Strong Support Ecosystem for MSMEs Online Business

As society becomes more digitalized, e-commerce plays a significant role in helping groom and grow entrepreneurs who can meet the needs of consumers. More people in the region are coming online, and this number is expected to reach around 380 million by 2026[1]. In order to help brands and MSMEs establish and strengthen their online presence, Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, focuses on developing a strong support ecosystem that makes it simple for them to launch and grow their online business.

This includes enhanced marketing tools, knowledge sharing, and upskilling, as well as sustained guidance from Shopee, to help business owners tap into various markets, increase their monthly average sales, and achieve notable e-commerce growth as a whole.

Shopee Seller Education

Shopee provides the necessary support and seminars to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the e-commerce knowledge they need to succeed. Just this year, Shopee launched its first Shopee University Summit where industry leaders, successful online sellers, and top brands shared their expertise to help sellers understand the basics of e-commerce and how they can maximize the potential of e-commerce and succeed in growing their business online. The second summit also proved to be a success with 35,000 online viewers. During the summit, participants learned about developing the correct business branding, product photography skills, and leveraging Shopee tools and social media platforms to promote their businesses.

Shopee sellers can also access Shopee’s Seller Education Hub ( where they can take helpful e-commerce courses, participate in informative webinars, and read articles about shop management, product listings, operation improvements, and other business matters.

All-Around Support from Relationship Managers

In addition to marketing tools readily available for use within the app, Shopee also provides MSMEs with constant guidance on how they can improve and grow their business through highly-trained relationship managers (RMs). To fully support a seller’s growth, RMs push for excellent service and tend to the seller’s inquiries, and sometimes going out of their way to cater to the seller’s e-commerce needs.

Kriszel of M A R E Clothing said that their relationship manager helped them greatly, even encouraging them to join big campaigns to grow their business more. “Our relationship manager was very helpful all throughout our Shopee journey. During big campaigns, we were given ample exposure to in-app features like Shopee Feed. Last 10.10, we earned more than 2,000 followers thanks to Shopee’s feature Feed Freebies. We are very grateful for the guidance we received and it is a big factor in our shop’s success.”

Campaigns that Meet Consumer Demand

In addition, Shopee also supports its sellers through big campaigns as local MSMEs stand to benefit from the increased traffic to supercharge their business growth and scale their online presence. Throughout the region, sellers who participated at the recent 9.9 Super Shopping Day recorded 8X more orders compared to an average day, and this coming  11.11 – 12.12 Big Christmas Sale, Shopee continues to provide sellers with marketing tools to further drive sales. The 11.11 – 12.12 Big Christmas Sale is happening until December 12, 2021, and serves as an opportunity for sellers to provide consumers with promos that include ₱1 deals, free shipping with no minimum spend, and 10% off daily vouchers.

Digital Payment Options with ShopeePay

As digital payments become more integrated into the daily lives of consumers, ShopeePay serves as a multi-functional tool for all their payment needs while providing rewards and safe transactions. Through Shopee’s year-end campaigns like the 11.11-12.12 Big Christmas Sale, ShopeePay will continue to drive greater adoption of digital payments amongst shoppers and merchants, bringing ShopeePay users greater convenience and value while helping businesses access more opportunities in the digital economy.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “To grow in e-commerce, brands and businesses need to be committed to their journey and here at Shopee, we ensure that we are here to guide and support them all throughout. This is why we designed our ecosystem to be end to end: onboarding, training, and scaling their business to meet the demands of their customers. The needs of our stakeholders are ever-changing, and this is why we need to keep evolving.”

For more information about Shopee 11.11-12.12 Big Christmas Sale, visit

[1] The Home For Digital Transformation

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Happy Life Rubbing Alcohol Reseller Program

It all started last March 15, 2020, when the country was put into lockdown. At that time nobody knew what to do. In the news, you would see people in long lines trying to get their share of protection by using rubbing alcohols if hand washing is not possible only to go home empty-handed.

During this time of crisis people all over the country are trying to help each other out, this was the case of Happy Life Organics (HLO). They (HLO) made sure that their rubbing alcohols are made with the strictest quality standards at a very affordable price to be accessible to every Filipino.

Quality is everything, this was assured by the organization having rubbing alcohol that can eliminate germs and viruses upon contact that can last up to three hours in protection, it also has aloe vera to moisturize the hands every time you use it and a very welcoming fresh scent while applying it.

As the COVID -19 continuously post a threat in our society, as a new variant emerge and an all-time high in the number of cases being recorded, now more than ever, we need to protect ourselves and our families by using a quality rubbing alcohol if hand washing is not possible together with social distancing, boosting our immunity, being vaccinated and by wearing a face mask.

Today, the most sought-after rubbing alcohol is now available in top restaurants, clinics, hospitals, and the whole country thanks to its reseller program system. As Winston Churchill quote, “Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste” perhaps what he means by that is always look at the silver lining in any crisis, in that you may still have or create a winning mindset with the right perspective, to seek opportunities where they might not have been before. This is the case of the Happy Life Rubbing Alcohol resellers around the country today, earning while securing their items of protection in using these rubbing alcohols. Being proud that they have established a new identity and a new business while keeping their families safe.

HLO reseller promo.

You may now avail of the reseller package and be one of the few people that we’re able to secure their territory and enjoy the benefits of peace of mind and having a sound business of your own. Contact us now and reserve a business exploration call at (0906) 2525475.

You may try and discover yourself why this alcohol is really different, get your own share of this alcohol by visiting their platforms below:

Website: Also available in Lazada, Shopee and Zalora just search for Happy Life Organics. You may also visit their FB and IG page: @happylifeorganicss

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Own an auto repair shop at 50% off the franchise fee

Sometimes, when it comes to business expansion, it doesn’t necessarily mean always going bigger.

Value Plus Auto Service Express (VPX) – The Casa Alternative – now offers a more affordable franchising program for enterprising Filipinos with the “VPX Starter Package.” Now, you can operate your auto repair shop with just a 200-sqm space, with lower startup capital and reduced franchising fee.

After launching several full-service auto repair shops, including one in Batangas City recently, VPX is changing gear and is ready to cater to the immediate needs of smaller communities.

“Our Starter Package offers a real benefit and solution for smaller, dynamic communities – like barangays, towns, and residential neighborhoods – by providing a smaller-scale auto shop that is equipped to handle essential car maintenance and repairs,” explains Mark Saberola, the General Manager of ValuePlus Auto Services Philippines Inc.

He points to the great potential and needs for these types of auto shops as, due to the pandemic, many have resorted to using their own vehicles to avoid crowded public transport and reduce infection risk. Thus, preventive maintenance is prioritized to keep their vehicles running.

According to the GM, when it comes to preventive maintenance services, the average driver spends around P5,500 per visit for at least 2 visits per year. “And when you multiply this with the number of car owners who regularly drive to work, this spells great potential!” adds Saberola.

A VPX shop offers essential services such as preventive maintenance, lube services, suspension, and mechanical repairs, and even car detailing.

VPX Auto Shop, indeed, offers a unique solution, providing excellent customer service and experience that is at par with major dealerships.

Providing greater security and assurance to franchisees, the VPX Starter Package is founded on a sound business model that’s been proven to be pandemic-proof.

For P4.5M-P7M startup capital, entrepreneurs can have their own auto shop up and running in three to four months. “The beauty of this program is that you can start with a smaller space, smaller capital, and just 50% the franchise fee,” he adds. “Also, we help existing auto repair shop owners pivot their businesses and convert their shops into a VPX shop. So, they can benefit from a tried-and-tested system that accelerates their growth and professionalizes their operations.”

Over the years, VPX has built a sterling reputation and has become the go-to, trusted auto shop for preventive maintenance (PMS), lube services, suspension, and mechanical repairs, for after-warranty vehicles.

The VPX Starter Package is ideal for start-up entrepreneurs as it requires a smaller initial investment and a smaller layout. Operators can immediately start the business, earn ROI in a shorter period of time, and have the flexibility to expand services and facilities as needed.

The start package is recommended for OFWs, returning expatriates, retirees, and multi-business owners who want to diversify their business portfolios. Even independent fuel players, in fact, have availed of the program to complement their stations.

When it comes to franchising, VPX assists owners every step of the way, from documentation to building and even training and management. “We provide you full confidence in the program as we have built the model to be truly successful. Start your entrepreneurial journey today and get in touch with our team.”

For more information, email at or visit

Featured photo: VPX starter package includes the construction or renovation of the shop, two lifters, 3-5 trained manpower, tools and equipment, and a cloud-based shop operating system among others.

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Huawei donates $200,000 for PLDT’s CSR

Chinese tech giant Huawei has donated $200,000, or about P10.11 million, to PLDT Smart Foundation (PSF) to help fund the corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs of PLDT Inc. and Smart Communications Inc.

The CSR initiatives for funding to be determined by both PSF and Huawei will include disaster response, rehabilitation and recovery, promotion and enhancement of education in the country, environmental conservation, and the use of technology in health services.

“I would like to thank Huawei for the $200,000 donation to PSF, which will go a long way in supporting our CSR programs like education, disaster relief, environment, telehealth, and many more,” PSF chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan said.

PLDT and Smart have been longtime partners with Huawei.

PSF and Huawei’s partnership started years ago when Chinese tech giant donated disaster relief equipment, such as tents, rechargeable lights, and other tools, for PSF’s disaster response program.

It has also contributed 13 sets of school-in-a-bag with Huawei laptops for Smart’s education program, and the recent telehealth equipment for Makati Medical Center and Cardinal Santos hospitals.

Huawei vice president Daniel Guo said the company intends to contribute more to the country through its support of the programs and initiatives of PSF.

Huawei is a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices.

It operates in over 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people around the world.

“The initiatives were chosen to align with the program sectors of PSF, as well as to highlight the technology solutions of Huawei. These programs are also aligned with Huawei’s overall CSR strategy,” PSF president Ma. Esther Santos said.

“Moving forward, PSF projects will try to inject technology solutions enabled by technology companies Huawei and PLDT-Smart. This is also aligned with PSF’s vision-mission of a connected, empowered, progressive Philippines,” she said.

PSF, which serves as the social outreach arm of PLDT and Smart, has created programs focused on education, livelihood and social enterprise, disaster response and recovery, youth, arts, and sports development.

Featured logos courtesy of Huawei and PSF FB pages

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Unique hand-woven face masks help indigenous communities rise above the pandemic

Through unique face masks made from hand-woven fabric scraps, Abra Indigo Manila was able to provide new livelihood opportunities to indigenous communities in far-flung areas despite the pandemic.

Abra Indigo is a social enterprise founded by Ysabelle Sarayba to give consumers access to indigenous products by showcasing and connecting local communities, workers, and socially conscious consumers.

Although Abra Indigo experienced some setbacks at the height of the global health crisis, Ysabelle remained unfazed in her goal to assist other people, especially those who did not have any sources of income.

Abra Indigo Ysabelle Sarayba


Through the help of a pervasive telecommunications network like Globe’s 4G LTE, Ysabelle was able to talk with the Itnegs of Abra and share ideas regularly during the lockdowns. Together, they came out with timely products attuned to the trying times.

The Itneg tribe is known for its beautiful hand-woven and embroidered fabrics.  Since they use weaving to tell their stories, every pattern, design, and symbol has a story and history behind it.

Using indigenous fabric scraps, the Itnegs repurposed and refashioned them into face masks that have become a big hit with consumers. Each mask design is distinct, with various embroideries that reflect the rich culture of the Itnegs and comes with a pocket to insert an additional filter.

The high demand for face masks allowed Ysabelle to help even more people. Fabrics were sourced from another indigenous community in Ilocos and woven by seamstresses in Novaliches.  Despite the challenges, Abra Indigo increased its production and gave economic opportunities to more people.

Ysabelle remains hopeful that Abra Indigo’s “Kwento ng Tagumpay” will carry on for the sake of the communities that it is supporting. “Today, Abra Indigo is continuously growing, so that means more income sa mga indigenous communities, and then soon we hope na mas marami pa kaming indigenous communities na matulungan i-market yung mga products nila,” she said.

Inspiration for Abra Indigo came when Ysabelle, then a graduating student at the University of the Philippines,  joined a school bazaar where she met an Itneg couple.  Ysabelle immediately fell in love with the couple’s indigenous products and asked if she could partner with them.

“I didn’t have any capital to buy their (Itneg) products, so I had to loan P20,000.  It was a rough start since the products were costly at hindi ko sila tinawaran since I wanted to help. I really believed in the products, so I started by posting online and to my surprise, nabenta namin lahat,” she recalled.

Ysabelle’s tech and marketing savvy combined with unique apparel, accessories, and home essentials made from the Itneg woven fabric, saw the business growing rapidly in just a couple of months. Abra Indigo expanded from a one-woman operation to a six-person company.

For Globe, success stories such as Ysabelle’s further fuel its passion to meet, even exceed, the growing demand for first-world connectivity and provide better customer experiences.

“We are ramping up our efforts to give stronger, reliable, and high-speed coverage to more provinces, even in far-flung areas of the Philippines. The 4G LTE migration and the upgrading of broadband subscribers to Globe fiber lines are crucial to our efforts to elevate our customers’ satisfaction and mobile experience, given the increasing demand for data. This also lays the groundwork for 5G, a more advanced and faster technology,” said Ernest L. Cu, Globe President, and CEO.

The company strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9 which highlights the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. Globe is committed to upholding the 10 United Nations Global Compact principles.

To learn more, please visit

Featured photo courtesy of Abra Indigo Manila

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Havas Veteran Vishnu Mohan sets up Avyan Holdings; Invests in the Philippines

Singapore – Havas Group veteran, former Chairman & CEO of the network, Vishnu Mohan has launched Avyan Holdings in Singapore with the ambition to build a regional footprint in Asia.

Avyan Holdings is designed to be a collective of companies working towards advancing human possibilities by integrating design, technology, and data to help brands and people thrive in a digital-first world.

As a first step in solidifying its vision, Avyan Holdings has acquired a key stake in The Philippines-based design and innovation agency  – Castle By The River (CBR) – founded by digital maverick Ed Mapa Jr – also a former Havas executive.

Over the past two years, since its inception, CBR  has earned the reputation to be an eclectic band of storytellers grounded in data and technology with a flair for performance-driven campaigns. It started its operations in Manila as an affiliate of Entropia Malaysia – which was recently acquired by Accenture Interactive and its current clients include Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), GMA 7, Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corporation (PMFTC), AIA/PhilamLife, and Mundipharma (Betadine).

“Avyan Holdings is defined by the passion for what the world can be,  by elevating human experiences, blending the best of art and science – ideas and technology. CBR’s purpose of romanticizing digital transformation through innovative storytelling aligns with our vision perfectly and it’s a great start to our journey. CBR’s use of design, technology, and anticipatory intelligence via a robust build of a data ecosystem is fascinating and I am confident in its potential to be an asset to Avyan Holdings,” said Mohan in his capacity as Chairman of Avyan Holdings.

“Our investment in CBR Philippines sits perfectly well with our operating principle of global serviceability. We have seen very few regional hubs away from Singapore, and I believe that the skillsets and cost advantages make the Philippines a very fertile ground for investment. We aim to make the operation a hub for our near expansion plans in the rest of the region,” added Mohan.

CBR’s personalization-at-scale campaign for RCBC bagged Platinum for Creative Effectiveness and Gold for Digital Marketing in Marcom 2020 awards. The awards show is a global marketing and creative competition administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), arguably the most prestigious of its kind since 2004.

CBR’s other key pieces of work include the launch of GoodDay cultured milk at the height of the pandemic in 2020 via Moot Up, an immersive meeting platform, or Zoom in VR.  It was the first beverage brand in South East Asia to fully leverage the platform’s virtual world capabilities.

“It’s great to be working again with Vishnu. We’ve done innovative campaigns when we were at Havas. We at CBR are excited about Avyan Holdings’ vision and commitment. There’s a meeting of hearts and minds. A new story begins, ” said Ed Mapa.

“Avyan Holdings is also a manifestation of my personal philosophy of empowering talent and giving back to the industry which has nurtured me over the course of my career. As we move forward, we will be adding more exciting products to our portfolio by talent-spotting and investing in the right kind of companies. I am looking forward to the new beginning,” said Mohan.

Vishnu was the former top man of Havas in the region has over 30 years of advertising and marketing experience across various markets globally, to which 26 of them spent at Havas/Vivendi Group.

Credited for building the entire media network for the group in the Asia Pacific from India to New Zealand group, he was the first employee for Havas Media and successfully built the group’s entire network in the region from scratch. Since 2017,  he has been a leading figure for the group’s presence in India and the Southeast Asia Region. As Chairman of the Vivendi Committee since 2018, he also oversaw the integration efforts across all Vivendi companies for the same region.

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Fran-Guru Exchange: Motivating Entrepreneurs to level up their businesses

Fran-Guru Exchange is an online platform focused on motivating entrepreneurs to level up their businesses. The program’s core competency is the husband and wife team of Lyndah and Butz Bartolome – whose reservoir of experiences for the last 30 years have been helpful in assisting clients to grow and expand their businesses.

The motivating strategy will be the business life experiences of entrepreneurs as they travel the route to scaling up their business concepts.

The Think Business Growth Series will not only talk about their successes but more importantly challenges and difficulties they faced.

As experts in franchising, the hosts will have a Franchise Playbook Series. The goal of the series is to inform viewers on the basics of franchising and the phases to become a franchisee and franchisor.

There will also be a portion called Franchise Spotlight where franchisors present their franchise offering with a franchisee talking about their experience in the franchise system.

For more information, subscribe and follow them at their YouTube Channel: Business Franchise Guru, and visit their FB Page: @ButzBartolome.

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Huawei announces Seeds for the Future Program 2.0, planning to invest US$150 million in talent development over the next five years

Huawei on Thursday (July 8th) announced its Seeds for the Future Program 2.0, through which Huawei plans to invest US$150 million in digital talent development over the next five years. This program is expected to benefit more than 3 million additional people.

Huawei held a “Tech & Sustainability: Everyone’s Included” forum, co-hosted by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Representatives from Huawei, IUCN, the World Economic Forum, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), and Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) participated to discuss the role of technology in driving sustainability and building a more inclusive, eco-friendly world.

Promoting equal access to education and talent development

According to a 2020 report by UNICEF and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), about 2.2 billion people aged 25 years or younger still lack internet connections at home.

“Digital skills and literacy are not just the foundation for the digital economy; they are also a basic human right defined by the United Nations,” said Huawei’s Chairman Liang Hua at the forum. “Today we are announcing Huawei’s Seeds for the Future Program 2.0. As part of our commitment to continuously developing talent, we will invest US$150 million in this program over the next five years and help college students and young people improve their digital skills. This program is expected to benefit more than 3 million additional people.”

Huawei is committed to helping develop digital talent in the countries where it operates. In 2008, Huawei began to roll out talent development programs, through scholarships, technology competitions, and digital skills training, and has invested more than US$150 million in these programs. Huawei has since benefited more than 1.54 million people from over 150 countries.

The Seeds for the Future program is designed to inspire local talents and encourage seeds for the society to tackle digital challenges. The program has benefited more than 100 students in the Philippines.

As an echo for the forum, Huawei Asia Pacific held the APAC Media Virtual Roundtable with laser focus on addressing digital inclusion and sustainable development of this region. Jay Chen, Vice President of Huawei Asia Pacific, announced Huawei’s plan to cultivate more than 40,000 ICT talent in the next five years through multiple programs including Seeds for the Future in the region.

“In the digital economy, digital talent is playing an increasingly important role in driving digital transformation and economic growth. The access to education is vital for creating opportunities that support sustainable and fair development. Due to the pandemic, we are moving the program online and opening it up to more outstanding students than ever before,” said Jay Chen.

In the Asia Pacific, Huawei has been a firm enabler for building an inclusive talent ecosystem. Amid the pandemic, collaborations with top universities are accelerating. Till now, Huawei has built collaborations with around 200 universities in countries across the Asia Pacific and over 40 universities in the Philippines.

Addressing environmental challenges and enabling green development

Climate change and environmental issues are becoming global challenges. Though carbon emissions declined over the past year due to the economic slowdown and worldwide lockdowns, emissions are rapidly rebounding as economies reopen. Shifting to a circular economy and achieving sustainable development is now a common goal for all countries.

“Green and sustainable development has become a top priority for global economies,” said Liang. “Huawei has been leveraging its extensive experience in power electronics and energy storage as well as technical expertise in 5G, cloud, and AI, to develop its digital power business and provide digital power solutions for different industries. As of December 2020, Huawei’s digital power products and solutions have generated 325 billion kWh of electricity from renewable sources and saved a total of 10 billion kWh of electricity. These efforts have resulted in a reduction of 160 million tons in CO2 emissions.”

In Singapore, for example, Huawei FusionSolar Solution has supported Sunseap Group, a solar energy solutions provider, to build the world’s largest offshore floating Photovoltaic (PV) farms. With 13,312 solar panels, 40 inverters, and more than 30,000 floats, this five-hectare sea-based solar plant is estimated to produce up to 6,022,500 kWh of energy per year, supplying enough power for 1250 four-room public housing flats on the island and offsetting an estimated 4258 tons of carbon dioxide, according to Bruce Li, Managing Director of the Huawei Asia-Pacific Enterprise Digital Power Business.

“By working together, countries can mutually support one another to meet their sustainability commitments. There are many areas where digital technology can support this, such as in enabling a transparent and verifiable carbon market. Singapore’s public and private sectors have expressed interest in working with its neighbors on climate action,” said Associate Professor Simon Tay, Chairman of SIIA at the forum.

About Seeds for the Future Program

Seeds for the Future is Huawei’s flagship global CSR program. The program was launched in 2008 in Thailand. This program aims to develop skilled, local ICT talent and bridge communication between countries and cultures. By sharing our ICT expertise and experiences in the global business environment, young people from different countries can learn about advanced technologies in the ICT industry and accumulate ICT expertise and skills through the Seeds for the Future program, contributing to the progress of the global ICT industry. This program helps develop local ICT talents, enhance knowledge transfer, promote a greater understanding and interest in the telecommunications sector, and improve and encourage regional building and participation in the digital community.

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Featured photo: Huawei’s Chairman Liang Hua speaks at the Tech & Sustainability: Everyone’s Included forum

A new lease on life for Batangas entrepreneurs

Batangas has long hung its hat on its delectable foods and popular tourist hubs. From diving spots in Lian and Laiya to the well-known Taal Volcano to beloved dishes like Batangas Goto, these and so much more produced an environment where businesses—big and small—flourished.

All that changed, though, when the COVID-19 pandemic came and ravaged homes, lives, and businesses all around the world. With quarantine protocols, physical distancing, and travel restrictions hindering movement across Luzon, small business owners like Oliver Marasigan, proprietor of the “Original Batangas Goto” almost felt the pinch.

“Bago pa mangyari ang pandemya at normal pa ang kilos nating lahat, jampacked ang customer ko sa gotohan ko. Napakalaking bagay na ang pwesto ko ay sa gilid ng kalsada kitang-kita ako ng customer. 80 kilos na goto tinda ko at umaga palang taob na ang kaldero,” shared Marasigan.

“Pero ngayon, taob na ang alkansya namin. Ubos na ang puhunan, wala na rin kita dahil ipinasara kami ng lokal na pamahalaan at bawal na bawal pa lumabas. Aba eh kailangan namin mabuhay, hindi naman pwedeng aasa kami sa ayuda. Sabi ko sa sarili, ala eh laban na to!”

And persevere Marasigan did as he quickly transitioned his business online. However, he soon found out that the online realm presented entirely new challenges. One, in particular, gave him fits: the slow 3G Internet connection. This kept him from uploading pictures of his delectable goto dishes and getting orders from avid customers.

Ang mga customer ko, otomatik yan basta nag upload ako, mag-me-message na yan minsan sa comment section, minsan sa messenger. Iinit ang ulo mo eh, alam mo kung bakit? Yung message nila hindi ko agad nababasa dahil napakabagal ng internet, napakahina ng signal. Nawala na ang order lumipad na ang kita sa hangin,” Marasigan relayed.

Monette Gusi, the Acuatico Beach Resort general manager, also shared Marasigan’s frustrations concerning sluggish Internet speeds.

“Nahihirapan kami maka-confirm ng mga visitors. Derecho kasi sa aming website makikita mo yung ano ang pwedeng i-offer ng Acuatico Beach Resort, amenities etc. At ang mga staff namin, naghahanap ng client online. Ang problema, nandyan na ang lahat ng elemento para sumigla ang resort at magpatuloy ang hanapbuhay ng mga tao – eh sasakit ang ulo mo dahil napakabagal ng internet. Yung mga staff lumalabas pa at naglalakad hanggang sa dulo ng beach makakuha lang ng signal. Pero, talagang poor internet connection. Ang resulta, walang bisita,” she said.

A major reason for poor internet connection is the use of 3G SIM which relies on old mobile technology.  3G is already considered obsolete and is being replaced by newer and faster 4G LTE all over the world.

Fortunately, things took a turn for the better when Globe upgraded cell towers in Batangas and nearby regions. With 4G LTE in Batangas, internet speeds in the area have vastly improved, which has led to better connectivity. This helped businesses come to life in the new normal.

“4G! 4-GOTO! Ayos! Taob na naman ang kaldero ng gotohan ko! Hindi na ako problemado sa bayaran ng tuition, bayaran sa kuryente’t tubig at matutustusan na ang pangangailangan namin!” gleefully said Marasigan.

With a faster and more stable Internet connection, tourist arrivals in Batangas have also picked up.

“Dahil sa 4G at mabilis na interconnection, dagsa ang mga booking queries. Nakita ng mga staff ko ang pag-asa na hindi kami magsasara dahil ang bisita sunud-sunod. Napakalaki ng epekto sa negosyo ng internet connection. Necessity na,” shared Gusi.

To fully experience the benefits of 4G LTE, Globe subscribers only need to have their old 3G SIM cards replaced with the 5G-ready 4G LTE SIMs and upgrade their mobile devices to 4G LTE capable ones. If quarantine protocols in their respective areas allow, customers can go to the nearest Globe Store to change their SIM cards for free.

Globe customers in San Juan, Batangas can upgrade their old 3G SIM cards to 5G-ready 4G LTE for free at the following stores:

  • Vergara’s Store, Brgy. Calublub
  • 3M Sister, Brgy. Calublub 2
  • Bernadette Store, Brgy. Subukin
  • Crismar Store, Brgy. Laiya Ibabao
  • Prince Store, Brgy. Palahanan II
  • Arg Store, Brgy. Maraykit
  • Lyn Store, Brgy. Quipot

“We care for our customers that’s why we are doing everything we can to make their experience better.   We are working double-time to bring connectivity to where it’s needed the most, to areas where a strong, reliable, and accessible internet will make the difference between survival or further hardships. We don’t want anyone to be left behind,” said Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Program Delivery, Network Technical Group.

Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) particularly UN SDG No. 9 that highlights the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development.

To know more about Globe, visit

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40,000 housing beneficiaries nationwide to benefit thru Globe KonekTayo WiFi and NHA partnership

Filipinos’ digital life changed drastically with the constant need for connectivity. Distance learning and work-from-home arrangements continuously challenge the underprivileged families struggling to cope with digitalization.

Driven to address this need, Globe entered into a partnership with the National Housing Authority (NHA) and the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) to deploy KonekTayo WiFi in over 100 NHA resettlement sites nationwide. Within the year, the KonekTayo Wifi will benefit about 40,000 housing beneficiaries.

The move is part of Globe’s commitment to bring affordable internet solutions to every Filipino.  Internet connectivity has become a necessity in the country due to the accelerated digital adoption brought about by the pandemic.

KonekTayo WiFi is a fast and secure community WiFi service that provides households with an affordable internet connection without the need for a modem, a postpaid subscription, or mobile data.  Instead, residents can simply connect to the service and choose from various prepaid data packs that suit their budget.

Ernest Cu, Globe President, and CEO was present at the launch, expressing his appreciation to NHA on the partnership: “We are grateful for this partnership with the NHA and will work with them to fulfill their core mission to promote decent, liveable, and resilient homes for all Filipinos, through low-cost and reliable internet connectivity.”

Likewise, Marcelino Escalada, Jr., General Manager of NHA returned the appreciation to Globe saying, “We are grateful for this partnership with Globe that allows us to better serve our constituents by helping them with their digital needs. We look forward to continued partnership and collaboration with Globe.”

KonekTayo WiFi is available in the following NHA communities: Disiplina Village I- Ugong, Disiplina Village II- Bignay, Valenzuela; Paradise Heights and Vitas LRB in Tondo, Manila; Malabon Homes in Malabon; Lanit River Plains in Iloilo; Greendale Residences, Guadalupe Heights, St Francis Village and North Hill Arbours in Tacloban, Leyte; and Paraiso Heights in Sagay, Negros Occidental. And soon, KonekTayo WiFi will be available in other selected NHA communities nationwide.

In addition to WiFi services, Globe has also committed to conduct ambassadorship training for the Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) for communities and implement the eWaste Zero Program in various NHA areas where KonekTayo is made accessible.

DTP educates the youth on digital citizenship and the responsible use of technology through workshops and modules while eWaste Zero is a recovery and recycling program that teaches and ensures proper disposal of electronic wastes. This ensures that communities that are provided access to the internet are also provided access to education on how to act responsibly when online, not to mention being able to protect themselves and loved ones from various online risks and dangers.

Engaging more communities through KonekTayo is also part of Globe’s larger commitment to support digital learning while kids are unable to physically go to school.

During the early stages of the pandemic, Globe stepped in by launching the Globe e-Library (globe, and granting free access to the government’s online learning platforms, such as the DepEd Commons (, the Commission on Higher Education’s Phil-Connect (, and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority’s online learning platform (

A 2020 report from the World Bank showed that digital adoption in the Philippines generally trails behind many regional neighbors despite high internet usage. The digital divide, which arises from gaps in digital literacy and digital content, contributes to unequal access to services delivered via the internet.

“With more affordable connectivity, NHA beneficiaries are now empowered to get equal access to information and the modern economy, equal opportunities for education, and equal chances for productivity and livelihood,” Cu said.

Globe remains committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically UN SDG No. 9, which emphasizes the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. Globe is also committed to upholding the 10 United Nations Global Compact principles and 10 UN SDGs.

To learn more about KonekTayo WiFI and how to bring the technology to the community, visit KonekTayo WiFi’s Facebook page at  or contact

Featured photo: (L-R) Globe CEO and President Ernest Cu, NHA Asst. GM Engr. Victor Balba, and DHSUD Undersecretary Atty. Marilyn Pintor virtually launches Globe KonekTayo WiFi in NHA.

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