s empowerment is also as vital as gender equality. “We must learn to work with both men and women,” she says.

Being a part of the culinary sector, Evelyn sees to it that her employees are judged based on their skills and merit and not by their sex or gender. Furthermore, her patience helps her greatly in managing her employees. “Be determined to motivate your people,” she says because noting their efforts will also contribute to the overall success of Tia Belle’s. 

On creative freedom, empowering herself and other people

The Filipino local art community is a flourishing sector that seeks to cement its contributions to the innovation of homegrown art in our country. Bambina Aseron is an artist that has made a name for herself in the art scene, both as an artist and an art consultant.

For her, the local art scene accepted her despite her flaws, which helped her feel empowered and strong. “Art and the local Filipino art community always remind me to have the courage to accept myself for who I am even though I know I’m not perfect,” Bambina elaborates. It can be said that art also centers on self-expression, and Bambina has taken into account the creative freedom and power given to her through her art, and she tends to use it to empower other people. 

Bambina Aseron  (Facebook)

Bambina also emphasizes that women empowerment is also about women’s agency or their ability and freedom to make their own choices for themselves. It can be hard to find one’s voice in this society that imposes judgment way too quickly and in a country where discrimination is rampant.

Bambina considers herself empowered through her art, for it gives her the keys to her voice. “Women empowerment to me is knowing that I always have the power to exercise my creativity and that I have the power of choice in all aspects of my life,” she expounds. 

Even though Bambina dabbles in a lot of roles within the art community, she still considers herself an art person wholly. Her passion for art is what drives her to take up space in this society as a woman and as an artist.

While art empowers her to make such fine pieces and to flourish in this industry, she also views art as a medium wherein others can also find comfort and power as well. Being in control of one’s piece and creative power is such a wonderful thing, and for Bambina, she’s lucky enough to experience and witness it at the same time. 

Women are meant to shatter glass ceilings and exceed expectations, and they need to be duly recognized for their worthy contributions to our society. However, as women’s month ends, our fight for women’s rights and women’s empowerment must not stop here, it must continue. Women deserve to be celebrated every day for who they are, what they do, and what they can be. 

Contributed by Princess Friel Lontoc

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Meet the Filipino women in mobile esports

Many notable Filipino women have pushed the boundaries in their chosen careers from different industries such as economics, politics, education, and entertainment. For one, Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz became the first-ever athlete representing the Philippines to win a gold medal in the Olympics. 

However, in esports, women continue to face prejudice and struggle to make it to the forefront. Going by the numbers, the industry is widely dominated by male users. Wide-scale competitions are mostly organized for male gamers, and only a few are part of the professional scene. 

As one of the leading international game developers and publishers, MOONTON Games goes one step further for female gamers, to produce equal opportunities to have professional careers in esports and make an environment where they can thrive. In partnership with ONE Esports, MOONTON Games kickstarted the MLBB Women’s Invitational (MWI) to invite top female teams to compete in the Southeast Asia region to create opportunities and promote inclusivity amongst the community.

This International Women’s Month, MOONTON Games honors Filipino women and celebrates their achievements. Meet the Filipino women in mobile esports and know how they are paving the way in the male-dominated industry:

  • Mara Aquino, MPL-PH Host

Mara began her reporting career as a courtside host. Last year, she was one of the masters of ceremonies (MCs) on the 3×3 basketball event in the Tokyo Olympics Summer Games. She took a giant career leap and started her hosting at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 7, her first foray into esports.

Mara Aquino

As a female host, Mara shared that it gives more flair and feel to the broadcast. “I love that I can give a different perspective to the show. Now, it’s not just men that people get to see in the esports scene, and women can also be role models, and that is empowering.”

Mara revealed that she has been receiving messages from girls asking for tips in hosting and getting rid of their stage freight. “It’s nice that I can give these girls an idea. Everything starts from a peg—and to be that inspiring woman that opens their eyes—that’s empowering to me.”

Seeing a bright future for women in esports, Mara shared that the industry is relatively young and growing, and so are the people taking interest in it as a future career. “I can see women not just as hosts and casters, but also as players. They can be their girl boss.”

  • Chantelle Hernandez, MPL-PH Caster

Chantelle is currently the only female caster in MPL-PH. She joined MOONTON Games as a freelance female commentator on-screen in Season 8 of the MPL-PH. 

Before, Chantelle would feel inferior because of not seeing enough females in the industry. As a woman in esports, she shared that the inferior perception of women was the challenge she experienced in the past. 

“If you are a woman, people think you are weak. They will not give you the same opportunities they give to men—and that’s hurtful.”

Chantelle Hernandez

“Every time I felt that I was not given the same, equal respect and opportunity just because I am a woman, I would stand taller. For me, you can never let a strong woman down— I should know because I learned and witnessed this through my mother.”

Chantelle broke all the biases as she joined MOONTON Games in 2021. “To all the women out there, believe in yourselves. Never lose faith and hold on to your dreams. You are stronger than you think. You are you, and no one can take that away. Stand tall and break those walls. It is normal to make mistakes along the journey, nourish it, learn, and grow from it.”

“Grateful to MOONTON Games for opening opportunities to Filipino women. With this we could achieve the equality and diversity that we have been longing for in the field of esports,” she added.

  • Pam Maloles, MPL PH Logistics Manager

When it comes to production, it is Pamela Maloles who calls the shots along with fellow manager Aislinn Soriaga. She joined MOONTON Games to lead the MPL-PH logistics and do all the leg work needed to ensure Filipino fans witness seamless matches that are broadcasted online. 

Before joining the company, Pam was organizing large-scale corporate events and concerts. According to her, the path for women in esports might not be easy, but it is important to take the first step. 

Pam Maloles

“Break the barriers of stereotypes and think that you can do it. Women can be streamers like Chantelle or a host like Mara. On the professional side, women can handle planning and events like me. We can do great because we handle pressure so well. Our impeccable attention to details is also innate.”

“I’m grateful to MOONTON Games for making the environment equal for women. In and out of the game, they recognize our hard work,” she added.

About women empowerment, MOONTON Games recently launched the “Tear It Off” campaign to defy stereotypes experienced by Filipino gamers whether they are women or part of the LGBTQ+ community. The company also celebrated International Women’s Day by allowing female employees to take a half-day off as a breather. 

“Women representation is important to us, so we make sure to provide opportunities for Filipinos regardless of their gender. We do this by making sure that we create an environment free of prejudice toward women and always recognize their valuable contribution to mobile esports,” said Jason Li,  Esports Marketing Head, MPL Philippines.

Get to know more about MOONTON Games and the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines. Visit the following official social media platforms:

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THE WOMAN SPEAKS: Women empowerment across different fields

Women deserve a spot in any industry, and these women just proved that they can also lead and commandeer these fields. Given the right platform, they can make notable contributions and also gain their successes.


Women have paved their way towards success in their own ways, and with their wit and intelligence, they continue to improve lives and shatter glass ceilings. Industries have prospered and careers have blossomed through their contributions to society. These women are living proof that women can succeed in every industry, and in their unique ways, they can truly make a change.

Woman in Art

For ManilART Director Maria Teresa “Tess” Rayos del Sol, women empowerment relies on being given the right venue to express their creativity. She values art and its massive influence on people’s insights and emotions. “In my sphere of influence, as a Director of ManilART, I try to focus more on giving venues to new artists and artists in the provinces to jumpstart their (art) through collaboration shows with LGUs,” she shares.

In a country with so much untapped art potential everywhere, Tess seeks to unearth hidden gems by giving underrated artists a chance to shine. “Opening up shows outside of Manila (satellite shows) helps the art scene immensely and the LGUs tourism as well,” Tess elaborates. Her efforts harness people’s love for art in various parts of the country and also provide opportunities for art enthusiasts everywhere.

Tess Rayos del Sol (Facebook)

Aside from putting up shows, Tess also empowers women, especially those in the younger generation, by teaching them the fundamentals of art. Tess wants the youth, especially girls, to find their voice through art’s numerous mediums. “Pre-pandemic, I engage the public school youth to understand art and culture,” she narrates. To ignite nationalism in the youth, Tess organizes facilitated educational art tours. She believes that this way, more people will be interested in art and its relevance to its country’s history.

Since her husband is an artist, Tess is connected to art on a deeper level, and it greatly empowers her as a woman. The support she gets from her husband and her friends in the same circle empowers her to do more things in this field. “Meeting and having spiritual artist friends who also shared my visions (empowered) me to do (more) and explore avenues to help people,” Tess shares. This support system has given her additional insights and empowered her to change the course of art and culture.

Women in Media

 Alike Media is composed of 93 percent women, and it provides a great avenue for women to step up and unleash their potential. Its owners, Chari Trinidad-Mendoza and Rosemary Anne “Rose” Tolentino see to it that this social news publication nurtures young women and empowers them to use their voices for the people.

“Our companies are women-led. So the culture is very matriarchal,” Chari says. This is a refreshing take on the traditional workplace, which is commonly male-dominated. Chari ensures that women deserve a space in Alike Media and that it is also a place for career growth. “We are strict on deliverables yet no less nurturing and supportive to our team members,” she elaborates.

Chari Trinidad-Mendoza (Facebook)

Since the media industry thrives on chasing sources and beating deadlines, Chari wants to make sure that her employees deliver quality outputs, but also gives them the advice and encouragement they need to do better.

Meanwhile, Rose believes that women have different capabilities and that society should not hinder them from sharing them with the world. Women can shine everywhere, even in the workplace. “It’s the 21st century, it’s time to upgrade people’s notion of women’s capabilities in the workforce,” Rose states. By embracing modernity and keeping up with the times, Alike Media does not only improve, but it also prospers through the nurturing care of its higher-ups.

Rose Tolentino (Facebook)

Women deserve a spot in any industry, and these women just proved that they can also lead and commandeer these fields. Armed with their innate confidence and power, they rose to their ranks and served as a beacon for all women everywhere. It just goes to show that women, when given the right platform, can make notable contributions and also gain their successes. By doing so, they empower women across different fields and also encourage people to cement their places across various industries.

By Princess Friel Lontoc

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