Two Filipino recipes you can make at home

Filipino food is, undeniably, rich in flavor, saucy, strong in seasoning, mostly sour rather than spicy.

Here are two appetizing recipes shared by Evelyn Wise, also known as Tia Belle, the owner of Tia Belle’s Tagaytay, a Filipino restaurant famous for its mouthwatering variety of home-cooked dishes.

Evelyn Wise shares her passion for Filipino food.

The ingredients are in season and procedures are easy to follow that you can even prepare at home for your loved ones. Good food is meant to be shared.

  • Kalabasa Okoy (Pumpkin Okoy)
Kalabasa Okoy


2 cups grated kalabasa (pumpkin)

1 cup toasted alamang

1/4 kilo medium shrimps (peeled)

1 cup sliced ripe mango (cut thin, half-inch)

2 cups first-class flour

1/2 cup corn starch

2 cups water

2 tbsp. calumet

1/2 teaspoon fine black pepper

1/2 teaspoon seasoning

2 tbsp. beaten eggs

2 tablespoon finely grated turmeric

1/2 teaspoon salt

Dipping sauce:

1 cup vinegar with crash chili

1tbsp. salt

2 tbsp. brown sugar


  • In a big bowl mix the flour, corn starch, eggs, calumet, turmeric, seasoning, and water. Mix well until smooth. (It should be sticky in texture, not runny).
  • Add the grated kalabasa and the toasted dry alamang. Mix all together.
  • Prepare frying pan pour 1/2 cup oil. Turn on the stove, heat the frying pan then lower the heat.
  • Scoop 1/8 measuring cup of mixture. Make it flat, then top it with 3 shrimps and 2 slices of mango. (You can put 2 scoops in one frying pan), then cover it, best is glass cover, you can monitor if it needs to turn it to the other side. (Covering makes it cook well inside and make it smaller.)


  •  Halo-Halo Silang Sinigang
Halo-Halo Silang Sinigang


1/4 Pork kasim

1/4 large hipon (shrimp)

Half tofu cut to one inch

2 medium-size gabe

8 pieces ube cut to one inch

6 slices labanos

6 pieces sitaw

5 cut pieces eggplants

5 strings of kangkong

5 pcs. sili green

Half cup calamansi juice

1 cup kamias cut into small pieces

6 pieces grilled calamansi skin

5 pieces ripe tomato

3 tbsp. patis

1 tbsp. seasoning

1 large onion


  • Ahead of time cook the ube. Set aside. Save the ube juice.
  • Boil 1-liter water with onions, tomatoes, grilled calamansi skin.
  • Halfway cooking the pork mix the gabe. When pork is tender enough, put together the shrimp, ube juice, ube, labanos, and other vegetables.
  • Lastly, put the tofu. Season to taste. Serve immediately

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