Oh! Crop Wednesday: A Celebration of Adlai Rice and Culinary Delights

Oh! Crop, the number one Adlai rice brand in the Philippines, has been making waves in the local food scene with its nutty flavor and health benefits. Every Wednesday, the brand introduces new Adlai dishes to different restaurants in the country in an event called Oh! Crop Wednesday. And last Wednesday, it was held at The Gram Cafe Serendra, best known for its soufflé pancakes and great coffees.

The cafe was buzzing with excitement as guests eagerly awaited the unveiling of the special menu created for the event. The menu featured Adlai in every dish, showcasing the versatility and unique flavor profile of the grain.

The event was hosted by Freya Paulienne Suguitan at Gram Cafe Serendra. Chari Trinidad-Mendoza, CEO of Oh! Crop, gave a heartfelt opening speech, expressing her gratitude and support of the brand and emphasizing the importance of promoting healthy eating habits as well as recognizing local farmers from Gawad Kalinga.

The partnership between Oh! Crop and Gawad Kalinga is a shining example of how private organizations can work with social enterprises to make a meaningful impact on the lives of marginalized communities. With the provision of unmilled Adlai to farmers in Bukidnon, Arakan, North Cotabato, and soon to expand to Liliw, Laguna, this partnership will not only provide sustainable livelihood opportunities but also promote the consumption of healthy and locally grown crops.

Oh Crop event at Gram Cafe Serendra.

Chari Mendoza’s inspiring advocacy goes beyond simply providing a livelihood for farmers; it is about empowering them and promoting sustainable agriculture, ultimately leading to the betterment of the entire agricultural sector. Through their combined efforts, Oh! Crop and Gawad Kalinga are creating a ripple effect that will uplift communities and promote a healthier and more sustainable way of living for all Filipinos.

The event was made even more special by the attendance of Marvin Agustin, a Filipino celebrity chef, and Jugs Jugeta of Itchy Worms, a popular Filipino band. Marvin Agustin showcased his culinary skills with his delectable Salmon Paella, which was a crowd favorite. Jugs serenaded the crowd with his music, adding to the festive atmosphere of the event.

The menu featured a variety of dishes that highlighted the flavor and texture of Adlai rice. The starter was a Summer Apple Salad with Tempura, which was a perfect mix of sweet and savory. The main course was the Salmon Truffle Aburi Don with Adlai Rice, a rich and flavorful dish that combined the umami taste of salmon with the nutty flavor of Adlai rice. The dish was a work of art, with its intricate presentation and delicate flavors.

The star of the menu was the Salmon Paella by Marvin Agustin, which was a feast for the senses. The dish was a symphony of flavors and textures, with the bold taste of the saffron and the tender pieces of salmon complementing the nutty flavor of Adlai rice. The dish was a hit with the guests, who couldn’t get enough of its deliciousness.

Ube Adlai Champorado by Marvin Agustin

For dessert, guests were treated to a unique take on a classic Filipino favorite – Ube Champorado and The Gram Cafe’s Special Soufflé Pancakes. The dish combined the sweet and earthy flavor of purple yam with the creamy goodness of Champorado, a traditional Filipino rice porridge. The pancakes were light and fluffy, and the combination of flavors was a delightful surprise.

Oh! Crop Wednesday at The Gram Cafe Serendra was a culinary adventure that showcased the unique flavor and versatility of Adlai rice. The event was a celebration of Filipino food and culture, and a testament to the creativity and culinary prowess of Filipino chefs. The success of the event only shows that Oh! Crop is more than just a brand of rice – it is a symbol of healthy living, community support, and culinary excellence.

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Borough Lasik Center leads the way in lasik surgery in the country with brand-new Swiss equipment

Borough Lasik Center (BLC), one of the country’s leading lasik surgery facilities in the country, continues to lead the way in lasik eye surgery innovation in the Philippines with the acquisition of a brand-new equipment using top-notch Swiss technology.

BLC announced recently that it acquired the new multi-purpose laser platform FEMTO Z8 NEO, which represents another standard in innovation and quality.

Made in Switzerland, the FEMTO Z8 NEO is the result of visionary designed solutions and performance engineering at Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems. Ziemer is a privately owned Swiss medical device company that offers smart, cutting-edge technologies in ophthalmology, carrying with it a legacy and philosophy of globally renowned Swiss precision.

Together with intuitive new software and additional applications, the innovative FEMTO Z8 NEO results in extremely high precision and enables gentle eye surgery. It is the perfect platform to perform a wide variety of ophthalmic treatments such as Z Lasik, PresbyMAX Z Lasik, Z Cataract, SMILE and CLEAR procedures as needed, according to Dr. Ches Heredia, MD, DPBO, the Medical Director and Head Ophthalmologist at BLC.

“We chose FEMTO Z8 NEO of Ziemer because it is the most trusted, with more than 1,200 installations worldwide. Ziemer has high-tech lasers and diagnostics made in Switzerland, a family-owned company distinguished by its personal service, and their cutting-edge innovations in the field of ophthalmology,” according to Dr. Heredia.

He said the market worldwide is slowly learning to embrace the FEMTO Laser Lasik, FEMTO Cataract, and FEMTO Lenticule Extraction because it ensures safety and precision, and even the Philippine market is slowly understanding this. Dr. Heredia said the demand will grow for this technology in the near future. “We added this technology to position BLC as the best and most trusted lasik center in the Philippines.”

In the meantime, Dr. Heredia said the FEMTO Z8 NEO will only be available at BLC’s MOA clinic, but stressed that if the market would require it and it would be good for the business, they will install the technology in BLC’s strategic branches.

He added that with the acquisition of the new equipment, BLC will be offering Blade Lasik at a lower price, and FEMTO Laser Lasik and FEMTO Cataract at a premium price point.

Dr. Heredia also expressed his appreciation to MOC Optomedic, Inc., an affiliate of Mandarin Opto-Medic Co., Ltd. Singapore, and is the local distributor of Ziemer’s Z8 Neo Femtosecond Laser for the acquisition of the new equipment. MOC and its affiliates in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia have been in the business for more than 55 years spearheading the advancement of technology in the ophthalmic industry.

And now that the dry season is already here, Dr. Heredia said BLC is currently offering their biggest discounts for the year for Lasik procedures in time for the dry season in the country. “With precision vision, our customers will now have the opportunity to enjoy their best vacation season yet after a long time so they better book now while slots last,” Dr. Heredia pointed out.

The Borough Lasik Center is located at the SM Mall of Asia Wellness Zone and is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. A Borough Lasik Center in Davao is also located at Door 8 & 9, JJ’s Commune, Loyola Street, Bo. Obrero, Davao City, and a brand-new one in Iloilo found on the 2nd floor of the Festive Walk Mall, Iloilo City, and can be reached via 09661736117 or e-mail at iloilo@boroughsight.com.

To know more about Borough Lasik Center, visit their website at https://boroughsight.com.ph.



Featured photo:

Left to right: Jason Jong (Director, Mandarin Opto-Medic Co.), Dominique Van Herveele (Sales Director, Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG), Alain Gaschen (Swiss Ambassador), Dr. Ches Heredia (CEO & Head Ophthalmologist, Borough Lasik Center), Dr. Azalea Heredia (CEO, Borough Medical Care Institute), Cory Quirino (TV Host & Media Personality)


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Hope From Within tackles access to testing and diagnostics to improve patient outcomes

Breast and lung cancers are not only the most common types of disease in the Philippines but also the deadliest.

In 2020, breast cancer ranked as the most common type of cancer among Filipinos (27,163 new cases), followed by lung cancer (19,180). In terms of mortality, lung cancer ranks first followed by breast cancer in 2020 alone — with over 17,000 deaths and almost 10,000 deaths, respectively.

While the numbers can be alarming, patients have a strategic ally in fighting cancer – early screening and diagnosis. Cancer screening tests are designed to find cancers in their earliest stages when the disease is most treatable. Many cancer screening tests have been found to lower the death rate from particular cancers. According to the World Health Organization, early diagnosis improves cancer outcomes by providing care at the earliest possible stage and is an important public health strategy in all settings.

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness last October and in preparation for Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November, Hope From Within, a multi-stakeholder cancer advocacy campaign spearheaded by MSD in the Philippines spotlights the importance of testing and diagnosis in an episode of its cancer conversation series dubbed as ‘Tita Hope Talks: Winning vs Cancer through Accessible Testing & Diagnostics. The discussion highlights why accessible testing and diagnostics are vital to improve the outcomes of cancer patients. Hosted by broadcast journalist and health advocate Niña Corpuz, Hope From Within sought to remind the patients to be proactive in their health by consulting with doctors, and at the same time encourage government leaders and decision to make sure that policies and programs on accessible cancer care are implemented properly.

Resource speakers include leukemia survivor Mr. Francisco “Paco” Magsaysay, CEO of Carmen’s Best;  Dr. Razel Nikka M. Hao, Director IV of the Department of Health Public Health Services Team –  Disease Prevention and Control Bureau; Dr. Arnold Uson, President of the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology; and Melissa Ongsue-Lee, VP for Sales and Marketing of Hi-Precision Diagnostics.

Cancer early detection and diagnosis

Breast cancer is sometimes found after symptoms appear, but many women with breast cancer have no symptoms. This is why regular breast cancer screening is so important. Breast cancer image testing includes mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and ultrasound MRIs. Oncologists could suggest a biopsy. This is done when mammograms, other imaging tests, or a physical exam shows a breast change that may be cancer.

Meanwhile, some lung cancers can be found by screening, but most lung cancers are found because they are causing problems. The actual diagnosis of lung cancer is made by looking at a sample of lung cells in the lab. A chest X-ray is one of the first screening procedures available. If the results of your history and physical exam suggest you might have lung cancer, more tests will be done. These could include imaging tests and/or biopsies of the lung.

A breakthrough screening test called biomarker testing provides a targeted treatment approach for cancer patients. Biomarker testing (also called tumor testing, tumor profiling, or tumor genetic testing) finds changes in your cancer that could help you and your doctor choose your cancer treatment.

The cost of misdiagnosis

A diagnostic error can be defined as a diagnosis that is missed, wrong, or delayed, as detected by some subsequent definitive test or finding. The ensuing harm results from the delay or failure to treat a condition present when the working diagnosis was wrong or unknown, or from treatment provided for a condition not present.

Despite medical technology advancements, diagnosing cancer often revolves around a doctor looking at slides under a microscope. Accordingly, a pathologist (the doctor who analyzes the biopsy specimen) may make a mistake in his or her analysis due to inexperience, stress, or haste. Moreover, a pathologist usually does not have important information about the patient’s clinical picture, including his or her symptoms, medical history, or risk factors.

Access to better cancer care

Signed into law last February 2019, the RA 11215 or otherwise known as the National Integrated Cancer Control Act (NICCA), seeks to provide resources targeted toward cancer prevention, control, and awareness, alongside further aiding affected people affected by cancer. The NICCA also seeks to widen the scope of PhilHealth’s benefits packages to primary care screening, diagnosis, and end-of-life care for all stages and types of cancers, for both children and adults.

Another development in cancer care – the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) recently announced that the national government’s PHP529.2 million Cancer Assistance Fund may still be used until Dec. 31 this year.

This came following the DBM and the Department of Health’s (DOH) release of a joint memorandum circular (JMC) prescribing the Implementing Guidelines for the fund.

The CAF is a mechanism under Republic Act No. 11215 or the National Integrated Cancer Control Act, which seeks to provide integrated and holistic support to cancer treatment and management.

It aims to complement and supplement existing financial support mechanisms exclusive to cancer patients, persons living with cancer, and cancer survivors.

Under the circular, the CAF will also fund outpatient and inpatient cancer control services, including but not limited to diagnostics, therapeutic procedures, and other cancer medicines needed for the treatment and management of cancer and its care-related components.

To learn more about Hope From Within’s cancer advocacy programs, visit https://hopefromwithin.org/ or follow their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Hopefromwithinph/.


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Experience a Queenly rest with Queen of Hearts Silk Sleepwear

Apart from being completely luxurious in look and feel, the Queen of Hearts Silk Sleepwear Collection makes an ideal investment in beauty, health, and wellness.

Sleep is a vital, often neglected component of every person’s overall well-being. With this premise, a relevant business idea on wellness has been created.

“Lack of sleep is a major concern among people of all ages so we decided to put up a sleepwear business to help people get all the benefits of quality sleep,” shares Mitzie Go-Gil, CEO at Beauty Queens Collection Fashion House. Her company distributes Queen of Hearts Sleepwear Collection products.

The silk fabric material chosen for the sleepwear can provide utmost comfort, gentle on even sensitive skin, and breathable which will promote better sleep, according to Gil.

Silk sleepwear is recommended particularly for women. It provides many health benefits, looks elegant, classic, sexy, and beautiful.

For its initial stage, the products will be available online, and eventually will be distributed in Manila areas. “Volume orders for areas outside the initial distribution area including overseas will be considered carefully on its viability,” adds Gil, the beauty queen turned enterprising woman.

The health benefits of Silk

Did you know that silk is one of the most luxurious, coveted fabrics in the world? But more than this, it offers several health benefits.

First, silk is the strongest of natural fibers. It contains natural protein and 18 essential amino acids. It also contains natural cellular albumen which speeds up the metabolism in skin cells.

Second, silk is hypoallergenic. It does not attract dust mites and is a natural fungal repellent.

The silk fabric provides utmost comfort and breathable which promotes better sleep.

Third, silk does not draw moisture away from your skin and hair but encourages a proper moisture balance. While its extremely smooth and soft texture proves to be beneficial for those with a sensitive skin condition.

Sleeping on Silk for overall wellbeing

Sleeping on silk provides proper health hydration, natural, cool, prevents sleep creases, no sweat, slows down the aging process, and most importantly, it improves the quality of your sleep.

Queen of Hearts Sleepwear red collection. Silk sleepwear suits even the most sensitive skin and helps to keep your skin moisturized.

The fabric itself helps with eczema and asthma, prevents allergies because of its natural anti-fungal element. It suits even the most sensitive skin and helps to keep your skin moisturized.

As it does not conduct static electricity, sleeping on silk helps reduce hair breakage. Thus, works wonder for hair health.

Queen of Hearts Sleepwear gold collection. As it does not conduct static electricity, sleeping on silk helps reduce hair breakage. Thus, works wonder for hair health.

Interestingly, wearing silk can help fight the symptoms of menopause. Silk is temperature regulating, which makes it beneficial for menopausal women combating the battle against night sweats and hot flashes. Hot flashes are usually triggered by fluctuating estrogen levels and other hormonal changes in menopause.

Can you give one important piece of advice to women on choosing the right sleepwear?

“Silk sleepwear is recommended particularly for women,” Gil said. “Silk is the strongest of natural fibers. As it is a breathable fabric and a natural temperature regulator. Silk helps the body retain heat in cold weather while excess heat is expelled in warm weather, helping the body maintain a comfortable, natural temperature. Silk sleepwear is free from wrinkles, looks elegant, classic, sexy, and beautiful.”

No wonder, Gil is a testament to a satisfied silk sleepwear user. It is her secret to a youthful, glowing complexion, healthy and happy physical state.

Apart from being completely luxurious in look and feel, Queen of Hearts Silk Sleepwear makes an ideal investment in beauty, health, and wellness.

For more information, visit the Queen of Hearts Sleepwear Collection FB page https://www.facebook.com/QueensSleepwear.

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Featured photo: Mitzie Go-Gil, CEO at Beauty Queens Collection Fashion House. Her company distributes Queen of Hearts Sleepwear Collection products.

Make it sweet but healthy

 There is no denying that most people love eating sweets or foods with high carbohydrates. For Filipinos, it has been a part of our daily lives. That is why we are more prone to have diabetes mellitus.

According to recent data by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death in the country. And while we try to avoid or reduce our consumption of such foods and drinks to live a healthier and better life, there are times when we miss or crave the treats we once loved.

So, fear not because Santé, a premier natural and organic health and wellness product and services provider, brings you its healthy sweetener Sweet Via as a perfect partner with your daily coffee and other treats.

A healthier sweetener

Sweet Via is made of stevia, a natural substitute for sugar, obtained from the leaves of a small perennial green shrub. This plant has shown medicinal properties that are anti-diarrheal, anti-tumor, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory actions. Stevia helps to reduce high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.

Sweet Via also contains inulin, a natural soluble dietary fiber from a chicory plant, for digestive health. It assists in easing constipation, is good for weight loss, and aids in controlling blood sugar levels.

“Sweet Via is an all-natural, plant-based sweetener, which is why it is your healthier kind of sweet. We hope that as Filipinos exchange their usual sweeteners with Sweet Via, we can help them not worry about compromising their health to enjoy the foods and beverages they love,” said Joey Marcelo, chief executive officer of Santé.

To start treating yourself and your loved ones without guilt, try these three healthy, sweet recipes from Santé using Sweet Via.

Skinny Toasted Coconut Frappuccino

If you are missing your usual store-bought, blended iced coffee drinks as your daily energy booster, then this drink is something for you to try.

What you need to prepare:

2 cups of ice cubes

1 cup of coconut milk (canned)

½ cup of brewed coffee

Whipped cream

Toasted coconut (for garnish)

1 packet of Sweet Via

Steps to follow:

  1. Prepare a blender to mix all the ingredients.
  2. Put two cups of ice cubes into the blending machine.
  3. Pour ½ cup of brewed coffee.
  4. Mix one cup of coconut milk.
  5. Use one packet of Sweet Via to sweeten.
  6. Blend until smooth and creamy.
  7. Garnish with whipped cream and toasted coconut.

Skinny Peanut Butter Mocha

Well, yes, when you hear the word “peanut butter,” the first thing that comes to your mind is that it is a staple spread to partner with your morning bread. However, if you are a peanut butter lover, and seeking something new for your palate, then it is time to treat yourself to this unorthodox drink.

What you need to prepare:

1 cup of brewed coffee

¼ cup of skimmed milk

1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

1 and ½  tablespoon of natural peanut butter

1 packet of Sweet Via

Steps to follow:

  1. Pour one tablespoon of cocoa powder into a cup.
  2. Mix one and a half of natural peanut butter.
  3. Pour one cup of brewed coffee.
  4. Use one packet of Sweet Via to sweeten.
  5. Add ¼ cup of skimmed milk for a creamy touch.

Skinny Vanilla Iced Coffee

Nothing truly beats one of the classic coffee drinks we fell in love with. Make yourself and your loved ones this good ole drink and enjoy the perfect blend of vanilla and coffee.

What you need to prepare:

1 cup of ice

1 cup of brewed coffee

½ cup of vanilla almond milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 packet of Sweet Via

Steps to follow:

  1. Prepare a cup of brewed coffee.
  2. Use one packet of Sweet Via to sweeten.
  3. Mix ½ cup of vanilla almond milk.
  4. Add one tablespoon of vanilla extract.
  5. Pour caffeine mix into a cup of ice.

Indeed, the tagline “Sincerely, A Treat Without the Guilt” means that Sweet Via can be the perfect partner for your coffee and other treats every day. Enjoy the delight of sweetness without the worry of getting your health at risk. Sweet Via is ideal for weight management as it does not increase sugar levels, making it a sweet exchange for your usual sweeteners.

Switching to Sweet Via may feel like a simple step in changing your diet. But it is usually the small but attainable efforts to change your lifestyle that yield incredible and consistent results. Coupled with good eating habits and ample exercise, choosing Sweet Via can kickstart great change for your overall health.

Sweet Via and other Santé products are organic health and wellness products offered by Santé, known for developing a comprehensive selection of everyday barley-based products. They are designed to improve people’s quality of life to live more and do more.

Santé is one of the leading global manufacturers of certified barley grass grown and harvested from New Zealand. With its mission to help people live better lives, the company promotes, produces, and distributes premier natural health and wellness products and services. Today, Santé has expanded its offerings, including a fitness and rehabilitation center with Santé Fitness Lab, staying true to its thrust of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about Sweet Via and other Santé products, visit its website at mysante.com.


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Measures to combat adolescent pregnancy in PH

Sixty eight percent (68%) of medical doctors in a recent poll said that the Philippine Food and Drug Administration should consider reversing the 20-year-old ban on emergency contraceptive (EC) pills, according to new research.

DKT Philippines Foundation conducted the online survey to collect insights of doctors active in family planning, as health experts fret that the country’s rate of adolescent pregnancy is bouncing back to high levels after COVID lockdowns caused them to decline temporarily.

In a parallel study of young, unmarried Filipinas, 73% of the respondents said they would be interested in using the so-called ‘morning-after pill’ as contraception if it became available. A leading global research agency conducted the latter study, interviewing 500 respondents across the country.

Last June, President Rodrigo Duterte issued an Executive Order declaring prevention of teenage pregnancies a “national priority,” calling on all government departments to identify measures to combat the problem, which affected as many as 6% of Filipinas under 18 prior to the pandemic.

Safe, effective, and widely used

“The EC pill is a readily available solution that’s safe, effective, and widely used worldwide,” said Foundation Chairman, Hyam Bolande. “Usage studies overseas have shown that young women and girls, in particular, favor this contraceptive method,” he continued, adding that the product has a 37-year record of safety and is sold in 147 countries including the Philippines’ neighbors.

The rate of teen pregnancy in the Philippines had persistently been among the highest in ASEAN leading up to 2019, with Filipina girls having 495 births per day on average. According to the latest available data from the Commission on Population and Development, COVID lockdowns caused the figure to dip by 13% in the following year, but public-health experts warned that that effect will not last.

“It’s already coming back because the root causes of the problem were never addressed,” said Dr. Mario Festin, a family planning specialist from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. “We just had a respite in 2020 because the quarantines kept teenagers at home.”

An EC pill, Postinor, had previously been approved for importation and sale in the Philippines until the Bureau of Food and Drugs declared the pill an “abortifacient” in 2001, resulting to revoking the registration and effectively banning the category.

In the 20 years since, however, a consensus of the scientific community and the World Health Organization has rejected any linkage of EC pills to abortion. Published WHO guidelines flatly state that the drug cannot end a pregnancy but can only prevent one by stopping or delaying the release of eggs from a woman’s ovaries.

“Our findings show that the Philippines’ own physicians agree by more than a two-thirds majority, particularly those active in reproductive health care,” said DKT’s Mr. Bolande. In DKT’s online survey, only 3% of doctors said they believed EC pills to be a form of abortion and cited this as a reason not to prescribe them.

In total, 68% said FDA should reconsider its position, while just 10% were opposed, and 22% said they were undecided.

Affordable and can prevent pregnancy

The accompanying scientific survey of unmarried Filipinas aged 18-29 who are sexually active suggested that legal EC would be affordable to women of that age group. When asked how much they would be willing to pay for one dose, respondents gave an average cost of 85 pesos. According to DKT International, EC pills sell in drugstores for less than the said amount in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar. In Indonesia, the average price is roughly 2 US dollars.

Depending on the type, EC pills can prevent pregnancy for up to 72-120 hours after unprotected intercourse. The closer the EC pills are taken to the time of intercourse, the greater the chance of preventing pregnancy.

People confuse EC with abortion because the pills are used after intercourse. Of the 500 women surveyed, a 54% majority cited the false belief that the start of pregnancy (conception) happens during or immediately after unprotected intercourse. Only 36% correctly answered that conception in humans usually occurs 5-10 days after sex, giving an EC dose enough time to prevent pregnancy.

At the start of the survey, only 1 in 4 of the respondents was aware that it is possible to prevent pregnancy by taking contraceptive pills after unprotected intercourse.

Although FDA bars pills dedicated to EC, doctors may, under Philippine Department of Health guidelines, prescribe the Yuzpe Method—two enlarged doses of daily combined oral contraceptive pills—to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex.

However, the WHO recommends purpose-made EC pills, because Yuzpe Method causes more severe side effects including nausea and vomiting. EC pills are also more effective at preventing pregnancy than Yuzpe Method, according to an analysis of published research by Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

Of the unmarried Filipinas surveyed, some 68% said they had engaged in unprotected sex before, and the same proportion said they had experienced “pregnancy scares” in the past.


Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

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How Do You Quarantine Properly?

Now that we are still in a pandemic and the threat of the Omicron variant is here, the more that we should take care of ourselves. Here are some important facts to guide you on how to quarantine properly.

Compiled and layout by Benedict Trongco

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Pursuing healthy hobbies and simple joys to stay mentally healthy

Globe Bridging Communities (Globe Bridgecom) rallies everyone to plant happiness and take pleasure in small things to improve mental health and well-being.  Turning to the highly-popular social media platform TikTok, Globe encourages everyone to dance their way to better days and do their share for Mother Earth.

Globe Bridgecom is kickstarting a series of activities on TikTok, starting with its #PlantHappinessPH #AtinAngSimpleJoys dance challenge. Using artist Quest’s popular hit song “Better Days 2.0,” TikTokers will be dancing to inspiring lyrics about finding ways to celebrate life.

To make this activity more interesting and meaningful, Globe is inspiring participants to take on purposeful hobbies that further help alleviate stress and, at the same time, help the environment. Thousands of free seeds and seedlings await those who take on the challenge so they can create a positive and uplifting routine of caring for plants.

Langka and Guyabano seedlings will be given to participants in the Greater Manila Area while those in other locations get seed packs to grow Supa and Bignay trees. These are sourced from Globe’s partners in sustainability, the Philippine Native Tree Enthusiasts, and Mead Foundation. To get these seeds or seedlings for free, people must visit the www.0917lifestyle.com website and check out using the promo code SIMPLEJOYS.

Popular TikTok star Cejeey Laqui, known for the viral Ever After dance challenge, choreographed the #PlantHappinessPH #AtinAngSimpleJoys  dance challenge. Several celebrity talents and influencers including Sanya Lopez, Mark Herras, and Rodjun Cruz of GMA; Myx VJ Ai dela Cruz; and Joj and Jai Agpangan of ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother are also lending their support to the campaign.

And because it’s #GDayEveryday, especially this month with Globe’s 917 Festivities, Globe and TM subscribers who participate in the dance challenge may also win 917 Rewards points which they can redeem for freebies or discounts from their favorite shops. A total of 30 winners will be selected.

“Amid the challenges of the pandemic, we want to remind everyone that they are not alone in their fight against stress and anxiety,” shared Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications. “There can be happiness even in life’s little surprising moments. Healthy hobbies and the pursuit of simple joys are ways for people to stay mentally healthy. And should anyone feel they need more help, then we have support channels like Hopeline and KonsultaMD to reach for.”

In recent years, mental health and wellness are among the things that Globe has put a premium on in the company’s quest to create a Globe of good for everyone.

The company strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SGD No. 3 on good health and well-being and UN SDG No. 12 for sustainable consumption and production about achieving economic growth and sustainable development by urgently reducing our ecological footprint. Globe is committed to upholding the 10 United Nations Global Compact principles and 10 UN SDGs.

To see the Globe #PlantHappinessPH #AtinAngSimpleJoys campaign on TikTok, visit https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSe1vWGBn/.

To redeem a free seed or seedling, click here: https://0917lifestyle.com/products/philippine-native-tree-seeds-and-seedlings

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Making healthcare accessible with digital technology

HealthNow, a joint venture of Globe’s 917 Ventures and AC Health, is featured as the healthcare support and companion of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID’s) “It’s OK to Delay” campaign.

The campaign is backed by the Department of Health (DOH) and the Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM). It aims to enable young adults to make informed health choices to create a better future.

For HealthNow, the partnership is a step forward in promoting good health and well-being among young adults and enabling them to make sound decisions about their bodies through digital technology.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with USAID in providing a convenient way for young adults to get accessible healthcare services through the enabling power of technology so they can have the freedom and flexibility to live their lives in the best way possible,” said Beia Latay, HealthNow Chief Executive Officer.

Michelle Lang-Alli, Office of Health Director at the USAID-Philippines, said: “We’ve heard from young women that they are eager to make responsible health choices, but many of them don’t know where to get the information on how to start. That’s why we’re excited about this partnership between USAID and HealthNow. We fully support the use of digital technology to make health services and commodities more accessible to all Filipinos.”

HealthNow is currently offering discounts on video teleconsultation where fans and followers of the It’s OK to Delay campaign can get advice from doctors and even have medicines and other pharmaceutical items delivered to their doorstep. The promo is ongoing until September 30.

HealthNow brings health and care to every Filipino in a tap. It gives users convenient access to healthcare providers for teleconsultation, medicine deliveries, and, soon, home-service diagnostics through its easy-to-use app.

USAID has been the Philippines’ partner in sustainable and inclusive development for the past 60 years. In 2018, it launched the ReachHealth project to strengthen and improve access to critical health services for Filipino families by reducing the unmet need for reproductive health services across 11 regions in the Philippines. The project works to reach disadvantaged women, adolescents, and traditionally underserved populations with these services.

The Globe Group strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 3, on providing good health and well-being, and SDG No. 9 which highlights the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. Globe is committed to upholding the United Nations Global Compact principles and contributing to 10 UN SDGs.

To learn more about HealthNow, visit https://www.healthnow.ph/.

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Tuberculosis in the Philippines and what you need to know

As we continue the fight against COVID-19, one of the biggest killers in the country remains overlooked — Tuberculosis (TB). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Philippines has the highest incidence rate of active TB among all Asian countries.

Today, many TB-affected individuals in the country dismiss getting checked due to the fear of contracting COVID-19, lack of education towards treatment, and many Filipinos perceiving it as a low-risk disease. To better understand the current state of TB in the Philippines, it is important to know the different types of TB prevalent today, early symptoms and their effects, and how to properly treat it.

Early symptoms of TB and causes

TB is an airborne disease and is not transmissible when sharing utensils with a person with TB. It is caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which affects the lungs and spreads through the air when a TB-infected individual coughs, sneezes, or spits. It generally affects all age groups, especially children and adults with underlying conditions such as HIV, malnutrition, or diabetes. Adults who smoke tobacco also have a higher risk of contracting the disease.

Common symptoms include chronic coughing that lasts more than two weeks, weight loss, fever, and night sweats. If you ever experience these symptoms, it is best to visit the nearest health center or TB clinic right away to get checked up. If you are unsure of their location, you can use the online self-assessment tool — https://assessment.tbfree.ph/ — to find the nearest health center or TB clinic in your area.

The different types of Tuberculosis

TB can be classified into two types of infections, active TB and latent TB. In the case of active TB, the individual who is carrying the organism has active symptoms and can transmit the infection to other people. On the other hand, those who have latent TB do not exhibit any of the symptoms since their immunity is able to fight off the infection. However, at some point in their life, the bacteria can reactivate and become an active TB case.

TB can directly affect different parts of your body. For instance, the most common form of TB is Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) which primarily affects a patient’s lungs. Another is Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis (EPTB), a form of TB that affects other parts of your organs and body including lymphatic, pleural, and bone or joint disease which are the most common, while pericardial, meningeal, and disseminated (miliary) forms are more likely to result in a fatal outcome.

In some other cases, the TB bacteria can also be resistant to the drugs used to treat TB which classifies as Drug-resistant TB (DRTB). Though, if a person is classified under Multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), then the TB bacteria is resistant to at least isoniazid and rifampin, the two most potent TB drugs. Patients who fall under MDR-TB undergo a different type of treatment. Drug susceptible TB (DSTB) is the exact opposite. A person who is infected with TB bacteria that are fully susceptible, TB drugs will be effective as long as it is taken properly.

TB detection and treatment

Despite being infectious and potentially fatal, TB can be cured with proper treatment and early detection. The first thing people with presumptive TB need to do is schedule a chest x-ray test. If it is detected as possible TB, ask your doctor for a TB sputum diagnostic test to confirm if it is really TB. It is best advised to take the sample in the morning right before eating. Patients must then gargle water and take their sputum samples outdoors or in an open and airy place away from other people. If results come back positive, the patient must return to their doctor to begin treatment.

TB medicine is free at the nearest health center or TB clinic in your area. However, Anti-TB medicine is not like other antibiotics that are only taken for a week or two since it must be taken for at least six (6) months. Patients who are undergoing treatment may also experience mild headaches as one of the side effects but there may also be other causes. If you experience this, it is best to return to your doctor immediately for a consultation. Additionally, the National TB Control Program (NTP) does not recommend vitamins or any supplements, but it is not prohibited. Remember, it’s even more important to finish treatment to be #TBFree.

Do your part for a #TBFreePH

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Department of Health (DOH) is gathering more government support through the amendment of the National TB Law to increase funding and efforts for the National TB Control Program in 2022. In line with these initiatives, mobile chest x-ray vans that can provide TB detection results as fast as ten minutes will begin city-wide sweeps. With this, TB detection processing will be made quicker and should help solve mobility restrictions posed by the pandemic.

TB is curable and can be attained if every individual does their part to support, educate, and encourage fellow Filipinos to complete their TB treatment and take anti-TB drugs regularly, so they can end the spread of the disease and live a healthier TB-free life. For more information about TB, visit www.tbfree.ph or check out the Facebook page of #TBFreePH.

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