Financial Tips from 2022’s Chinese Zodiac Sign

We’ll be celebrating Lunar New Year and ushering in the Year of the Water Tiger. Depending on the representative Chinese zodiac and element, it is said to impact one’s luck and chances to become successful. Take charge of your destiny and learn the traits of the Water Tiger to become more financially savvy and prosperous in 2022.

Here are some financial tips to keep in mind this Lunar Year:

  • Don’t be afraid to be experimental and adventurous.

Water Tigers tend to be very open to new ideas. If you’re feeling stuck in an area of your life, this is the year to change things up. You can start small, such as listening to music genres that aren’t on your typical playlist, enrolling in a new hobby class, or taking on a new project at work. Soon you’ll find that you’re more courageous as you make bigger life decisions.

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  • Adaptability is key.

Water Tigers can quickly shift to improve their circumstances, making them ideal role models during a time of unprecedented changes. For businesses to continue thriving, entrepreneurs need to be more creative and strategic when it comes to running their operations. If you own a physical store, join ShopeePay’s growing list of Offline Partner Merchants for safe and convenient cashless transactions. ShopeePay’s Scan-To-Pay feature enables secure and real-time payments for your goods and services in-store via QR code. Enjoy the many benefits of ShopeePay by signing up to be a ShopeePay Partner Merchant. For those running an online business, chances are fund transfers are your primary means to get payments. Encourage your customers to transact using ShopeePay as it offers free and real-time money transfers to any Shopee user or bank account.

  • Resourcefulness can help you go a long way.

Being resourceful like a Water Tiger means you’re able to find solutions to deal with problems or search for more efficient ways to perform a task. It’s one of the best traits to imbibe when it comes to money matters. Any good financial decision-maker would weigh options and search for ways to spend wisely and save more. Start by exploring your e-wallet’s features and keeping tabs on scheduled promos and ongoing deals.

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Those of the Tiger zodiac portray courage and leadership. They’re determined to do anything to achieve their goal. 2022 is all about taking those traits and channeling them into opportunities to be more successful. After all, Water Tigers are action-based people who value hard work and don’t hesitate to make things happen.

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Chinese New Year Flash Sale at Holiday Inn and Suites Makati

This month of February calls in for a celebration. Holiday Inn and Suites Makati is excited to usher in the Year of the Tiger with good fortune and special treats as we celebrate the Chinese New Year. Feel extra lucky as good fortune awaits you this Year of the Tiger. As a treat, catch the first promo deal of the year with Holiday Inn and Suites Makati’s Chinese New Year Flash Sale happening on January 30 to February 2, 2022.

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The stay period is from January 30 to September 30, 2022. Enjoy more time as you plan your staycation and indulge on a shopcation spree on any of your holiday break as Holiday Inn and Suites Makati’s direct access to Glorietta Mall gives you more option for an enjoyable vacation.

For bookings and reservations, please call +63 2 79090888 or email The hotel services and operations are in adherence to local government guidelines and subject to change based on market conditions. Blackout dates apply on February 12-14 and April 15-17, 2022. This is valid for direct bookings only.

What’s more? Holiday Inn and Suites Makati’s Flavors Restaurant is introducing the Good Fortune Lauriat Sets in celebration of the Year of the Tiger. Choose from three (3) curated special Chinese sets for Php 300 nett as you celebrate Chinese New Year with good food and fortune! More special treats as the chefs at Holiday Inn and Suites Makati prepared a special Tiger Roll Cake for Php 575 nett to celebrate the year of the Water Tiger this February. Available for takeout and delivery on February 1 to 28, 2022. For orders and inquiries, please contact +63 2 75068132 or Viber +63 917 5968897 or check out the online store at

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5 Tips to make your Chinese New Year extra special

Chinese people have always had a home in the Philippines. Their values and culture have been embedded in our nation, and their presence has impacted our economy, tradition, and beliefs.

The Chinese New Year is one of the most anticipated events in the country, and just like any other occasion, Chinese people love celebrating this holiday in their special ways. Some go all out– some opt for the traditional way– but all in all, the Chinese New Year is always something to look forward to.

  • Red, the lucky color 

It’s not a secret that Chinese people loved wearing red on several occasions and events, for it symbolizes luck and prosperity. It is the color of Chinese lanterns, doors, and window panes in traditional Chinese households. In the Chinese New Year, wearing red will surely attract luck and blessings to you and your family in the coming year. People often wear traditional clothing such as Cheongsam, one of the most popular Chinese clothing for women, and is commonly worn in special events such as this. If you’re opting for a modern celebration, any red clothing will do as well—it still attracts the same good luck! 

  • The traditional Hong Bao 

Every time New Year comes rolling around, people always look forward to the Hong Bao, or the Red Packets– more popularly known as the Ang Pao. The married couples and elders give away Ang Paos to children and unmarried people within their families, each containing a specific amount of money. It is believed that this tradition brings good luck to the receiver as well as the giver, and it certainly gives out good vibes as well!

Courtesy: Kaodim Malaysia
  • Good food, great life 

The Chinese people surely know how to prepare a feast. The customary Chinese New Year banquet never misses these symbolic foods: a whole fish for additional money and good luck, pineapples for wealth and prosperity, and the famous neighborhood Tikoy and dumplings. Of course, Chinese people also adore eating pancit for long life, and they also display citrus fruits in the center table, among them pomelos, ponkan, and kiat-kiats. These marvelous foods spice up the New Year feast and it is twice the fun with every member of the family present on this grand occasion. 

  • Make some noise!

To drive away bad luck and evil spirits, fireworks and firecrackers light up the sky. This tradition is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. According to a Chinese legend, the fireworks are used to scare off Nian, a mythical beast who comes down from the mountains every end of the year to destroy cities. They also try to make a lot of noise, using all sorts of things such as pots and pans, horns, and cans, among others. It may be a rambunctious night, but surely one of great fun and excitement. 

Courtesy: TripSavvy
  • Door-to-door greetings

In the spirit of friendship and forgiveness, Chinese people go door-to-door in their neighborhoods to greet their friends and colleagues. It also means that whatever disputes or misunderstandings they might have gotten into during the past year will be forgiven and forgotten. The New Year gives people a clean slate, and the Chinese people surely take this to heart. 

Courtesy: Top China Travel

The Chinese New Year may be a rambunctious event, but surely one of great fun and excitement. It honors Chinese heritage and welcomes another year of luck and prosperity for everyone. These traditions are only a few of the things that make the Chinese New Year special, but nothing beats celebrating the holiday with your family and welcoming another chapter of your lives together. Gong Hei Fat Choy! 


By Princess Friel Lontoc

Featured photo courtesy of ChinaBrands

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