Picture-perfect Pacquiao Family Photos

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Love is the glue that holds the family together.

True to the adage, “Family is where life begins and love never ends,” seeing these picture-perfect photos of the Pacquiao family shows the bond that is as strong as their love for each other.

“Love is the glue that holds a family together,” shared Jinkee Pacquiao on her official FB page. She spent her birthday recently with her lovely family in an out of town farm resort.

Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/jinkeepacquiao0112

“My heart is still smiling. Thank you Lord for everything!” was her other post with her family. Jinkee, the wife of the People’s Champ, Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao remains a stunning beauty despite having raised five loving children. She is a former politician, who served as the former vice-governor of Saranggani province, a product endorser, a socialite, a media personality, and a businesswoman.

Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/jinkeepacquiao0112

In a separate post on his official FB page, Senator Manny Pacquiao greeted his wife with the message, “I wish I could put into words how much you mean to me. Thank you for being an amazing wife and mother to our kids. Happy birthday, Babe!”

The Pacquiao couple has five children, namely: Michael Stephen, Emmanuel  Jr. (Jimuel), Israel, Mary Divine Grace (Princess), and Queen Elizabeth (Queenie).

Jinkee’s FB page has now 1.5M+ likes and 2M+ followers to date.

Photos courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/jinkeepacquiao0112

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