Filipino Pancit Dishes To Share With Your Loved Ones

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Two local favorites – Pansit Bagnet and Pansit Batil Patong – are a must try to satisfy your cravings for delectable pancit fare.

Pancit (or pansit) are noodle dishes often referred to as “long-life food.” It has become a staple Filipino cuisine found at numerous feasts, occasions, and celebrations as they symbolize longevity and health.

Noodles were introduced to us by the Chinese and over time, it has evolved into numerous varieties.

Two of these variants are the Pansit Bagnet of Cusinero located in Taguig City; and Pansit Batil Patong, the newest menu of Tia Belle’s Tagaytay located in Sta. Rosa Laguna.

The special toppings for Pansit Bagnet is a crispy pork belly similar to lechon kawali and originated from Ilocos. But bagnet is the chinicharon kind. As for toppings, it makes the dish interesting.

Pansit Bagnet of Cusinero

On the other hand, the Pansit Batil Patong comprises of the noodles with toppings and the soup-like sauce that gives the noodle dish a richer flavor. Batil means “beaten egg” and patong means “topping.”

The pansit is blended well with Batil composed of scrambled egg, beef bones with tendon simmer for more than an hour, which is the highlight of Pansit Batil Patong. The side dish is red chili and chop onions. Appetizing, indeed!

Pansit Batil Patong of Tia Belle’s Tagaytay

These dishes have found its way to several homes that relied on food delivery especially during family celebrations in the time of the pandemic.

To order:

Cusinero Pansit Bagnet, call 09175288217 or 09778322266

Tia Belle’s Tagaytay, call 09277133558, 09393868648, 0495764155

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