Motherhood Thoughts and Experiences of Celebrity Moms

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Becoming a mom is their greatest joy, shared these celebrity moms.

Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day with the most important woman (or even mother figures) in our lives. Let’s honor them for their undying love and for all the things they have done for us.

Sharing here the motherhood experiences of these three celebrity-moms whose perspectives in life have changed since they became moms themselves.

  • Gloria Diaz

 For Gloria Diaz, ageless queen of beauty and award-winning actress, her three children are her masterpiece. She considers having them and raising them to be good individuals as her biggest achievement in life.

Her three children are her masterpiece, according to Gloria Diaz. Photo courtesy of

And rightly so, Gloria watches during all the years that she has been a public figure would agree. Amid the frenzy of showbiz and in the wake of a failed marriage, her record as a mother to two daughters and a son is unblemished.

“I think that’s a tall order,” she said, from a previous interview, “maintaining my home, combining career, personal and social life and staying free from scandals.”

As a mom, she thinks of herself as a friend to her three children: Abba, Rafael, and Isabel. “Actually I’m more like a friend, and not much of a disciplinarian. I’m just part of the group. But of course, you always draw the line. I’m the one who always makes sure that everything goes in its proper order,” shared the doting mom, who will always be there for her children.

  • Aya Sunga-Askert

 For model-turned-full-time mom and artist, Aya Sunga-Askert’s life has never been the same again. She gave up her modeling career to be with her family and to take care of her child, Maria Astrid Askert. She and her family are now based in Sweden.

Aya describes herself as a very protective mom. Photo courtesy of Aya Sunga Askert FB account

“Motherhood marks the end of self-centeredness. You can’t be selfish, you can’t think not only of yourself anymore. You have to think of your child, of your husband,” she disclosed from an earlier interview while she was still living in Manila.

“Now, I’ve learned how much hard work my mother had sacrificed for me when I was a baby,” she shared. For her, the happiest stage of motherhood is when she sees the developments in her baby. She describes herself as a very protective mom.

At present, Aya dedicates her time to her passions like dancing and yoga, to her artistic career (since her kids are grown up now), and to the art group she co-founded in Sweden, the Filipino Artists Association of Sweden.


  • Cong. Vilma Santos-Recto

 A mother for almost four decades now, Vilma Santos-Recto fears the time when her children will leave her to get married. Just recently, she was a happy witness to the marriage of her eldest son Luis Manzano to actress Jessy Mendiola in a simple intimate wedding ceremony held at The Farm at San Benito recently.

Cong. Vilma Santos-Recto’s greatest joy is becoming a mom. Photo courtesy of Vilma Santos-Recto FB page

“That’s why I make sure I spend time with them, especially with Luis, who has grown up to be a good-looking and well-mannered man. I talk to him a lot. We treat each other like barkada,” she shared from a previous interview.

Between her two boys, Ryan Christian is more likely to follow in her footsteps. “Mahilig siya sa pictorial,” she said with pride.

“As much as possible, I want to enjoy my boys,” said Vilma, whose greatest joy is becoming a mom, which she said is the very essence of a woman. As a mom, she’s liberated but with certain limitations.

Vilma attributes her success to hard work and focuses on everything that she does. “I’m not saying that I’m a good politician, but if you really want to learn, you’ll work for it,” she said. Likewise, she credits her husband Senator Ralph Recto for helping her set directions and get things done. “We are a perfect love match and we get things done,” she said.

(Based on the published exclusive interview in the old Mirror Weekly Magazine)

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