Gawad Kalinga and Oh Crop Join Forces to Scale Adlai Production in the PH

In the lush landscapes of the Philippines, where fertile soil and abundant sunshine converge, a remarkable partnership has taken root. Gawad Kalinga, has joined hands with Oh Crop Adlai, the number one brand in the Philippines producing Adlai rice. As Gawad Kalinga empowers communities and Oh Crop Adlai cultivates sustainable practices, their shared vision drives them to scale adlai production, creating a ripple effect of positive change across the agricultural sector. Together, they are fostering empowerment, sustainability, and a prosperous future for Filipino farmers.

Complementing Gawad Kalinga’s vision is Oh Crop Adlai, a champion of sustainable agriculture. “The brand Oh Crop really started with our Filipino farmers in mind. It’s been a dream to be able to help them live better lives. And what an honor to partner with Gawad Kalinga because through this partnership we’re able to grow adlai production at a faster rate and thus help hundreds of Filipino farmers, and hopefully, thousands soon,” said Chari Trinidad-Mendoza, Oh Crop’s CEO.

With an unwavering commitment to the environment, Oh Crop Adlai employs cutting-edge techniques to maximize crop yield while minimizing ecological impact. Their dedication to quality and innovation has propelled them to the forefront of the agricultural sector. By focusing on cultivating adlai, a resilient grain that thrives in the Philippine soil, Oh Crop Adlai has unlocked much of the potential of this underutilized crop. “I’ve been a long-time consumer of Adlai. It’s a superfood with a lot of health benefits that’s why I’ve decided to make the full switch. And while there are several adlai brands in the market, Oh Crop Adlai is a true gamechanger – from managing end-to-end of the value chain down to distribution, you can trust that we give it our best.” shared by Marvin Agustin, Oh Crop Adlai brand ambassador and co-owner.

The collaboration between Gawad Kalinga and Oh Crop Adlai has become a catalyst for scaling adlai production in the Philippines. By combining Gawad Kalinga’s community empowerment model with Oh Crop Adlai’s agricultural expertise, they have successfully transformed adlai cultivation into a thriving enterprise. Through knowledge sharing and training programs, farmers in Gawad Kalinga communities acquire the skills needed to cultivate adlai effectively. Simultaneously, Oh Crop Adlai provides improved seeds, state-of-the-art machinery, and modern farming practices, optimizing productivity and ensuring a sustainable supply chain. This synergistic approach empowers farmers to unlock their full potential and prosper in harmony with the land.

The impact of this partnership extends far beyond individual farmers. By scaling adlai production, Gawad Kalinga and Oh Crop Adlai enhance food security while providing a nutritious alternative to staple grains. The vision of Oh Crop to empower farmers aligns perfectly with Gawad Kalinga’s commitment to holistic community development. As said by Chairman Luis Oquinena of Gawad Kalinga, “It’s a partnership based on the principle of “Preferrential (for the poor) Value Creation.” It is our hope that other enterprises will adopt this way of transforming every hectare of land where small farmers can fulfill their dreams as farmers!”

As this partnership flourishes, the potential for further expansion and diversification in the agricultural sector becomes apparent. Together, their goal is to be a catalyst of change, to ignite a movement amongst the industry players, redefining farming practices, and empowering Filipino farmers to create a sustainable and prosperous future.

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Soil Rejuvenation: ENVIRO helps Filipino farmers bring soil back to life

Every crop season, farmers use more and more chemical inputs to keep up with the yield and high quality needed for harvest. This results in a vicious cycle of the need for chemical fertilizers that strip our soil of its essential nutrients. As a way to combat this anti-productive practice, the bright agripreneurs at ENVIRO have made it their mission to introduce BioFertilizers to Filipino farmers. This sustainable method has been proven to bring the soil back to its healthiest state of biodiversity and nutrition. Therefore, increasing yields by 30-40%.

Planting the Seeds for Success 

To ensure the effectiveness of their BioFertilizers, ENVIRO has partnered with globally accredited specialists, government research centers, top universities, and the best scientists to bring forward an innovative product that doesn’t only benefit our environment, but also the nation’s food security. One of the company’s main missions is to achieve Balance Fertilization or the practice of bringing our soil back to its healthiest state. “Balance Fertilization enables farmers to produce a healthy increase in yield, as well as nutrient-rich crops, contributing to food for the Filipino nation that is free from destructive chemicals,” explains ENVIRO co-founder Prashant Dargani.

Research has shown that the use of BioFertilizers have increased farmer’s crop yields by 30-40% while cutting costs by at least 30-50% —making it a highly sustainable, cost-efficient method of farming. ENVIRO has also taken into consideration our local farmers’ well-being. “[We] started because we first heard about how farmers’ health was negatively affected by spraying hazardous chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the plants without wearing face masks, gloves, and [other] protective gear,” says Dargani. With ENVIRO’s BioFertilizers, farmers are risk-free, because the product significantly lowers environmental pollution and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by severely restricting the use of manufactured chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Finally, price points for their products have been specifically designed for farmers. “Sobrang laki po talaga ng tulong ng Enviro samin,” says Mr. Jun Alcantara, a Local Farmer Technician (LFT) from Nueva Ecija. “Kitang kita po talaga and tagumpay.”

Changing the Future Today  

ENVIRO highly encourages soil rejuvenation, knowing that there would be no future without it. “We need to do it today,” Dargani explains. “We need to be able to rejuvenate the earth back to a constant state of rich nutrients and bio-availability. Without this, we will never achieve food security. As we take care of the earth, so does it take care of us.” To help achieve this brighter tomorrow, the company has closely worked with farmers by providing them with on-the-ground training on how to maximize the use of Bio-fertilizers. These training centers focus on teaching them how to get higher yields, how to protect their crops against destructive pests, and how to use the latest farming technologies and systems.

The agripreneurs behind ENVIRO has built the organization on the mission of changing how farming is done, rather than trying to introduce “trendy” organic farming trends. They have also partnered with government agencies that have lent them their trust and full confidence for the last seven years. Particularly, the Department of Agriculture and its agencies continue to work with ENVIRO to help spread the word about Balance Fertilization across different regions in the country.

Saving Our Soil 

By introducing this sustainable method of farming, ENVIRO hopes that it will leave a big impact on our Agricultural Sector. Dargani notes that “saving our soil” is the first step in providing our people with better lives. Good, nutrient-rich soil affects everybody. It begins with our farmers and ends with the rest of us at home, who consume their produce. ENVIRO is aware of the current situation of poor farming practices that could easily be remedied through help and education. Truly, a revolutionary company, helping bring the Philippines towards a brighter future. Save the soil, and surely, you can save the people too.

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