Sining to the Moon (and back)

An artist-run community art fair helmed by Artist-Potter Lanelle Abueva’s Crescent Moon Cafe.


As part of National Heritage Month, Crescent Moon Cafe, together with the City Government of Antipolo, local creatives, and artist collectives, invites everyone to the Sining to the Moon art fair held at Crescent Moon Cafe, Antipolo, on May 20 and 27, 2023, from 9 AM to 5 PM each day. Showcasing select artists, makers, and craft workers, Sining to the Moon aims to re-introduce Antipolo as a locale full of creative hubs, such as sculptor Lanelle Abueva-Fernando’s Crescent Moon Cafe and Pottery Studio.

Timed with the declaration of Antipolo Cathedral (designed by 20th century Filipino artist and architect Jose Lorenzo de Ocampo) as an International Shrine, Sining to the Moon aims to re-introduce Antipolo City as a creative city consisting of various destinations and collectives, initially ignited by Pinto Art Museum and ARTipolo Group Inc. in continuing the spirit of art appreciation becoming art practice.  Emerging Antipolo artists will display their small works side-by-side with established artists.

CMC Sining Meeting

Featuring artists such as Lanelle Abueva-Fernando, Carl Regalado, Maxi Tungol, Amihan Abueva, the Mahilum Brothers, Pedrong Masipag, Daniel Dumaguit, Racquel Akisha (Habi ni Ake), the plant art of Wendy Regalado, and Jovel Lorenzo (Box Camera PH), Sining to the Moon also features collectives such Inlayo Art Gallery, ARTipolo, the decades-old Thursday Group, Creative Apes & Twisted Hearts. It also features works by beneficiary communities such as Tahanan Santa Lucia for Girls and Sulyap sa Nakalipas comprised of inmates. Vibal Books will also be showcasing its titles of art, heritage, and history books.

Different artists working with different mediums, such as clay art, sketching, ice carving, and more will also hold workshops open to all who are curious. Lanelle Abueva will deliver an address on the first day as the Antipolo City Band serenades visitors with Kundiman classics and folk dance by the HIYAS Dance Troop of the University of Rizal System Antipolo.

Antipolo also welcomes visiting artists from other locales, such as Jovel Lorenzo, known for reigniting interest in antique photography through his Box Camera PH project, designing a camera based on the specs of late 1800s cameras and shooting contemporary subjects in a heritage style. He has since attracted a steady, notably young, following buoyed by a nostalgia for an era that was never theirs.

Antipolo Thursday group

At the center of Sining to the Moon are works from local art collectives such as ARTipolo and The Antipolo Thursday Group, which anchor the spirit of collaboration, community, and folk art.  The Antipolo Thursday Group is a casual collective that has been meeting every Thursday for decades. Never intended to be a formal group, its participants – its friends – simply gathered for the love of art and art-making.

This environment inspired many members to take on a more committed art practice, as the group continued, welcoming younger artists over the years. Veterans generously shared knowledge, techniques, and networks to help acquaint their juniors with the art world. And now, even their children are actively creating their own artistic expressions.

Joven Lorenzon

Sining to the Moon won’t be the last, as the City Government of Antipolo and AnCCATPO (Antipolo City Culture Arts and Tourism Promotions Office) continues similar initiatives. Last February Arts Month saw Sining Taktak, held at the rehabilitated Hinulugang Taktak National Park. The overall goal is to re-introduce Antipolo as a lively creative community of artists, all while furthering the social status of artists and creating a local directory of creatives of all levels.

For reservation contact Crescent Moon Café @ 01.82345724 or  Magel Cadapan at 0917 792 9020 for more info.


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Galerie du Soleil MNL launches back-to-back fundraising exhibition

Since opening its doors on December 8, 2022, Galerie du Soleil MNL, an emerging art and culture hub in the heart of Taguig, now launches its third exhibit, two back-to-back group shows titled “Ama” – a Lenten offering and “Straight from the Heart” running from March 28 until April 23, 2023.

“Ama” was conceptualized by artists Danny Rayos del Sol, Agi Pagkatipunan, and Jik Villanueva as an annual Lenten exhibition, an offering, and sacrifice, an invitation to reflect and contemplate how the divine relates to humankind, manifesting in fatherhood and its many faces.

The show’s first run highlights nine artists, also fathers and whose works centered on spirituality and faith. Each artwork expresses their Christian faith and life and how it grounds their approaches toward and understanding of fatherhood.

Villanueva shares that the team would like “Ama” to evolve into a mobile exhibit that can be mounted anywhere, all while consistently highlighting works centered on Christian faith. Each edition aims to devote its proceeds to a chosen beneficiary each year.

Such bayanihan continues in “Straight from the Heart,” whose proceeds will also go to Ama’s beneficiary, Ino Pagkatipunan, Agi Pagkatipunan’s son in need of medical assistance.

Both established and emerging artists donated their artworks to the show. Galleries like Artes Orientes and Artologist also sent artworks to aid the cause.

Participating artists include Ramon Orlina, Kublai Millan, Ram Mallari, Ombok Villamor, Marge Organo, Melissa Yeung Yap, Richard Buxani, Jeff Dahilan, Wencyl Mallari, Meroy Castrillo, Elias Pernecita, among others.

Given such a variety of works, collectors and visitors may purchase artwork for as low as Php 4,000.00. Many participating artists did not know Agi personally but still decided to help.

Overwhelmed and grateful for such generosity, Rayos del Sol can’t help but recall a particular bible verse, 2 Corinthians 9:6-8, quoting: “Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Left to right: Danny Rayos del Sol, Tess Rayos del Sol, Agi Pagkatipunan, and Jik Villanueva

Galerie du Soleil MNL also doubles as a museum, housing the permanent collection of the Rayos del Sol family. It aims to be a destination that highlights the creative scene in Taguig spotlighting visual art, music, dance, spoken word, creative writing, and more art forms, all helmed by Taguig artists but also welcoming creatives beyond the city borders.

Rayos del Sol, a former officer in the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), reveals that “preservation, promotion, enriching and developing arts and culture was always my advocacy.” It’s not so much giving back as it is “paying forward, as we need to support living artists in their profession.”

Exhibition opening with special guests

Today, he continues this mission in his capacity as a private individual, working hand in hand with the Taguig City government as a partner through its Think Big Taguig and I Love Taguig programs.

For updates, follow Galerie du Soleil MNL on Facebook. For inquiries, message Tess Rayos del Sol at 0919 991 8765 via SMS or Viber.


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Artifract showcased the newest NFT collection of Sanso, Alcuaz, and Imao in a private auction

Artifract, the very first Fine Arts NFT Company in Southeast Asia, showcased the newest NFT collection of Juvenal Sansó, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, and Abdulmari Asia Imao last February 9, 2023, held at the Unionbank Plaza, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.

Being the forerunner in fine arts NFT, Artifract allows art collectors to own a piece of archival and historical fine art pieces, while carefully hand-holding art estates, museums, and private collections into a secure, blockchain-based, and worry-free future.

The event hosted a private auction and was participated by some of the country’s influential millennial entrepreneurs.  It has sold out, selling off the premium NFT tiles of Juvenal Sansó’s Euphoric Abundance, Abdulmari Asia Imao’s Sarimanok Series, and Federico Aguilar Alcuaz’s Manila Bay Sunset to various art collectors.

During the auction proper, Mr. Jack Teotico, Chairman and Managing Director of Galerie Joaquin Group, expressed his support and gratitude to Artifract, and gave an insightful story behind the masterpiece of Federico Aguilar Alcuaz’s Manila Bay Sunset.

“It has been a great honor for us to be partnered with Artifract since our first project, featuring the NFT collections of Juvenal Sansò,” Mr. Jack Teotico said in his speech.

“What makes Manila Bay Sunset interesting is that it’s one of the very few paintings of Manila Bay that is in Red. Federico Aguilar Alcuaz was able to capture the intensity, the romance, and the passion of the Manila Bay Sunset,” he added.

It was then followed by a heartwarming speech done by Mr. Diego Gabriel I. Imao, who is currently an Architectural Designer for Physical and Virtual Spaces, and the grandson of the country’s first Muslim National Artist for Visual Arts, Abdulmari Asia Imao, to voice his gratitude to the Artifract team, and gave an inspiring story behind the Sarimanok Series masterpiece of his grandfather.

Mr. Ricky Francisco, Director of Fundacion Sansò, a non-profit organization that exhibits the works of globally famous painter Juvenal Sanso, also shared an inspiring story behind the Euphoric Abundance masterpiece by Juvenal Sansò. His insights made it more interesting for the auctioneers to win the premium tiles of Sansò’s NFT art piece.

Indeed, the event last February 9 was a success as it received a warm welcome from several art collectors, influential entrepreneurs, and estate partners, learning the future of modern-day art collecting brought by Artifract.

Recently, at Art Fair Philippines, Artifract, in partnership with Globe Platinum, featured the Sarimanok Series masterpiece by Abdulmari Asia Imao, the country’s First Muslim National Artist for Visual Arts.


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Art is Life: The Laguna Art Festival 2023

The art scene in the South is making itself heard in a big way. The first-ever Laguna Art Festival, a celebration of art and culture, is happening until February 26, 2023, at the Activity Park, Ayala Malls Solenad, Nuvali, Sta Rosa, Laguna.

Over 50 exhibitors of various art forms will dot the grounds of the venue w, which will see an explosion of creativity and inspiration that will appeal to anyone who appreciates the arts, whether you’re an enthusiast, a serious collector, a newbie, or a newbie even a crafter. Diverse groups of artists, galleries, students, and schools of art will all be represented at the booths, with a particular slant for local artists based in the region.

The definition of art is certainly multifarious and multi-disciplinary, and for this particular exhibit, this includes not just what is traditionally thought of as visual art like paintings and sculptures, but also bonsai art, tattoo, arts and crafts like crochet, and, others. Best of all, admission is free and everyone is invited.

Life ‘n Arts booth

More than a space for artists and galleries to exhibit and sell their works, The Laguna Art Festival 2023 offers a myriad of activities to encourage and nurture a love for the arts.  Influential art enthusiasts will hold talks aimed at aspiring artists.  Interactive art activities as well as on-the-spot painting sessions will be held. Expect art supply freebies, special and l raffle prizes, and gorge on an art buffet table. As the saying goes, all art is interrelated, and their music and dance performances will be another art dimension to the event.

The Laguna Arts Festival is organized by Life ‘n Arts,  a community-based center of arts, music, and dance located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, also houses an art gallery where premium art supplies are sold. Headed by Lerma Julian, Life n’ Arts recently celebrated its 20th year of nurturing and incorporating the arts into daily life. Organizing the Laguna Art Festival is certainly a big way to cap this celebration.

Artists have previously lauded the organization for their previous events. “I have joined numerous group exhibits with Life ‘n Arts, and I must say that it was always very professionally curated and executed. I am always eager to be part of their exhibits, and look forward to holding a solo exhibit,” said local artist Ana Isip. Jaime Nepomuceno also said the booths are always busy with high traffic and interest. “People stopped by to look, chat, and inquire…my pieces got sold.”


Life ‘n Arts team and VIP guests


Ruby’s Precious Moments (right) with Lerma Julian, and AUP TraDigital Fine Arts student, Beatrice Lebajo.


The Laguna Art Festival is held in coordination with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Art Association Of The Philippines, Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts – UPLB, City Government of Sta. Rosa Laguna. It is in partnership with the following:

The Mapúa MCL Cup, DLSU-Dasmariñas CBAA Student Government, St. Scholastica’s College-Westgrove. It is sponsored by these businesses: International Fine Paper Exchange, M. Enriquez Art Supplies, Kulay Art Materials, Office Basics, Inc., Times Trading Co., Inc., ENFANT DOUE, Reply4dEdited.

Laguna Art Festival

Instagram: @LagunaArtFestival

Tiktok: @LagunaArtFestival


Life n’ Arts Official



Contributed by Maggie Silvestre


#LagunaArtFestival2023 #LAF2023 #salebrateartmonthwithlaf2023 #rubyspreciousmoments #rubyasoyph allows you to own a piece of music and artistry of Music Icon Ely Buendia, a pioneer in Fine Arts NFTs in Asia, signs a partnership agreement with Ely Buendia, W E U Event Management Services, and Dvent Productions to bring the Pinoy Rock Icon’s music to the Metaverse.  This collaboration allows fans and music lovers to immerse in Ely Buendia’s musical art and unprecedented access to exclusive multimedia contents from the one and only Maestro of Pinoy Rock Music.

The project makes the musical experience immersive and enjoyable, at the same time allowing fractional ownership of Ely’s exclusive musical NFTs. Artifract aims to preserve timeless musical collections by placing them in a metaverse where users, as their avatar personas, can immerse themselves and appreciate works from Ely.

“We cannot wait to bring Ely Buendia NFTs into Artifract’s platform. Our users will be able to appreciate and have access to exclusive fractionalized musical arts. Most importantly, they will own a piece of Ely’s musical art on the blockchain,” said Marvin Agustin, co-founder of

“We’re excited to be working with Artifract. This new partnership allows us the opportunity to explore other ways of sharing our music in the metaverse. We look forward to curating an exclusive set of musical pieces for our upcoming Web3 project!”,  Ely Buendia said.

The conceptualizing and execution planning started with Ely’s longtime colleagues at DVent Productions and WEU Event Management Services. According to W E U President Francis D. Lumen Jr., “W E U is excited to collaborate with icons and innovators like Ely Buendia and Artifract, to create the next wave of the art content for fans to enjoy and share through blockchain technology.”

“We’re neophytes in this enterprise and relatively new to the digital community, aware of the misgivings of traditional art aficionados and collectors which inspired us to thoughtfully create art featuring both digital and tangible collectible assets that have inherent value in the real world and NFT metaverse,” says Maria Diane Ventura of Dvent Productions.

“Artifract created a platform for creators to digitize their works and to democratize access to it. We’re thrilled to enable Ely Buendia and many more artists, brands, and creators to build stronger relationships and connections with their audiences using the technology we developed at Artifract and UBX,” according to Rico Dela Cruz of UBX.

Under this collaboration, Ely will release his exclusive NFT titled “Flamed Lullaby,” with an Ely-composed  original  tracking/song title called “Hele.”  The artwork is inspired by the Eraserhead’s last 2008 Reunion Concert, where the Sticker Happy Piano was burned and smashed during their final performance of “Huling El Bimbo.”

This never-before-released musical art piece will be heard and appreciated by not more than 2,000 owners of the NFT, which will start at Php 15,000 per fractional NFT, with exclusive royalty rights and printed version of the Artwork plus a certificate of Authenticity.


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Unleashing Creativity: The Biggest Art Festival in Laguna

The Laguna Art Festival is a three-day event taking place from February 24-26, 2023 at Solenad 3 Activity Center, Santa Rosa Laguna.


Calling all art lovers!

Life ‘n Arts, a community-based art learning center in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, is gearing up for the biggest art festival in town! The Laguna Art Festival is a three-day event taking place from February 24-26, 2023 at Solenad 3 Activity Center, Santa Rosa Laguna. This free and open-to-the-public festival is set to bring together a diverse group of influential artists, art mentors, celebrities, institutions, and schools for art exhibits and booths.

In coordination with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Art Association of the Philippines, University of the Philippines Los Baños, and Sta. Rosa Laguna Local Government Unit, The Laguna Art Festival is a great opportunity for art lovers to support local artists and promote the art scene in the community.

Life ‘n Arts, the event organizer, expects a large turnout of art enthusiasts as the festival will showcase a wide selection of masterpieces made by renowned Filipino artists. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from these experts and gain valuable insight into the world of art.

Celebrate National Arts Month in Style

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate national arts month, then the Laguna Art Festival is shaping up to be the perfect event.

The upcoming art festival will have a full lineup of diverse art pieces and media — from traditional paintings to abstract sculptures and everything in between. Whether you’re an enthusiast of the classics or a fan of the modern, this festival is sure to have something for everyone.

It will also include interactive activities such as on-the-spot painting sessions, informative art talks, cultural performances, and more. Visitors will be able to learn about different art techniques and styles, savor an array of art memorabilia and paintings, participate in fun-yet-educational workshops, and purchase original works!

Life ‘n Arts and other vendors will also offer amazing deals and big discounts on selected items and give away premium art materials, freebies, and more!

About Life ‘n Arts

Life ‘n Arts is no stranger to big art events. They have made a name for themselves by hosting and participating in numerous art gatherings in the past, including the Pastel Palette Exhibit with Masining Muntinlupa and several art exhibits with Matt Mason Art Gallery —  all of which were successful events.

Lerma Julian, the founder of Life ‘n Arts, has also been involved in the development of the art scene in many cities and provinces. She has been a part of numerous initiatives to promote art education and provide support to artists. Her life goal is to revolutionize the next generation through art; creating impactful learning experiences and fostering a sustainable community by giving them the resources they need.


Lerma Julian, Life ‘n Arts founder (5th from right) with Mayor Arlene B. Arcillas of Sta. Rosa Laguna (6th from right), and a group of local artists.


Life ‘n Arts is also known to provide most of the finest art products in the city. Their line of commerce includes selling art materials, frames, paintings, and sculptures. They also offer art, music, and dance workshops to cultivate the talents of aspiring artists.

As they continue to expand, they aspire to bring art to the forefront of the local community; hence, they’ve organized the Laguna Art Festival and teamed up with several notable artists in the country to give them a space to exhibit and sell their masterpieces.

With its unique roster and wide variety of activities, the Laguna Art Festival 2023 will surely be an unforgettable experience. So, mark your calendars and join the event at Solenad 3 Activity Center from February 24-26, 2023 because it’s an art fest you don’t want to miss!

You can learn more about the event on the following social media pages.

Facebook: Laguna Art Festival

Facebook: Life ‘n Arts Official

Instagram: lifenartsofficial


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Gallery Nine opens Year of the Water Rabbit

Gallery Nine opens Year of the Water Rabbit, a Sculpture Show, as a 5th edition of its annual Chinese New Year presentation.

The exhibit also highlights the diversity of sculptural media as rendered in metal, wood, glass, stone, resin and more, using techniques from traditional to state-of-the-art.

Participating artists are Roy Michael Alejandrino, Ral Arrogante, Mark Gil Berenguela, Jeff Dahilan, James Frani Dayrit, Fhiexbird Orozco, Harold Gomez, Jose Jose, Marlon Lucenara, Ram Mallari Jr, Pepe Mendoza, Jerry Morada, Sam Penaso, Lucky Salayog, Jinggoy Salcedo, Michael Torres, Jik Villanueva, Sheldon Villanueva, and Melissa Yeung Yap.

The show runs from 9 February to 23 March at Gallery Nine, SM Megamall and can be viewed online from 12 February onwards at For inquiries, call Bea at 09778073369.

Featured photos: Works of Ram Mallari, Jinggoy Salcedo, and Roy Michael Alejandrino

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Museo Orlina’s first major group show for 2023: ‘Artistic Legacies’

“Artistic Legacies” presents an intimate look into these artistic families and their artistic journeys, from the catalyst to their continuing legacies.


Family values are deeply etched into our culture as Filipinos. It is considered the foundation of an individual’s social life. The bond between a parent and a child can be considered sacred even. A relationship should hold values such as respect, discipline, honor, love, and everything good under the sun.

“Artistic Legacies” presents an intimate look into these artistic families and their artistic journeys, from the catalyst to their continuing legacies. The exhibition proves how art can be an instrument for uniting families and teaching family values.

The exhibition also aims to show the artistic journeys that branched from generation to generation, highlighting the importance of family. The artworks on display are works that have come from these families that take their art and their family to heart. A special bond between them will stand the test of time and last for generations to come.

The participating artists include Ramon Orlina, Anna Orlina, Michael Orlina, Eduardo Castrillo, Mierro Castrillo, Nixxio Castrillo, Ovvian Castrillo-Hill, Fil Delacruz, Janos Delacruz, Emmanuel Garibay, Alee Garibay, Bam Garibay, Nina  Garibay, Raul Lebajo, Gio Lebajo, and Nikulas Lebajo.

Opening ceremonies of the exhibition will be held at the Reflections Gallery of Museo Orlina on January 29, 2023, at 3 pm. The exhibition will run until March 31, 2023.

For more information, you may call Museo Orlina at tel. no (046) 413 2581 mobile no: +63 995 7354462 or e-mail them at


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Artifract teams up with Belvedere Museum to promote NFTs

Artifract, the country’s first tokenized NFT platform by UBX and Unit 256, has expanded its operations by collaborating with the Belvedere Museum and promoting “The Kiss” NFTs in Asia.

The Belvedere Museum in Vienna, Austria, has the largest collection of Austrian art from the Middle Ages to the present day and works by foreign artists. The world’s biggest collection of Gustav Klimt’s paintings is the centerpiece of the Upper Belvedere’s Art Around 1900 exhibition, which includes such works as “The Kiss” and “Judith and the Head of Holofernes.”

Artifract and Belvedere’s collaboration is the firm’s first international venture and the first partnership of its kind in Asia. With the help of the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy, the partnership was made possible as the leaders of the two companies met through Advantage Austria Global NFT Academy.

NFT “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt.

“The Kiss” by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt will be Artifract’s first project with the museum. From December 2022, The Kiss NFTs will be distributed via Artifract. The NFTs will be minted on According to Wolfgang Bergmann, the Chief Financial Officer of Belvedere, Artifract is an excellent partner for their project’s global promotion.

“Artifract is an outstanding partner for the international promotion of our NFT project “The Kiss,” as it allows us to reach out to contemporary art buyers in and around the Philippines.”

“People from the Philippines are well-known in Austria for their strong interest in art, particularly Gustav Klimt’s work. Therefore, we aim to inspire them with our unique and exclusive collectibles,” he added.

From (L-R): Austrian Ambassador Johann Brieger, Belvedere CMO Markus Wiesenhofer, Advantage Austria Head Christina Stieber, Artifract Co-Founders Brian Poe Llamanzares and Steph Oller, Artifract Officer Monica Villardo, Belvedere CFO Wolfgang Bergmann, and Artifract CEO/President Edison Tsai.


 Christina Stieber, the Austrian commercial counselor, likewise anticipates “marvelous” results from the collaboration.

“When technology meets classical art, marvelous things will come out of it. Just like the cooperation between Artifract and the Belvedere Museum. This unique partnership across continents will unite beauty and groundbreaking new technologies in a fabulous new fashion.”

 Steph Oller, Artifract’s co-founder and head of collections, expressed gratitude to the Belvedere Museum for its trust and pledged a fast and efficient partnership.

“Meeting the team behind ‘The Kiss’ during an actual panel that Artifract was part of was amazing. It was indeed a serendipitous encounter. At the end of the day, we at Artifract believe that we can help each other grow faster and more efficiently if we collaborate closer and better,” she said.

 Rico de la Cruz, product owner for Artifract at UBX, stated that the relationship between Artifract and the Belvedere Museum exemplifies their mission to democratize access to valuable art pieces.

“Now more than ever, artists and collectors may access regional and international markets and collections,” he said.

Last October, UBX and Unit 256 established Artifract to allow collectors and enthusiasts, as well as ordinary individuals, to engage in the market by making art more accessible and inexpensive. Also in October, Fundacion Sanso, a non-profit that exhibits the paintings of the world-famous painter Juvenal Sanso, partnered with Artifracts to make sure that all of Sanso’s paintings are safe and secure for future preservation.

The Belvedere in Vienna is one of the world’s leading museums.  Austrian art is presented in an international context at three venues. The Upper and Lower Belvedere Baroque complex and its garden are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Its renowned art collection includes works ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day. And with 24 paintings by Gustav Klimt, the Belvedere possesses the world’s largest collection of his paintings. Other highlights include prominent works from the Viennese Biedermeier period, the Austrian Baroque, Vienna around 1900, and French Impressionism. Continued development and digitization in all areas will ensure Belvedere’s status as an outstanding museum in the future as well.

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, with around 100 offices in over 70 countries, provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services for both Austrian companies and their international business partners. Around 800 employees around the world can assist you in locating Austrian suppliers and business partners. We organize about 1,200 events every year to bring business contacts together. Other services provided by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA offices range from introductions to Austrian companies looking for importers, distributors, or agents to providing in-depth information on Austria as a business location and assistance in entering the Austrian market. is a joint venture between Unit 256 Ventures Inc. and UBX Philippines Corporation. It is a pioneer of Fine Arts NFT in Asia, focused on helping art estates and museums in the preservation of Fine Arts, ensuring the copyright of every piece, and future-proofing collections. On the collector side, they help art collectors and NFT enthusiasts have access to exclusive art pieces via tiles. To mint more fine pieces of NFT art, please visit

UBX is the Philippines’ leading Open Finance platform, providing access to the widest network of financial institutions and solutions.  They are a company that allows businesses, fintechs, developers, and the government to access embeddable solutions and the widest network of financial institutions in the Philippines.  Banking and financial services are used to distract and interrupt the daily activities of individuals and businesses. Aboitiz-backed UnionBank, Asia’s Best Digital Bank, changed the narrative by launching UBX in 2018. Leveraging years of proven banking and technology experience, UBX’s first-in-industry solutions aid MSMEs and large enterprises to connect to a high-caliber financial network, fast-track automation, and improve scalability.

Featured photo: The Belvedere in Vienna is one of the world’s leading museums.

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What to Look Forward to at ManilART ‘22: Forging Futures

ManilART is set to take place on October 19-23 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura, Taguig. This year is groundbreaking for its featured exhibitions focusing on emerging artists, genres, and forms, including the phygital and New Media.


Art reflects the times, and innovation is par for  the course when it comes to “Forging Futures.” The theme alludes to the creation of new language–visual and technical– through a process that breaks down the form of the old, leaving the substance to take on a new shape, as in metal through a fiery forge. Art is its content, as well as medium, is redefined, expanded, and renewed.

Now in its 14th year, ManilART is the longest-running visual arts fair in the Philippines, established in 2009 as an annual flagship project of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). ManilART pushes onward with this theme, set to take place on October 19-23 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura, Taguig.

There’s always something new to look forward to each year, and this year is groundbreaking for its featured exhibitions focusing on emerging artists, genres, and forms, including the phygital and New Media.

Featured artists: from Impas to Orlina

ManilART ‘22 continues to introduce emerging talents: new artists joining the fray alongside established pioneers. The year’s line-up of masters to newcomers includes the following:

The Annual Sculpture Review (ASR) will present the long-awaited debut of Anna Orlina, who carries on the family legacy of glassworking, infused with both the Orlina tradition and new techniques learned through a study on three continents.

Gallery Nine will feature the multimedia power couple Maan Chua and Kublai Millan who is behind Balai Kalipay, a museum gallery with advocacy for regional arts located in Malagos, Davao City as well as Mindanao Art. While Millan is an established visual artist, singer-songwriter Chua collaborates for the first time with her award-winning wearable art design.

“Pagbukod” by Jun Impas.

Galerie du Soleil presents artistic visions from north and south with Danny Rayos del Sol and Jun Impas. Rayos del Sol, acclaimed for his ostrich egg sculptures, showcases intricate patterns from the Northern area of the Philippines carved on carabao skulls. Highlighting the Southern isles, Impas draws attention to day-to-day life in the indigenous community of the Manobo, who hold ancestral knowledge and identity that necessitates preservation.


“Beloved Binondo” by Rudy Yu.

Artes Orientes features Iloilo-based mixed media artist Rudy Yu, who is best known for his attention to detail in utilizing acrylic, pen and ink, gouache, and pencil. This year, he exhibits eight of his artworks centering on his visions, impressions, aspirations, and passion for art through his ubiquitous genre of city and landscapes.

 For Museo de Pacis, their forthcoming exhibition focuses on connectivity—building bridges through art. Some of their headliners for this year include Vincent Gonzales and Raynante Concepcion Carandang. Gonzales is the proponent of the art style tareptepism, the dynamic art of merging influences to convey fluidity through visual arts. Carandang is a Batangueño hyperrealistic artist who focuses on social milieus while executing his technical approach.

At Pugad ni Art, Manny Cabrera focuses on the topic of emotional connection amid the pandemic; his works focus on the seemingly mundane, but the powerful experience of missed intimacy during this period of isolation. They also showcase Alfonso Dato’s signature style, drawing inspiration from tree bark to capture the drama of men and women, the remaining fiber of humanity.

At Historia Arts, we see the works of Eman Santos and Noel Bueza. Santos’s work is a nod to the fair’s theme, where he melds money symbols into works of art that depict women’s empowerment as an instrument to forge futures while attracting prosperity and abundance. Bueza focuses on his vision for the future with his Mother Nature series, going back to basics in a world too fast-paced for its good; he sees beauty in simpler ways of living, and his art represents the calm beauty of mother nature.

Dry Brush artists present works that focus on the relationship between nature and man-made creations; they bring to the fore a dreamlike atmosphere where technology is utilized for the best purposes; by incorporating nature with man-made creations, they envision its positive impacts on society.

Bringing back phygital with Binance

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency platform, has partnered with ManilART to promote knowledge of New Media, particularly digital art in the form of NFTs. Talks and presentations are slated to cater to different audiences on the New Media, particularly one for artists on October 21 on “The Impact of NFTs on Filipino Artists.”

An Augmented Reality NFT based on Bell Sison’s “Astro” sculpture.

They are likewise supporting the debuting platform: NFT Manila which shall present select digital collections of galleries and artists. In 2021, ManilART had a first look at phygital artworks with last year’s “phygital” exhibition of Augmented-Reality facsimiles of artworks beside their physical pieces through Gallery Nine. This included the work of rising hyperrealist painter Ed Coronel, whose work, “Freedom,” recently garnered double first-place awards at the American Art Awards 2022. An expanded platform shall be introduced that carries paintings, sculptures, and more media in NFT versions showcased in virtual galleries, with some Augmented Reality works capable of being interacted with.

Top artists showcasing NFTs this year include Romulo Galicano with “Geoengineering Against Faith” and Ramon Orlina’s “Orlina Mother and Child 2022 Edition”. Bell Sison’s “Astro” and “Porky Family” collections will be interactive AR exhibits.

Mindawon artists Kublai Millan, Jeff Bangot, and Victor Dumaguing will hold a workshop on Lukis Sulam while the largest cryptocurrency platform, Binance, will tackle NFTs at the talks and seminars held by ManilART on October 20 & 21.

Open invites to Mindanao art appreciation

Another educational content feature shall be a regional focus workshop with Mindawon artists Kublai Millan, Jeff Bangot, and Victor Dumaguing.

  • On October 20 at 2:00 PM, Jeff Bangot is slated to talk about “Sculpting the Souls of Creative Mindanao” through the Lunang Mentoring Program; Bangot is an artist and teacher by profession, and the program reflects his life’s calling to educate through artistic ways.
  • At 3:00 PM, Millan shall reveal the culmination of his passion project to a public audience for the first time.
  • Over two days, mixed media artist Victor Dumaguing will teach and demonstrate Lukis Sulam, a leaf-motif embroidery technique hailing from the Sulu archipelago. On October 20 at 4:00 PM, Dumaguing shall introduce this distinctive style of textile embroidery from the province, composed of arrays of natural elements to produce an eye-catching totality through the cloth. On October 21 at 10:30 am, appreciation for Lukis Sulam continues through a workshop where applied techniques will be taught.

Forging futures beyond the fairgrounds

 Satellite exhibitions affirm the national character of the fair by highlighting different regional shows concelebrating Museums and Galleries Month.

These upcoming shows include Balai Kalipay in Davao, Ap ‘Laya Gallery in Batangas, Tarlac Art at Tarlac, Pahiyas Art Gallery in Quezon, Angono Angkla Gallery in Rizal, BHL X in Bohol, and Pagsibol, the fifth National Watercolor Convention held at the GSIS Museo ng Sining at Pasay City.

This year’s participating galleries are 371 Art Space, AC 388, Annual Sculpture Review, Art For Space, Artes Orientes, AT Art Gallery, Dry Brush, Espacio Manila, Galerie Artes, Galerie Du Soleil, Galerie Francesca, Galerie Raphael, Galleria Nicolas, G9 Online, Gallery Nine, Historia Arts, M Gallery MNL, Museo de Pacis, Pugad ni Art, Renaissance Gallery, The Artologist, Village Art Gallery, and Ysobel Art Gallery.


Visit for more information. Tickets are available at ticketing partner: Ticketbooth (

 ManilART 2022 will run from October 19-23, 2022, at the SMX Convention Center, 3rd Level, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City. Call (0977) 807 3369 or visit for details.


Featured photo: Setting Sailfrom Anna Orlinas debut at the Annual Sculpture Review.


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