5 fun bonding home activities this summer!

Summer usually means heading to the beach or any outdoor destination, but families can also have fun when they’re at home. With a little creativity, imagination, and help from Samsung Digital Appliances, they can turn summer at home into a fun bonding activity for everyone.

Here are just some things families can do in the comfort of their own home:

1. Play outdoor games. It’s nice to soak in the sun every now and then. If families have space in their backyard, they can play fun relay races or even paintball.

 A day outdoors means sweat and other stains, so it’s important to have a powerful washing machine to get clothes fresh and clean like the Washer Dryer Combo that uses Eco Bubble™ technology to efficiently clean clothes. Detergent is turned into bubbles, which quickly penetrates fabric to remove dirt while preserving its color and texture.

2. Make summer treats. A good way to bond with the family is through food. The Smart Oven makes it easy to prepare a feast with its six cooking functions. With just one space-saving device, it’s possible to roast chicken, air fry potato wedges, grill kebabs, steam dim sum, and even bake pies or cookies. A unique function is its fermentation feature, which can be used to prepare homemade yogurt and rising yeast dough.

 Store all the food in the Family Hub Inverter Side By Side with SmartThings Connectivity that lets homeowners manage their Smart Appliances from the refrigerator’s FamilyBoard. It also has SpaceMax technology™ for more storage space inside with a sleek design, while maintaining great cooling performance.

3. Spend quality time in the living room. Make the living room a space where everyone can get together and spend quality time. Keep the space clean with the JetStick Vacuum Cleaner, a wireless vacuum that uses Jet Cyclone for outstanding suction power. The technology also separates fine dust particles from the home, resulting in cleaner air.

 4. Relax after a long day. After a day of playing and cooking, it’s nice to relax and sit back with loved ones. To make the atmosphere cozy, turn up the air conditioner and grab some thick, comfortable blankets.

5. Families can stay cool with any of Samsung’s air conditioners, which offer different and unique features. The WindFree™ Premium Plus gently disperses air while capturing ultra-fine dust with its PM1.0 Filter. The Window-Type Inverter cools rooms 15% faster than non-inverter air conditioners. Meanwhile, the airflow of the Floor Standing Inverter and the 360 Cassette Air Conditioner can be customized. To keep the home feeling clean, the Air Purifier has a three-layer filter that traps larger dust particles, harmful gases, and up to 99.97% of ultra-fine dust.

Homeowners can now purchase all the home appliances they desire, including the Samsung Washer Dryer Combo, Air Purifier, Family Hub Refrigerator, Smart Oven, JetStickVacuum, Digital Inverter Window-Type Air Conditioner, WindFree Premium Inverter Air Conditioner, and Cassette 360.

They can buy these on their own terms with Samsung’s Kick-off Sale promo, which offers convenient payment options from straight cash discount up to 30% off. Get 12-month 0% installment plans, and a low monthly interest via Home Credit and In-house Financing. This promo runs until March 31, 2022.

Know more details on Samsung’s Kick-off Sale promo by liking SamsungPH on Facebook or visiting samsung.com/ph/offer/offline/2022/kick-off-sale/.

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Five tips for getting your home ready for the holidays

Preparing for the holidays can immediately turn into an overwhelming event, especially when people are coming over — from cleaning the house, setting up the holiday meals, to ensuring that all loved ones are comfortable and safe indoors. It pays to be prepared for the incoming holidays, without breaking a sweat.

Make this 2021 holiday season the most organized yet with these five tips.

1.Freshen up the holiday outfits before the festivities.

Doing laundry during holiday preparations can be a hassle, but with the help of Samsung’s Washer Dryer Combo, washing clothes becomes more efficient. With a Speed Shot of just 30 minutes, any last minute outfit changes that need washing can be done while doing other household chores.

Spilled sauce stains during holiday dinners can be a pain to remove and deal with. Good thing this Samsung Washer Dryer Combo features efficient cleaning with the EcoBubble™ technology that turns detergent into bubbles that quickly penetrates fabric and removes dirt easily, while preserving the quality of clothes.

2. Stay comfortable and cool while hanging out.

Nothing beats the holidays when it’s spent comfortably with loved ones. Celebrate a cool and safe holiday with the Samsung Basic S-Inverter Air Conditioner. This air conditioner features Fast Cooling Technology that can cool rooms quickly from corner to corner, so celebrations are always kept cool. It also features an Anti-bacterial Filter that helps protect against dangerous airborne contaminants. All these features can be enjoyed without thinking about increased electric bills with the Energy Saving mode.

3.Serve scrumptious Noche Buena dishes in an instant.

No matter how one effectively manages the food preparation, cooking different meals can still be overwhelming especially when pressed for time. The Samsung Smart Oven can help create any meals in no time with its all-in-one oven with 6 functions, namely as a convection oven, air fry, grill, steam, microwave, and ferment. It also reduces cooking time significantly with the HotBlast™ technology.   Powerful hot air is blown through multiple air-holes directly onto the food, so it’s cooked evenly: crisp outside, but juicy inside.

4.Say goodbye to unwanted dust and make room for the festivities.

Cleaning the floors and dusting are two of the most tedious tasks in preparing the home for the holidays. With the advanced cleaning performance of the Samsung Jet Stick Vacuum Cleaner, surfaces and floors can be clean in time for any holiday celebration. This 2-in-1 Flexible Cleaning Tool features a Stick and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner in one, with the flexibility to maneuver under sofas and hard-to-reach areas for a dust-free home.

 5.Save some of the holiday leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast.

With the variety of food served during the holidays, food storage can cause an issue. With the Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water Dispenser, there is no need to stress about food storage. The SpaceMax™ technology provides more space to store all sorts of holiday food. This refrigerator also comes with an All-around Cooling feature to ensure that food is properly cooled to stay fresh longer.

Celebrate merrier holidays with these five tips in preparing the home by taking advantage of Samsung’s biggest appliance sale! Enjoy big discounts with convenient payment options from straight cash discounts of up to 41% off. Get 12-month 0% installment plans until January 31, 2022. Find out more about the promo mechanics by liking SamsungPH on Facebook or visit https://www.samsung.com/ph/offer/offline/2021/merrier-christmas-deals/featured-products/.

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Bringing Paskong Pinoy Close To Your Heart

Santa wearing a barong and a salakot as he comes to town with a lechon . . . amazing foldable Christmas lanterns that bring the spirit of Christmas everywhere . . . translucent capiz shell ornaments in angel, star, and tree designs.

Kultura’s curated Christmas decors made by local artisan will bring paskong pinoy close to your heart.  Have these in your home or send these to your loved ones abroad who long to be home for Christmas, to friends who wish to add a homespun touch to their home office, or to foreign business associates who want to know more about our country.

In the Philippines, the parol has become an iconic symbol of Filipino Christmas and is as important to Filipinos as the Christmas tree is to Western cultures.

Kultura’s creatively crafted lanterns will light up the Christmas skies at home and abroad. There are foldable fabric parols proudly made by the Kababaihan ng Maynila Foundation, available in red, green, and gold; abaca lanterns made by empowered Sorsogon artisans; elegant parols made from capiz shells with a beautiful, soft glow when lit.

Even Santa goes homespun dressed in a salakot and barong outfit. These Filipino-themed Santa ornaments carry gifts of Filipino icons such as lechon, sorbetes, bahay kubo and jeepney – bringing nostalgic childhood memories to you.

There are also abaca wreaths and ornaments, as well as capiz shell nativity sets and angel candle holders.

Now shipping worldwide – check out www.kulturafilipino.com for all things uniquely Filipino holiday decor and have it delivered here and abroad conveniently.

Let’s Support Locals together! Kultura’s Christmas Décor is handcrafted by artisanal communities in the Philippines.  Help preserve crafts and traditions and sustain these communities by providing them with opportunities for livelihood.

The Christmas Décor Collection is available at Kultura Stores.  You can also shop thru Kultura’s Website:  http://www.kulturafilipino.com or thru Call to Deliver 0917-5174096 / 0967-6093407.  Kultura ships here and abroad.

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Holiday Hues for the homes

When you think about Christmas, traditional colors of red, green, and gold come to mind. But with most of us spending more time at home, it’s a good idea to be more creative when selecting holiday hues to add a contemporary touch to Christmas celebrations.

Frosty White, Classic Red, Blush Luxe, and Dusk are SM Home’s four main color themes to bring the holidays to our homes.

With probably the widest assortment of décor in town, and more than 500 ornaments to choose from, SM Home shares with us some imaginative ways- and colors – to celebrate all that is inspired, inventive, and innovative.

  • Frosty White. A white palette makes your fir or frosted-berry tree merry and magical. Deck your tree with sparkly silver and white ornaments, blended with luxurious ribbons to create a cozy, snowy, and wintry wonderland. Also, add some dazzle with some glittered snowmen and penguin plushies.
Have a Sparkling Frosty Christmas.
  • Classic Red. Create a cozy and casual holiday living room with classic reds that never go out of style. Add shades of white, and don’t forget a bit of sparkle for added flair. Nutcracker toy soldiers, potted berry trees, wreaths and Christmas trees, snow globes, and miniature vintage villages will help showcase a traditional holiday scene at home.
Whimsical and festive Nutcracker tabletop.
  • Blush Luxe. Metallic hues make an elegant and polished holiday look. This year, add a rosy palette update of white and blush pink into your Christmas design. Glam up your tabletop with Nordic Gonk plushies or Pink Angel dolls for your little girl’s dreamy Christmas.
  • Bring in the cozy cabin and rustic vibe with a twist by decking out your tree with copper, blues, and other jewel tones ornaments. Add some neutral-toned reindeers and burlap Christmas trees for more green and neutral vibes.

Check out the latest SM Home Christmas catalog and shop online with The SM Store website www.thesmstore.com or via the SM Store’s Call to Deliver services #143SM (#14376).  For more info and updates, follow them at SM Home at the SM Store in Instagram or visit thesmstore.com website.

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FENIX® Innovative Materials Open New Doors to the Philippines Interiors Market

Formica Philippines rises higher in the country’s interior design industry by becoming the exclusive distributor of the FENIX range presenting innovative materials designed in Italy.

Following a significant and well-established presence of FENIX® in the Philippines market for interiors, Formica Philippines strengthens its positioning by becoming the exclusive distributor of these innovative materials.

The new relationship between Arpa Industriale and Formica Group dates back to June 2019 with the acquisition of Formica Group by Broadview Holding B.V. Since then, Formica Group has joined Arpa Industriale S.p.A., Trespa International B.V., and Westag & Getalit AG as part of Broadview’s family of businesses in the field of material technology. The main focus, which connotes the sister companies, is on coordinated strategy and synergies, with the main goal to offer customers world-class surface materials.

As the main result of this new partnership, Formica Asia expands its product portfolio in the Philippines to include the award-winning FENIX® range through its distribution network. In the Philippines market, Formica Philippines is the exclusive distributor of FENIX starting April 1, 2021.

FENIX is the innovative materials created for interior design by Arpa Industriale in 2013. They arise from the Italian design tradition, reflected in the project stylistic choices: from the colors selection to the overall aesthetic result of the interiors applications. Applying proprietary technologies, the external surface of FENIX is characterized by the use of next-generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through an Electronic Beam Curing process. With low light reflectivity, the FENIX surface is extremely opaque, soft touch, and anti-fingerprint. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. They are suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications in the following sectors: kitchens, bathrooms, design furniture, retail, offices, and contract.

The FENIX family includes:
FENIX NTM®: the first to be introduced in 2013 to meet the market request for smart materials and matt surfaces: it is available in 20 refined and timeless colors. Colors have been selected to highlight and match the latest trends in interior design: a collection of silent elegant colors, enriched by the very recent addition of Bianco Dover to complete the palette of whites. All its innovative features – a matt, soft touch, and anti-fingerprint surface, as well as the possible thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches – make FENIX NTM the smart material.

FENIX NTA®: its empowered metallic surface features the same characteristics as FENIX. Hence, it is extremely matt with visual comfort and a very pleasant soft touch, as well as anti-fingerprint. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. The metallic color range includes Acciaio Hamilton, Argento Dukat, and Oro Cortez. Among its pluses, FENIX NTA is suitable both for vertical and horizontal application, and is easy to work with standard carpenters tools, such as regular cutting, milling, polishing, and drilling tools; it is also customizable with laser engraving techniques and CNC machining.

A new system concept consolidates the role of FENIX as an ingredient brand aimed at offering aesthetic solutions and simplifications for the interiors, with the result to engage our customers as true partners in exploiting the value-creation opportunities offered by our innovative ‘ingredients’, as well as in the launching of newly co-developed projects. This system is called “FENIX INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS. Kitchen Sinks”, a collection of sinks designed to be integrated with kitchen worktops made of FENIX NTM. Products are made from acrylic resin with an extremely matt finish, allowing for a perfect integration between the FENIX NTM worktop and the sink in kitchen designs. Two models and fourteen FENIX NTM colors are available in the catalog.

Innovation and sustainability are two core values for the whole Group, whose objective is to foresee and create cutting-edge aesthetic and technical solutions designed with sustainability in mind. These values are perfectly summed up in FENIX materials: the smart surface of FENIX with its innovative features made with proprietary technology has struck the world of interiors; its more natural core, thanks to the use of lignin in the formulation of thermosetting resins, represents not only a more sustainable choice but at the same time a significant technical innovation. This is possible thanks to Arpa’s constant investment in research and development.

With this new distribution partnership in the Philippines with its sister company Formica Asia, a new core value is likewise highlighted: the sharing of a common vision to support a mutually profitable long-term growth and, above all, to offer Philippines designers and customers innovative surface solutions for new neverending design stories.

For further information, visit: arpaindustriale.com
Follow them on Twitter (a_arpa), Facebook (@arpaindustriale), YouTube (arpaforinteriors), Pinterest (arpaindustriale)

For further information, visit: formica.com

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Elevate your personal spaces at home

As we continue to spend our time indoors, more and more people have shifted their focus towards improving the areas within their own homes, and rightfully so.

A well-curated and organized room is key to making anyone feel their best, and having the perfect equipment for cooking and cleaning is equally important, too. Indeed, there is no better time than now to spruce up your surroundings and create an inspiring atmosphere for you and your family.

Voluspa Moso Bamboo Home Ambience.

Regardless of the design aesthetic or your room of priority, creating a more pleasant and comfortable space is made easier with the World of Rustan’s Home. This month-long celebration, starting from August 16, allows everyone the privilege of enjoying amazing offers from a variety of home appliances, décor, and accents – the best products from the finest brands all over the world, housed within the Home Department of Rustan’s.

  • Home appliances

A highly functional kitchen? An impeccably clean home? Check and check! Level up your home appliances with brands like Monarc, Philips, Russell Hobbs, Dyson, Kitchenaid, and Tefal. Enjoy up to 20% off on selected items, which can also be purchased through a 0% installment plan of 3 to 12 months. Purchase Trusens air purifiers at 10% off until August 31 and expect your dwellings to smell fresh and relaxing all day long.

Experience better home living with Rustan’s Home brands at 30% off on selected items featuring Conair, Cuisinart, Gaggia, Gorenje, and Maximus. Time to upgrade your kitchen appliances as Tefal extends its 50% off promo on selected items until December 31.

  •  Home luxury

Elevate the living room with products up to 20% off on regular-tagged items from Crystalite Bohemia, Dome Deco, Franz, Goebel, Light & Living, Sagebrook Home, Zecchin, Moroccan, and Italian décor brands from August 20 to September 30, 2021.

Ralph Lauren California Romantic Single Wick-Gold.

Mark your calendar for additional x10 FSP points when you purchase Ralph Lauren Gifts & Décor on August 21 and 22, and from Christofle on August 28 to 30.

  •  Kitchenware and tabletop

Take your table settings to the next level using impeccable kitchenware and tabletop accessories at Rustan’s. With up to 20% off on selected items from Schott Zwiesel and a 30% discount on selected items from WMF Flatware, Beka, and Tramontina cookware and tools, dining will become an even more enjoyable experience for the entire family.

FSP members are in for even bigger treats. Exclusive to Frequent Shoppers Plus, select table linen items from Amber & Anne and all SIP eco-friendly utensils are on 10% off. Whip up more scrumptious meals with items from Kitchencraft, Lacor, Nerthus, Pedrini, and Polder, and finish your table with the stunning pieces from Lenox, Cristina Re, Herdmar, and Luigi Bormioli. These amazing brands are allowing FSP members to earn x5 FSP points. Claytan and Wilmax are also offering 10% off on all items until August 31.

Breville Smart Oven Air-Fryer.

Liven up your table with elegant and quality-crafted pieces while earning more points. Receive x10 FSP points when you purchase items from Pip Studio, Reed & Barton, Royal Albert, and table products from Rustan’s Home on August 21 and 22. The same privilege is offered by EME Posaterie on September 4 and 5.

  • Health essentials

It’s easier to keep your family safe with a 10% discount on Easy Flow kit and accessories & GreenBox facemask. Use only proper health gear and stay protected amid this pandemic, get x5 FSP points on Fine Guard masks.

  • Bed and bath, gifts and novelties

It’s time to spoil yourself with new bed and bath products with brands like Greenington, Malouf, Slumberland, Linen and Homes, and Joseph Joseph offering up to 20% discount on selected items. Lauren by Ralph Lauren and Rustan’s Home Bed and Bath is guaranteed to keep you feeling fresh and rested throughout the day.

Get up to a 30% discount on selected items from Kimmi Dolls. Relax and unwind with Esteban and Voluspa candles and diffusers, which lets you earn x5 FSP points.

  • Home Filipiniana

Support and indulge in our very own local products! Rustan’s offers x10 FSP points on selected regular items from August 16 to 31 from Rustan’s Filipiniana Our Very Own. Enjoy the aroma and taste the wonderful blends of specialty coffee with a 10% discount on Gourmet Farms products. Shop curated Filipino-made pieces with a great selection of clothes from Mithi and enjoy a 15% discount.

Gourmet Farms Immuni-Tea Purse.
  • Get more points and discounts

Get more exclusive deals as Rustan’s extends discounts for Home Appliances brands! Don’t miss out on up to Php 4,000 cash discount on selected items of Breville until September 30. Before the year ends, indulge in Dyson products with 3 months 0% installment plans on selected items; make your kitchen more efficient with up to 40% discount on select Russel Hobbs appliances; and finally, make cleaning a habit with Karcher and enjoy up to 25% discount on selected items.

Good news for those collecting FSP points! Shopping for these products lets you earn x5 FSP points with no minimum purchase required.

Shop in any of the Rustan’s stores in Makati, Shangri-La, Gateway, Alabang, and Cebu, or use the expert assistance of your favorite Personal Shopper. Not connected to Personal Shopper yet? Get in touch with our Personal Shopper on Call hotline now by calling 0917 111 1952.

Featured photo: BERNARDAUD Constance Rouge Dinnerplate

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Cleaning Habits a New Homeowner Should Have

For new homeowners, buying a house is only the first step. Making it an actual home is the next big task. After all, having a beautiful and tidy house to lounge around in or come home to after a long day is very important.

Maintaining a home can sound like a lot of grueling work but really, it all comes down to habits. With that, here are cleaning habits that a homeowner should practice daily. Learning these habits and incorporating them into a daily routine will definitely keep the home clean and feel as good as new for longer.

  •  Starting the day by making the bed

Some may think that making the bed is a waste of time — after all, it will just get messed up again during nighttime. However, having a made-up bed contributes greatly to the tidiness of the room and will only take a few minutes.

Having accomplished a task as soon as waking up also gives a sense of productivity very early in the day and will have a positive impact on the next chore that needs to be done.

  • Adopting a “clean as you go” policy

To avoid any big clean-ups after any activity, homeowners should follow this rule of tidying up and putting things away right after using them. A few examples are putting unused clothes back in the closet after choosing an outfit for the day or washing used items right after cooking a meal so there wouldn’t be any mess to come back to.

  • Doing a quick clean-up at the end of the day

For all the things that got left behind or unattended, include a quick clean-up around the house in your nighttime routine. This can include plates that weren’t washed, messes that were left unattended, or just doing a quick sweep around the house before calling it a day.

The Samsung Jet Cyclone Stick Vacuum can definitely help in making this nighttime clean-up as quick as possible. This vacuum is equipped with a Digital Inverter Motor that ensures strong suction power and a 3-Way Air Flow Structure that keeps it consistent. It also has an Adjustable Pipe that can be shortened and lengthened in four levels to ensure maximum comfort and movement when cleaning. This also allows easy cleaning of couches, tabletops, and even hard-to-reach corners.

  • Having a place for everything

If everything at home has a designated spot and gets put back after every use, it’s easier for homeowners to tidy up the place. This habit applies especially to cleaning supplies, such as rugs and appliances, so it’s easier to grab if there’s a mess that needs to be cleaned.

Samsung Digital Appliances Jet Stick Vacuum VS15R8546S5

The Jet Cyclone Stick Vacuum has a Z Station that serves both as a stand and charging station, so not only will it be put away, but also be ready for the next time it will be used.

  • Allotting days for general cleaning

Even after adopting the “clean as you go” policy and doing quick clean-ups, deep and general cleaning is still a must to keep a home as clean and tidy as it can be. New homeowners should schedule general cleaning on any free day to maximize the time, but note that it should be done at least once a month.

Samsung Clean Station™

Pairing the Clean Station with the vacuum will result in maximum efficiency on general cleaning days, especially since a lot of dust particles have been accumulating around the house. Its Auto Empty Dustbin feature that conveniently and hygienically empties the dustbin makes it the best partner for the vacuum.

Additionally, this and the Jet Cyclone Stick Vacuum both have a 99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System, together with its Anti-Dust Emitting Structure, 99.99% of dust and allergens are captured and even prevents ultra-fine dust from scattering back into the air.

As new homeowners, picking up these five habits and incorporating them into a daily schedule will definitely help maintain the house and make the house feel more like home.

 To know more about these products, visit SamsungPH on Facebook and samsung.com/ph/.

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Stress free laundry days with these washer and dryer lineup

With a busy and ever-changing lifestyle, laundry time is an important errand that is easy to miss due to the demands of work and everyday life. Now that the rainy season is here and the chances of having bad weather is bigger, it has become every person’s nightmare when there’s barely any sun or limited space to dry the clothes. But with the help of Samsung’s washing or drying machines, any laundry chore can be adapted to fit those with a fast-paced lifestyle and different clothing care needs.

  • For hassle-free and personalized washing. Doing laundry for different types of clothes or other home furnishings (such as beddings or curtains) can be an overwhelming task especially when managing home chores all at once. For first-timers most especially, navigating the washing or drying machine can be difficult to even think about because of its complexities.

To make the laundry hassle-free and efficient, the Washer Dryer Front Load Combo’s (WD75T554DBE) AI Control feature familiarizes itself with user preferences and combines that knowledge to provide automatic suggestions of wash cycles on its display. This feature also gives updates on the washing status of a certain cycle. Forgot to put clothes that need washing? This washer-dryer has an AddWash™ feature that lets extra clothing or detergent get added into the wash cycle or allows to pop in hand-washed clothes in the cycle to spin dry

  •     For stubborn stains. One of the most tiresome parts of doing laundry is cleaning out stubborn stains that just won’t go away easily. Stains are unavoidable even when really careful. But with most people attending to their laundry chores once or twice a week due to their busy work schedule, prolonged stains can become a bit difficult to remove.

Using the Front Load Washer (WW75T554DTT)’s Eco Bubble™ technology, detergent is turned into soft bubbles allowing for faster penetration to remove dirt easily even in cold water—all these while saving energy and protecting the texture and color of the fabric.

  • For delicate fabrics. Anyone who is meticulous with the care of their fabrics would be hesitant to use an actual dryer to dry out their delicate clothes. But with the country’s unpredictable rainy weather, it’s hard to air out clothes properly to ensure fresh smelling clothes. The Front Load Dryer (DV80T5220TT)’s OptimalDry feature uses a temperature sensor and monitors the humidity level to prevent clothing from absorbing too much heat to ensure that it won’t be damaged. Additionally, the dryer’s AI Control can help in remembering drying habits and suggest cycles while the Heat Pump Technology gently dries the clothes without using too much electricity to get the job done.


  • For busy multi-taskers. To maximize time while attending to other household tasks, users can remotely control the laundry settings of the Front Load Washer (WW75T554DTT ), Front Load Dryer (DV80T5220TT), and Washer Dryer Front Load Combo (WD75T554DBE) by using a smartphone with the SmartThings app. Using this app, get notifications once the cycle is done, never skip laundry chores with the Laundry Planner function, and check recommended wash cycles with the Laundry Recipe for a truly personalized laundry experience.

Make laundry days stress free and convenient by availing these washing machine bundles with the Samsung Digital Appliances Cool Summer Bundles Sale:

  • 5kg Wash, 5.0kg Dry Front Load Combo + 60 sqm Air Purifier for only P63,711
    • Save P18,279
  • 5kg Front Load Washer + 8.0kg Front Load Dryer for only P71,510
    • Save P17,480

With this promo, Samsung Digital Appliances is offering up to 30% off on individual appliances and even bigger savings on bundles until June 30, 2021! Visit SamsungPH on Facebook and samsung.com/ph/cool-summer-bundles to know more about this promo and other participating products.

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Great Design Ideas for Dad’s Special Space

After a long day at work and family time at home, Dad craves to have his own special space where he can recharge, rethink, relax and be himself.  He longs for a quiet retreat where he can plunk down on a sofa, chill out with a drink, and unwind.

This me-time, after all, can make him a better husband and father which will eventually benefit the whole family. After all, what is more, pleasant than a man who is relaxed, happy, and stress-free?

This Father’s Day, help Dad create this special space – others call it a man cave – with a little help from Our Home.

Hallie Bar Set in white and wood finish.

There are cozy recliners where he can sit, recline, and relax.   Bar tables, chairs, and other bar essentials complete the fun.  If he must work at home, there are writing desks as well as ergonomic chairs to bring comfort to the WFH corner.

Lounge in style with this sleek and supple black leather Lexus Sofa.

Visit Our Home stores nationwide at select SM Supermalls for more Father’s Day gift ideas.  Customers who prefer to shop online can expect the same great shopping experience through www.ourhome.ph. In addition, Our Home has introduced Contactless Shopping Options for customers who prefer to stay in their homes. Customers can Call & Deliver – call 0917 8315260, pay online, and have their items delivered. They can Shop Live where a personal shopper takes them on a virtual tour of the store via video call. Curbside Pickup is also available.

**Shop in-store, online, or contactless with our Call & Deliver (0917)8315260, Shop Live, and Curbside Pickup services. Free interior design advice and affordable bespoke services are available.

**Only at Our Home. Great Designs. Great Prices.

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Summer Essentials: Three Refreshing and Fruity Treats to Make at Home

Sunnier and warmer days can only mean one thing — summer is finally here! While trips to the beach or outdoor cooling activities used to be the go-to on hot summer days, there are also other easy and quick ways to feel cool and refreshed at home.

Here are three healthy and easy-to-make fruit-based cool treats that are definitely worth trying out:

1) Frozen Fruit Bites

This treat is definitely very easy to make as it only needs three ingredients: fruits, yogurt, and a freezer! Any fruit can be used such as diced kiwi or watermelon, and even any kind of berry. Simply dip each fruit in any flavored yogurt of choice using a toothpick. After, transfer the dipped berry to a parchment-lined baking sheet or plate, then pop them in the freezer.

The Power Freeze feature of the Samsung Smart Conversion Refrigerator enables the compressor to run at its maximum capacity, allowing the freezer compartment to reach its maximum allowable temperature faster. It is great for firming up frozen food and making ice, so it will surely be perfect for this recipe! Easily have stocks of different frozen fruit bites for sharing on a hot summer day. Anticipating that friends and family members will keep asking for more, a lot of space in the freezer is definitely needed. Easily access these with its Smart Conversion feature that provides extra storage for all kinds of refreshments.

2) Homemade Banana-Strawberry Ice Cream

This treat is really simple as it is very healthy. To make a batch, only four very-ripe bananas and one ½ kg of strawberries are needed. First, slice each fruit into thin pieces, arrange them in a single layer on a plate, and freeze overnight.

Next, place the frozen fruits in a food processor and puree until the mixture is creamy and smooth. Pop this in the freezer until it’s ready to be served! The Smart Sensor feature of the Samsung Bottom Mount Freezer (RL40A3SBAB1/TC) uses five sensors to monitor the temperature in the kitchen and inside the unit, ensuring that the ice cream, along with the other food, is well-kept.

3) Combination Smoothies

Smoothies can never be wrong on hot days! The base for a refreshing smoothie can be any liquid of choices such as milk or coconut water. The real flavor of the smoothies comes from the fruits and for this, any fruit combination such as mango-pineapple can work as well. Vegetables can be added, too, and good examples are spinach, kale, and other greens.

Search for combinations and other add-ons right from the kitchen with the View Inside feature of the Samsung Family Hub. With this feature, check what’s inside the refrigerator by just swiping down the appliance’s home screen or through the SmartThings app. Or create other cooling and refreshing menu recommendations based on the ingredients that are already available in the refrigerator through the Family Hub’s Recipes & Meal Planner. While preparing the smoothie, set the summer mood right by playing using music in the refrigerator’s music apps like Spotify.

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Featured photo by Engin Akyurt via Pexels