ATRAM envisions a better future for Filipinos

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As one of the pioneering players in the local fund management arena, the ATRAM Group continues to position itself as a leader of change. Facilitating action across the business community, the company announced its most recent collaborations with UNICEF Philippines and Good Food Community.

“At ATRAM, we are fully appreciative of the privileged position we have in influencing how companies can do better. Not just growing earnings and the business, but in making lives better for everyone,” shares Phillip Hagedorn, President of ATRAM Trust Corporation and CEO – of Asset and Wealth Management.

“In the last three years, we have been shaping the business with an integral direction towards the United Nation’s Sustainability and Development Goals.”

Building upon more than a decade of experience and client service, the group developed the ATRAM Philippine Sustainable Development and Growth Fund. Launched in 2021, the fund is the first of its kind in the Philippine market. It features a portfolio of firms that are selected based on ATRAM’s proprietary SDG scoring methodology, which measures the sustainability and social responsibility of companies in their business models.

Building sustainable partnerships

 Showcasing ATRAM’s commitment to developing sustainable businesses, and empowering social enterprises and non-profit organizations, ATRAM announced new collaborations as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program.

These include UNICEF Philippines, whose mandate is to protect and promote the rights of the world’s most vulnerable children, and Good Food Community, which helps gather conscientious eaters who wish to help Filipino farmers. The announcement was made during ATRAM’s annual Thanksgiving Celebration held last December 2022 at the Palacio de Memoria. Other collaborations include Tesoro’s Handicrafts, whose local ornaments helped bring the event space to life.

Maida Salcedo, UNICEF Philippines’ Major Donor Fundraising Officer shares, “When UNICEF first met ATRAM, I was struck by their commitment to clients. We understand that with success comes a great desire to learn more about how wealth can contribute to nation-building.”

For Mabi David, Good Food Co.’s Advocacy and Partners Lead, partnerships are essential to transform the country’s food system into one that benefits and cares for everyone. “We collaborate with different organizations in sharing knowledge and centering farmers and eaters. A Pamayanihan subscription invites us to bring the people who feed us daily back into the forefront of our consciousness, in as much as we remain in theirs as they continue to grow, harvest, and prepare food for all of us.”

This news follows the launch of ATRAM’s CSR program in cooperation with the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) in 2022, and their continued work with the Private Education Retirement Annuity Association (PERAA). “We are not only looking at sustainability from an investment theme but also looking at integrating it into our business practices,” adds Hagedorn.

Recognizing the value of community building, the event also served as a venue for key ATRAM Stakeholders to express their gratitude for their clients’ gift of trust.

“Making Lives Better, that’s our mission, both for you, our clients, and the community in general. But it takes a village to do what we do,” shares Michael Ferrer, ATRAM Group’s Chief Executive Officer. “Thank you for joining us in our mission of Making Lives Better for the broader community and country.”

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