65 Erasmus+ Filipino Scholars to pursue higher education in the EU

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There is a gold mine among the Filipino youth!

In the coming weeks, 65 Filipino students will pursue their academic dreams in several countries of the European Union after they won scholarships under the EU’s Erasmus + Programme.

Erasmus+, the European Union’s mobility and scholarship programme, allow students to pursue their studies – MA and PhD programmes- in more than one EU member state giving them the opportunity to benefit from the academic expertise and culture of more than one university.

EU Ambassador Luc Véron said that the Philippines has consistently ranked as among the top 10 countries which has the highest number of Erasmus+ scholars in the world from 2004 to 2020.  The Philippines has also ranked as the second country with the highest number of Erasmus+ scholars in the region from 2004 to 2021.

These 65 Erasmus+ students will be sent off in a virtual ceremony on 5 August in collaboration with Campus Erasmus comprised of Erasmus+ scholars in the country.

“I congratulate the new Erasmus scholars as they depart for the EU campuses starting this August. Make the most out of your Erasmus journey and take pride in your Filipino heritage,” EU Ambassador Véron said. “I encourage you to become agents of social change and transformation for the Philippines and to become goodwill ambassadors for the partnership and friendship between the EU and the Philippines.”

This programme gives life-changing opportunities for Filipino students to experience living the European culture, learning European languages and being integrated into the European society for one to two years.

The Erasmus + programme is among the leading international academic mobility programmes in the world, and students from the Philippines have benefited considerably from the programme.  Erasmus + (formerly called the Erasmus Mundus Programme) promotes the EU as a centre of excellence in learning and making student mobility a reality for EU and non-EU citizens alike.

Featured photo courtesy of European Commission

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