Jaclyn Jose: “Good acting comes from within.”

Motherhood and career are in a merry mix in Jaclyn’s life.

Jaclyn’s Jose is, no doubt, one of today’s finest actresses. The stature, she says, has been a product of two things: the opportunity to play challenging roles and the chance to be handled by the finest directors.

Younger photo of Jaclyn Jose. Image: Personal file

“I am reaping the fruits of my labor. I love my job, it’s so fulfilling and I like the people I work with,” relates the international award-winning actress. “First things first, I prepare for my look. I want a simple look as possible. I always play safe by being consistently simple. Then, I work on attacking my role.”

“I’m lucky all good roles are coming my way. Even mother roles,” she replies. She plays a mother in fact in the TV drama series The Better Woman (shown at GMA-7, Mondays to Fridays). “It is a good project for me,” she says. She plays Erlinda Santos, the mother of twin sisters, Jasmine, and Juliet (both played by actress Andrea Torres, in the title role).

Jaclyn’s show business career started in 1984. Her early movies with Lino Brocka, Private Show, and Macho Dancer remain her favorites to this day.  “I will not be what I am today if not for Lino,” she says. “Through the years I have become more intense. I believe good acting comes from within.”

She continues: “I’ve learned a lot from Lino. He was an actors’ director. Among other things, he coached me to correct my eyebrow movement. Now I have no problem with that anymore. I’ve also learned a lot from Ishmael Bernal and Chito Rono. They’re so powerful.”

Jaclyn says that today’s directors, on the other hand, have incorporated new directing formula. “They have new things to offer. Laurenti Dyogi, for instance, is a very promising director. ”

Jaclyn Jose won as Best Actress for the film “Ma’Rosa” during the 69th annual Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes, France last May 22, 2016. Image: gmanetwork.com

Single parent

Besides finding great satisfaction in her job, she finds fulfillment in her daughter, Andy, and now, granddaughter, Ellie. Andy is her love child with a former live-in partner, the late actor Mark Gil.

“To me, being happy is to focus my attention on Andy. I believe I’ve scored pretty high as far as motherhood is concerned,” she says. “I believe I’m a very good mom.”

After her separation from the late actor-partner, Jaclyn was left with nobody but Andy.  “I would much rather sacrifice my personal life than create problems for Andy.”

She has no regrets that she opted to become a single parent rather than get involved in another relationship. “I’m enjoying it. It’s my choice. I’m doing fine. I work a lot and when I’m not working I take care of Andy. I don’t even have a boyfriend. I have lots of male friends, but you can’t kiss your male friends, right?” she says with a laugh. “But I had my time. When you have your own child you don’t own your life anymore.”

Jaclyn has a very simple lifestyle. When she’s at home, she watches TV shows. “My relaxation is drinking one or two beers and watching good movies. Those are enough to make my day.”

Jaclyn entertains plans of directing someday. “I already have ideas on my mind. But I know that I couldn’t apply them right away. I’ll give myself at least five to eight years before I finally decide to direct,” she concludes.

(Based on the article published in the old Mirror Weekly magazine by the same author)

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