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Businesswoman and indie film producer Baby Go entrepreneurial spirit comes from the love for her children.

Every venture she engages in turns to “gold” in no time. This is not surprising for entrepreneur Baby Go for she has the Midas touch, so to speak. The hardworking lady fondly recalls how her Chinese friends often referred to her as someone with a “lucky charm.”

“They always got me as their industrial partner, because, once I get involved in their businesses, they boomed,” she smiles.

She has become an expert in trading, the buying-and-selling business, and eventually, in producing quality indie films that have received accolades from different award-giving bodies here and abroad.

The cast of “Latay”: Actor Allen Dizon, GMA-7’s actress Lovi Poe, with award-winning actress Snooky Serna, Mariel De Leon, and many more! Directed by Ralston Jover and produced by Baby F. Go (seated, center). Opens April 1 in select cinemas nationwide. It is also part of this year’s Sinag Maynila Film Festival (postponed due to coronavirus threat).

She started in the real estate business — buying and selling, plus lending using collaterals. She then ventured into 24/7 convenience stores and grocery stores in Laguna, which she decided to close down to be able to concentrate on her present ventures.

Baby Go’s group of companies includes PC Goodheart Foundation International, Inc.; BG Productions International, Inc.; BG Showbiz Plus Magazine; BG Tamayo Global International Company, which is involved the distribution of health products; BG World Group of Companies Royal Imperial House Trading & Consultancy, Inc.; a for-VIPs only BG Art Gallery & Antiques International Incorporated, among others.

For a business to grow, she stresses the need for careful planning and concrete direction. Go shares, “It’s important to have focus. Establish each business first before starting on another one.

Baby Go at Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But more than that, always have courage in all your endeavors.

“I’m fearless. I’m very much sure about what business I should venture into,” she says. “Give time for your plans. For example, if I need to shoot a movie, I need to have a budget and time for that.”

She adds one should stay firm on his plan. “If you don’t have a direction, you will be in disarray. I’m hands-on in all my businesses. I don’t have partners. I’m the sole owner. Once I dream of something, it becomes a reality. What I’m proud of is that I don’t have loans in the bank.”

A lady with a good heart

Through her PC Goodheart Foundation, Go was able to assist their graduate scholars-turned professionals. The foundation has produced journalists, lawyers, accountants, teachers, businessmen, while others are now working abroad.

“I’m happy that I was able to help them finish their education through my foundation. They haven’t forgotten me,” she says when she had the chance to meet with some of them lately. Others would even send goodies to her office.

She has also been able to extend medical assistance to those in need.

She remains young at heart. Although she’s 21 years younger than her husband, she married at the age of 14 to a Chinese national. Being a young mom didn’t prevent her from being the kind of mother that she is now. Her four daughters and one son are now all grown up. She remembers how she would find and sell a property while attending to her children’s schooling.

“I was just attending to my kids. I got bored. So, I looked for things to do,” she shares. “I’m happy that I was able to raise my kids well, all educated and disciplined,” she smiles with pride in her eyes.

What served as motivation for her entrepreneurial spirit? “There was one mom at school — she was very generous — and would always give gifts to the teachers of her children. Suddenly, her husband died. She was abandoned by her husband’s Chinese family. I thought to myself, what if this will happen to me in the future?”

For Baby Go, being successful is having it all — a thriving business, and a fulfilling marriage and family life. It boils down to time management and for being the lucky lady that she is.

Baby Go’s tips on managing your business

This successful lady entrepreneur wants to inspire other women as well. She shares some tips on how to manage the business well.

  • Don’t consult with other people and be influenced by them. Decide on your own.
  • Don’t get a loan for your initial capital. It will only go to interest.
  • Go into business if you have the capacity.
  • Have separate money for each business. Don’t mix them around.
  • Do a proper budget and allocation.
  • Follow your instinct

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Photos courtesy: Baby F. Go FB page

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