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Featuring the exhibitions “Ovacion,” a homage to the Master Sanso, only losers left alive (love songs for the end of the world), and In Celebration of Creativity: A Homage to Junyee.

  • “Ovación,” a Homage to the Master Sansó

Online exclusive: July 3-18, 2021

“Ovación” is an exhibition that primarily centers around the idea of life and time of an older and more renowned artist as imagined by another. The participating artists aim to depict Sansó’s legacy and importance in the current context; simultaneously, the exhibition is meant to reflect on how an artist is influenced or shaped in his own time, and how ideas, thoughts, and inspiration flow continually from predecessors to the younger generation.

The exhibition pays tribute to the artist whom all have admired throughout the years. With great respect and reverence, Barbara Angeles, Joy Calanasan, Katrina Cuenca, Patrick Esmao, Ciara Fabie, and Perfecto Palero will showcase selected works that are in keeping with drawing inspiration from the original vision of the master, Juvenal Sansó.

Nightshade I by Patrick Esmao, 12×12 inches mixed media on canvas.

For “Ovación”, the participating artists hope to portray the master Sansó as each individual knew him: monumental in his importance in the art world, philosophical, and bearing witness to the unwinding of time by his careful and detailed observation of seascapes, landscapes, and flowers. The works focus on techniques and palettes that Sansó used in his oeuvre, with each artist’s unique take of the master’s approach.

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  • only losers left alive (love songs for the end of the world)

Exhibition dates: July 10-31, 2021 (part 1)

This group exhibition is a two-part project with a central proposition: if our world were to come to a screeching halt tomorrow, what would we be left with?

only losers left alive (love songs for the end of the world) features a roster of local and locally-based artists. It takes its visual and conceptual cues from cinema, featuring tableaux populated by objects, images, and sounds that evoke the moods of science fiction. It draws inspiration from films, such as La Jetée (1962), Brazil (1985), and 12 Monkeys (1995), that envision disaster and/or dystopia, but filters that vision through the nostalgic aesthetics of the past.

Providing the real-world context for the mood of despondency is, of course, the current pandemic, and the climate of fear, uncertainty, and paranoia in which the global population has been mired. With that backdrop in mind, only losers left alive (love songs for the end of the world) offer an oneiric vision of a calamity to come, understood through the memory of a yesterday that is mourned, lamented, grieved for.

Part one of the show takes place from July 10 to July 31 and features the work of Chok Si Xuan, Mark Chua & Lam Li Shuen, Hamkah Latib, Victoria Hertel, the collective Paradise Now, Sarah Isabelle Tan, Brandon Tay, and XUE. Works range from site-specific installations to video, to sound pieces that function as a soundtrack for space.

While only losers left alive (love songs for the end of the world) transitions from the first part to the second, two iterations of a performance by XUE, in collaboration with musician Rudi Osman, will happen on 3 August and 4 August, 7.30 pm at Yeo Workshop. The second half of the exhibition, which opens in August, will feature the work of Mark Chua & Lam Li Shuen, Victoria Hertel, Georgette Goh, Geraldine Lim, Masuri Mazlan, Sarah Isabelle Tan, Juria Toramae, and Samuel Xun.

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  • In Celebration of Creativity: A Homage to Junyee

Exhibition dates: June 26 to July 25

Altro Mondo is pleased to present In Celebration of Creativity: A Homage to Junyee. The exhibition will run from June 26 to July 25.  It’s an exhibition that pays homage to the Father of Philippine Installation Art, Luis Yee, Jr. (JunYee).

Throughout his long-standing career, Junyee has pioneered the craft of installation art and left a lasting impact on the development of art in the country. Now, both the artist himself and his striking breadth of work are honored in our exhibition, which will comprise more than 80 renowned artists and the entire gallery.

The gallery is open from Mondays to Saturdays 10-5 PM. For more information, visit

Featured photo: Bright Collar I by Perfecto Palero, 12×12 inches, acrylic on canvas

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